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Best Ringo Build and Strategy Guide in Vainglory

Who is Ringo?

Ringo is often played as the primary damage dealer for his team. He can shoot at blinding speeds and finish off fleeing enemies with an epic fireball that follows foes across the battlefield. Because Ringo is incredibly weak during the early stages of a game, Ringo players should focus on earning as much gold as possible before picking big fights.

He is a ranged, agile carry with extremely high damage potential. He has some of the lowest survivability in the game & must rely on mobility to stay alive. Like all carries, Ringo's drawback is primarily his low sustainability. Ringo is incredibly weak during early game, with his only viable role being in the lane. Thankfully, Ringo is good at last-hitting and can do so safely and alone. Once Ringo gains enough gold in the lane, he can become a formidable foe for his opponents. Overall, though Ringo is an easy character to use, he is no doubt hard to master.

Skills & Abilities

Ability Path
  • Double Down
  • Achilles Shot- Take at Level 2, 3, 4, 7 & 8
  • Twirling Silver- Take at level 1, 5, 10 & 11
  • Hellfire Brew- Take at level 6, 9 & 12
General Strategy

Ringo's starting position should always the lane; Never in the jungle. You can chose to do so, but I do not recommend it. In the lane, you'll have an easier time to clear up these creeps. As a ranged character, it will be easier to get the last hits to gather the gold and you will be safe from your distance. Moreover, Ringo is quite good at poking the enemy. After killing a troop and gaining the Double Down effect, immediately hit your enemy, followed by your first ability. The sudden spike of damage plays a psychological role on intimidating the enemy. If the enemy decides to run, attack them further before falling back. If they chose to retaliate instead, trade blows if you know you'll win the fight, otherwise return to your previous position.

Kite All Day
For beginners, Kiting refers to attacking an enemy with ranged attacks or abilities while maintaining a safe distance. This term originated from the analogy of flying a kite, where the attacking hero (the person) holds the target (the kite) at a safe distance (the string). This feat is often performed by ranged characters against enemy melee heroes. While kiting, the ranged hero makes use of their superior range, mobility and/or abilities to damage the enemy hero without taking damage themselves.

Preserving Energy
During the early period of the game, Ringo must preserve as much energy as possible to sustain on the lane. His Achilles shot is essential for ganking and should NOT be mistakened or misused as a farming tool. Instead, keep it in your arsenal until you're ready to gank an enemy hero. Wasting the ability on killing creeps on the lane can prove to be dangerous due to the fact that Achilles Shot uses up a high percentage of your total energy, potentially leaving you with none left to use Twirling Silver should you be ambushed.

Ringo has a natural tendency to attract enemy heroes due to his low base health. This is particularly annoying because Ringo starts off incredibly weak in the early stages of a game. With the enemy stronger and capable of ganking you, you are less likely to gain gold as you have a poorer chance of getting the minion kills. To make things even worse, Laners Petal and Adagio can recover and self-sustain from your retaliations.

There isn't much you can do about this, but if you can manage to bait the enemy into your turret range, the enemy will at least take as much punishment as you do. But for the sake of stating the obvious, experienced players won't fall for this trick, but even some people can't resist the urge to get overconfident and cocky. On a personal side note, having Glaive on your team is ideal if the enemy is constantly overextending. An Afterburn and Achilles Shot is all it takes to get the victim exposed to the turret long enough to get killed.

Build Breakdown

Hybrid Burst
The Harcore Sniper
Scenario Analysis

Order of Skill Activation

The order of skill deployment is important for any character. As scenarios differ from one another, activating the right skills at the right time and place is essential to stay alive and well ahead of your enemy.

Solo Ambush
When ambushing, initiate with Hellfire Brew in the brush, followed by Achilles Shot and Twirling Silver . By doing so, the enemy can neither cancel your ultimate nor be ready to use a Reflex Block to avoid it's devastating effects. In addition to this, the enemy is unprepared and is likely to begin to panic. Continue to pursue and burst them down while you still hold the upper hand.

Early Game / Exposed Battle
In an exposed battle with very little hiding terrain, avoid using Hellfire Brew unless the enemy has already used their Reflex Block . Being exposed usually means you are likely to get targeted more often. Stay behind your team, minions or turret, and hop in and out of fights when needed.

Teamfight Ambush
During a co-ordinated team ambush, you either chose to:
1) initiate fights with Hellfire Brew and temporarily back away... OR
2) cast Hellfire Brew when another teammate chooses to initiate for you.
Both methods work just as great, but the main goal of a carry never changes: Killing the enemy carry before they kill yours.

Other Tips:

Only upgrade to Journey Boots when you have maxed every other item.
As most players already know, Journey boots Does NOT provide additional speed when upgrading from Travel boots to Journey boots. Because of this, it is not necessary to purchase it during early or mid game. Only upgrade from Travel boots to Journey boots when you have maxed out every other item.

Always tap Twirling Silver before leaving spawn.
The sanctuary's regeneration will tick once on the way out of spawn, so it's completely free and you'll have a bit of a speed boost on your way.

Always engage last in team-fights.
Don't expose yourself so early. If the enemy is smart, their carries or assassins will do the same and will take the opportunity to burst you down while you are distracted attacking someone else.

Keep yourself protected by surrounding your brush with plenty of Scout traps.
You're very prone to ambushes without necessary vision. If you don't have the benefit of having a friend to check bushes for you, buy a stack of scout traps and keep your side's brush well guarded. Scout traps can really mean the difference between potentially being dead or alive. On a side note, keep a few scout traps for unexpected close combat when venturing into the jungle.

credits: guide created by Nshek