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Blade & Soul Online Level 50 Summoner Build and Strategy Guide

Summoner is one of the most versatile class in Blade & Soul, able to assume the role of damage dealing, tanking, debuffing, support, and crowd control. Ohara from Freedom guild shares his skill build of Summoner for level 50 cap. The skill build is based on a level 50 char with Hongmen level 10 in Blade & Soul CN.

Summary of Disable/CC effect


* Big Hammer (C) Rank 2 path
* Thorn Vine (2) Rank 4 path


* Bomb (V) Rank 2 path: induce double knockdown if hongmen ultimate is learned
* Fox Tail (E) Rank 2 path
* Trip (RB): can only be used if the target block or counter


* Cat Attack (TAB) Rank 3 path: can induce double stun


* Fox Tail (E) Rank 1 path

Summoner Skill Build

Rose (LB) Level 5 Rank 2

The normal attack recovers 1 Mp, and additional 1 Mp upon crit. Learning the Hongmen ultimate (Lv5) increases the speed of continuous casting. The skill inflicts poison status which reduces the target’s defence by 10%; maximum stackable up to 5 layers. However, since most bosses’ defence is ~10% and most well-geared players have ~10% Pierce stats, the defence debuff doesn’t make any difference in terms of overall party damage (see damage calculation guide)

The rank 1 path Rose with Hongmen Ultimate (level 5) can be combo-ed with Rank 3 path of Hornet (RB). It allows the high damage hornet to be used instantly if Rose deals crit damage.

Hornet (RB) Level 5 Rank 4

It consumes 3 MP but recover 2MP after crit (with Hongmen skill learned). Instant cast on target which are grabbed, choked, stun or weaken; also instant cast if you are invisible. Hornet should be spammed until you are out of MP, after which you can recover MP with Rose (LB) or Morning Glory (F). The skill speed is increased significantly when the target is lifted or choked.

The Rank 3 path deals the highest damage. However, the casting time is slower (2.5sec) and there is a 9sec CD with higher MP consumption (4 MP). It can be cast again after you deal critical damage and the re-cast is instant. The number of re-cast is unlimited and you can keep using it as long as you deal crit damage & have the MP to do so. The MP cost is reduced to 2 MP per re-cast if you learn the hongmen ultimate. The skill is less efficient if your crit rate is not sufficient (as is the case for the nerf crit stats in BnS CN).

Morning Glory (F) Level 4 Rank 2

One of the key skills to recover MP: recover 5MP over 5sec and convert 100% of damage to HP. Also recover the cat’s HP by 10% within the AOE. The rank 2 path allows you to move during the HP absorption process.

Chestnut (F) Level 3 Rank 1

The skill can be used under the following condition:
- after using dandelion (4) to counter enemy’s attack
- after hornet (RB) rank 1/2 hit a target
- after using overgrowth (1) on enemy
- when enemy is inflicted with poisonous vine (from 1, 2)
- when enemy are hit by pounce rank 2 / adore (TAB)

It lowers the target’s movement speed and deals damage over time. Rank 2 path grants higher damage and additional damage on successive hits with the skill on enemies. Equipping an S1 weapon grants additional 50% damage to the skill.

Cat Attack (TAB) Level 3 Rank 3

Instruct the cat to charge at the target and attack it 5 times. For Rank 3 path, 2 consecutive hits will induce 2 sec stun status; can be used for double stun.

Pounce (TAB) Level 1 Rank 1

Seize (pin down) the target for 4sec (from 3sec, optional). Can be used on targets which are stun, weaken, knockdown or paralyze; can also be used when the target block or counter.

Overgrowth (1) Level 3 Rank 1 OR Ivy (1) Level 3 Rank 3/4

Deal damage and render enemies within the AOE immobile for 8sec. If Dandelion successfully counters enemies’ attack, the CD of this skill is reset. For general PVE, the rank 1 path is often used.

For boss battle, spec Ivy at rank 3 or 4 path (single target) for damage over time (poisonous vine status). When Ivy is used on knockdown or seized target, the CD is cut by 16sec. The difference between Rank 3 & 4 path is rank 3 path retains the immobile effect while Rank 4 path deals higher damage but loses the immobile effect. The immobile effect actually works on bosses if it is used at the right window. For example Shura King when he is doing normal attack or Yeti when he is doing big slam.

Ivy and pounce (TAB) combo is very good against Mushin for their synergic disabling ability.
Thorn Vine (2) Level 4 Rank 3

Deal additional damage when the enemy is hit from behind. The rank 3 path applies poisonous vine status and deal even more damage over time.

Wind Walk (2) Level 1 Rank 1

Putting 1 SP here allows you to escape from stun and paralyze, aside from weaken and knockdown.

Pollen (3) Level 2 Rank 1

Pollen provides an important supportive ability of resisting long ranged damage to all party members within the AOE. The enemies within the AOE cannot block or evade. Rank 2 path further heals 10% of allies’ HP.

The rank 2 path can be used to cast pollen on targets at long range instead of around yourself. This can be useful on Shura King of Snow Jade Palace to prevent him from evading, if you or your party members have low hit rate.

Dandelion (4) Level 2 Rank 3

Dandelion is the only skill in Blade & Soul which renders party member invisible up to 6sec. It allows party members to resist damage and heal 1%HP per resist. It is a counter skill and trigger when you are attacked by the enemy within 2sec after cast.

Encouragement (Z) Level 2 Rank 1

This is optional. It heals your cat HP by 40%.

Friendship (X) Level 2 Rank 2

The Rank 2 path of this skill allows both the summoner and the cat to resist damage and all abnormal status for 5sec. You are not allowed to move and do anything while casting. The skill is useful for resisting the high damage AOE skills in boss battle.

Big Hammer (C) Level 3 Rank 3 – Iron Wall Cat

Instruct the cat to smack the target with a big hammer. Rank 2 path induces 2 sec weaken to the target. The iron wall cat path increases the defensive ability of the cat and reduces the AOE damage from boss by 30%.

Bomb (V) Level 3 Rank 2

Command the cat to plant a bomb and induce knockdown for 3sec. The skill allows summoner to contribute cc ability in 2nd boss of snow jade palace (to kill shadows). The bomb in rank 2 path is chosen over the Slash in Rank 1 path because Slash requires the cat to face the enemies before it is cast (hence slower to set up).

Curl (Q) Level 3 Rank 2

Instruct the cat to curl up and taunt the surrounding enemies for 8sec. During this time, the damage received by the cat is reduced by 90%. The cat is immune to abnormal status as well and heals 2% HP when it is hit. The skill allows the cat to draw aggro & tank boss.

Meow Level 5 Rank 1

Allow the cat to induce Bleed status whenever it attacks. Optional.

Credits: Special thanks to OHARA from Freedom Guide for making this guide.

Source: http://www.freedomplays.com/blade-soul-summoner-guide/3/