Blade & Soul CN will be implementing a major revamp on the legendary weapon for level 50 cap soon. Tencent has revealed features of the new legendary weapon system through the recent QT session with the content manager. The information gathered from the session is summarized here. Take note that these information are just preliminary insight into the future update; the details might change on the official update.

New Legendary Weapon

A new set of legendary weapon (with slightly higher attack) will be released for level 50 cap to replace the current S-series weapons. For the sake of this article, I shall call them as New S1, S2 and S3 weapons; the real names are not mentioned.

These new weapons will NOT have the dreaded Ill-fated prefix (cannot be repaired and level up, refer to Prefix Change Mechanics). Therefore, once you get a Blessed prefix on a weapon, it will stay as Blessed prefix if you level it up further, all the way to level 10. However, the flip side is the cost of upgrade will be increased significantly.

Weapon Prefix Reset

Currently, once you level up your weapon to level 10, there is no other way you can reset the prefix (unless it has ill-fated prefix). Under the new revamped system, there will be ways to reset the prefix even at level 10.

So if you get Shiny prefix at level 10, you can reset it in hope of getting a Blessed prefix. Each reset will allow you to obtain a certain token, which can be exchanged for a Blessed prefix weapon directly; the amount of such token required has not been clarified.

Old S-Series Weapon

This information will come as great news to all current non-level 10 Blessed prefix weapon owner. Ill-fated prefix will also be REMOVED from the old S-series weapon. So if you are currently using any non-level 10 blessed weapon, please keep them safe.

After the update, you will be able to upgrade the Blessed weapon all the way up to level 10 without worry. This applies to Wondrous prefix as well. However, the upgrade cost will be increased accordingly.

The chance of getting Blessed prefix for old S-series weapon is maintained. The chance of getting Blessed prefix from the new S-series weapon is lower.

Ill-fated repair hammer will NOT be introduced anymore.  If you currently own a ill-fated prefix weapon, the only way to use it again is through Curse Removal Bell (reset the prefix back to Shiny).

The old Lv10 Blessed S-series weapon can be exchanged into the new Lv10 Blessed Legendary weapon.  The old Lv10 Shiny S-series weapon can be converted to the new Lv10 Shiny Legendary weapon too.  There is a small chance to get Blessed prefix during this conversion.

For example, old Lv10 S2 weapon can be changed to a box, which contain one of the following: Lv10 Shiny S2, Lv10 Blessed Dark S2, Lv10 Blessed Light S2, Wondrous Dark, Wondrous Light weapon.

Light & Dark S2 Merged

There will only be 1 type of new S2 weapon after the update. The stats of the new S2 weapon is the same as the current S2 Light at Lv1-10. New Dark variant of S2 weapon will only appear at Level 10, and it is part of the outcome for prefix reset.

If you currently hold a Lv10 S2 weapon, after the update, you can exchange it to a box. The box can gives new Blessed or Shiny weapon + the exchange token for Blessed weapon. There is a 50-50 chance for light and dark variant to appear from the box.

You can even continue to reset the prefix for Lv10 Blessed S2 weapon. There is a 50-50 chance to get Blessed Light and Blessed Dark.

Similarly, for S3 weapon, you can reset the prefix of the weapon as well, and get one of the 5 variants of S3. If it is a blessed one, the blessed prefix will be retained upon reset (only the type of S3 will be changed)

Cost of Upgrading Weapon

The cost of new and old shiny weapon will be about the same as now. However, the upgrading cost of Blessed weapon will be increased significantly (due to the removal of Ill-fated prefix).

The new legendary weapon requires additional material for upgrading: Legendary Shards, which can be obtained through certain dungeons (split maze, destiny altar, ice warehouse etc) and weekend events. The methods to obtain more Legendary shards will be introduced in the future.

Effect of New Legendary Weapon

The new Shiny S1 weapon has the effect of MP recovery variant of the current S1 weapon (no more non-MP recovery variant). The new Shiny S2 weapon has the effect of the current S2 light weapon.  The new Shiny S3 weapon has the effect of the current S3 Live Soul or Seafood weapon (the content manager forgot which one =.=). There are still 5 variants of S3 weapons (at level 10, i presume).

Take note that, the effect of the old S-series weapons will not be modified upon update. The new S2 weapon will only has the current S2 Dark effect (RB 30%, CD reset, etc) if you manage to get the Blessed prefix.

Soul Core

New Soul Core will be added to the game on 22nd Jan 2015 update, along with Warlock. Ill-fated prefix will not appear during the leveling up process of Soul Core from Level 1 – 5 (unlike the korean version).  However, there is a chance to fail (success rate >~ 50%)  during upgrading, and the upgrade materials will be consumed.

After reaching level 5, you can reset the green text effect on the Soul Core. There are 3 types of effects: MP recovery, Crit rate/dmg increase and Attack increase. The soul core can have 1 to 3 of these effects. Mushin Tower Level 15 and Snow Jade Palace will produce the exchange token for 2-effect and 3-effect Soul Core.

The Silverfrost mainstream weapon and the Pirate Soul can be dismantled to get Soul Core Shards, which can be exchanged into the new Soul Core. For the latest information on Soul Core, refer to the update content on test server.


* new gameplay mechanics will be implemented in Spirit Stone Steppe in Mar-Apr; it will help to solve the problem of insufficient DPS and loot distribution problem.

* the compensation for the old last-hit hongmen skill achivement  will be given eventually.

* guards to be added to spawn point at Spirit Stone Steppe (already added in the test server)

Reference: freedomplays.com