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Best Subclass for Necromancer in Aura Kingdom

Are you wondering what is the best suitable subclass for Necromancer in Aura Kingdom? Then you are lucky to bump into this page!

Here's a guide describing how well or how perfectly suited a class in Aura Kingdom for Necromancer, as a subclass.

1. Sorcerer
"Few dare to plumb the darker side of magic, but Sorcerers brave its depths with gusto. In the pages of old tomes and grimoires they find runes and sigils that, although forgotten by the world at large, have lost none of their potency. With a host of debilitating spells at their fingertips, none can deny a Sorcerer's way with words."

With the Sorc as your sub you get; Three Ultimate skills, and while some may argue that Ultis aren't worth the extra point, they provide you with invincibility frames that in some settings may be the thin line that keep you alive, also they look pretty cool. 


- Flashy Ulti Skills

Hell Butterflies

"Causes damage to surrounding enemies and inflict sustained damage"

So in other words, a DoT, with butterflies.

Black Snake Totem

" Its magic can cause sustained damage to surrounding enemies, and reduce their speed as an additional buff" 

Yet another DoT, with a debuff and a face close up each time you use it.

Ice Storm

"Cast forward to relentlessly push the enemies back"
Pretty self explanatory, mobs get BTFO.

invincibility frames, invincibility frames, invincibility frames!!

- Sleep Totem for crowd control,great for PvP and PvE

- Healing Mantra, and Damage to HP leech skills

- Crit damage, and some Evasion boost from Grimoire bonus set


- No Stun

- Everyone around you is a sub sorc as well

- Book skills pale in comparison to your scythe skills, rendering them and the glorious roulette useless.

2. Ronin
"Those who wield the tachi have unparalleled Sword skills and observational skills so that they can calmly wait and watch for the enemy's flaw. It is in that moment, with a single strike that they claim victory. Through clashing blades with opponents, wielders of the Tachi are able to raise their soulblade and then unleash immeasurable power in the midst of battle; cutting down all obstacles and creating a path to victory."

Tachi is the second sub-class which grants you Ultimate skills. Via Envoy Path, one Ulti, Purgatory Blade requires you use points in Greediness or Exploration passives. It's to debate whether its worth it.  The Tachi compliments the Scythe pretty well, they both are pretty speedy and skills chain easily. Also, an ideal match if you want to cap Evasion.


- More Flashy Skills with more invincibility frames

Gale Flash

" Cause a massive storm with your scythe to cut away the enemies"
A DoT, lasts pretty long.

Lightning Field

Restored HP per sec, lightning.

Purgatory Blade

Essentially a DoT, however with a mastery you can change it to an HP leecher, so you end up having three Heals.

- Soul Blade + Soul Storm

- Decent party buff

- Lotta Evasion 


- Squishy

- Lower HP

3. Bard
"Consummate masters of support, Bards know a song for every situation. Always a hit in parties, their sonic skills are enough to see them through a solo performance. With harp in hand, they can unleash songs to harm, heal, or help, ensuring they'll always be called on for an encore."

If you hate seeing your life go down, and you don't like avoiding red carpets, or you just want to be able to heal yourself after a duel, there you have it, Bard sub. You get, a stun, ballad is always a plus, and your heals, also more HP output overall, you might want to stack HP, or Defense. You get no Ultimates, but you have heals and can use the points for passives. 


- You can heal yourself, good for Soloing

- Ballad (At base, DMG 2% / DEF 3%)

- Ambient Drone (Stun) 

- Move speed +10% Party Buff

- Can stack more HP and Defense via stats


- Relatively low damage

- Slow cooldown on ambient drone

- Overshadowed with a Main Bard in your team.

4. Wizard
"The ways of magic are mysterious to many, but Wizards see order amidts the chaos, looking to the forces of nature for their inspiration. Using staves to focus raw mana, they conjure elemental spells that can turn the tides of battle, making them respected and indispensable allies in combat."

With Wizard as Sub you get to use Meteor and Ice Storm which are pretty handy for AoE, You get a Heal / Debuff and a dangerous stun. Wizard is a FULLY ranged class, in order to play a Wizard well you gotta keep as much distant as possible, hence Instant Thunder should only be used as a last resort. If you go Wizard as sub, your Necro is going to be a full time ranged class. It is suggested you gear up to truly shine with this sub. Another thing, since Necromancer basically starts at level 60, you're already at the full party dungeon running stage, picking a sub class because you want a good party buff is not a bad decision, in case you were wondering.


- AoE 

- Heal 

- Stun

- Great Party Bonus 

- Staff Max HP / Speed buffs


- Squishy

- Close range will mark your end

- Stun, might mark your end

- Slow cooldowns as sub

5. Gunslinger

"The quickest draw in the land, Gunslingers pack a punch by peppering foes with magic-laced bullets from their twin pistols. To these hotshots, there's no such thing as an underhanded move in a fight. To that end, they employ devious traps and special bullets to debilitate enemies before finishing them off."

Much like the Wizard, Gunslinger is mostly a choice for the party buff, also, traps. With Gunslinger you can slow mobs approach towards you, use charm when being ganged on, and cap your speed, easily. No Ultis, so more points in speed, or anything you lack by putting all Stat points in Speed. 


- Traps

- Charm 

- DoT

- Special Bullets

- Lots of Speed

- Speedy Buff


- No Heal

- No Stun

- Relatively low damage

- Not much to offer other than Speed and traps, scythe being already sort of speedy though... 

6. Duelist
"Speeding like a meteor across the sky, Duelists rush enemies with their razor-sharp dual blades before they have a chance to react. Close-range specialists, these fleet-footed fighters combine acrobatics and a touch of magic to disorient and wear down even the strongest foes."

Not much to say other than Dodge skill, and Evasion, decent defense, and pretty speedy attacks, however close range, all of them. Risking squishy-ness, but still pretty fun to play if you're geared and buffed up your Def / HP. Party Buff isn't really efficient. Lets list them up.


- Dodge

- Single Target DPS

- Purple Lightning 

- Snowflower


- No Heal 

- No Stun 

- Meh damage

- Meh Party Buff

7. Ravager
"Each swing of a Ravager's massive axe delivers a payload of pain, and often collateral damage to any unfortunate enough to be standing too close. With fury burning in their eyes, they will shrug off their own injuries and destroy anything that stands in their way."

Ravager is a heady combination of Ranged and Close-Range, quite like the Necromancer. It offers high DoTs, Stun, HP party buff and spin to win tactics. 


- Two Ranged attacks

- Stun

- High damage 

- AoE, wreak havoc everywhere you go

- HP buff

- Nice Stat boosts

- Spinnity Spin 


- No Heal

8. Grenadier
"Grenadiers are known far and wide for the massive cannons they bring into battle. These miraculous feats of engineering are capable of firing missiles, discharging powerful plasma bursts, or launching elementally-charged grenades. With such an arsenal, Grenadiers have a blast demolishing foes from afar."

Grenadier is basically an offensive support class, it has some more HP than most classes, and two stuns, one of which is a Mastery convertible and an AoE stun, making it comfy to aggro. Along with that, you have a freeze. You get to choose from a list of varied turrets, which also works as bait, comes in handy at tight spots. And an HP as well as Debuffing Crystal, you can either drop it while you're fighting, or if you don't mind taking in the dungeons scenery, just let the crystal heal you over time. Grenadier is a fully ranged class, and you have the AoE stun for luring. Grenadier as main is very slow, not to mention as sub-class. So either cap that speed, or its a no go.


- Stun + AoE Stun

- Icy Grenade (Immobilize + DPS)

- turret + crystals

- High HP


- Slow cooldown

- Slow movement

- No significant buffs for its damage 

Credits: Special thanks to Matya for the time and effort making this guide.