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Vainglory Krul: The Unstoppable Juggernaut Build Guide

Here's a Juggernaut build for Krul on Vainglory written by partygod.

Why use this build?

WARNING: This build is not for the beginner. you must have adequate knowledge and experience before attempting to use this build.

As you become better, your opponents become better as well and it is inevitable to have clashes where only two or one of the members of the winning team are left standing. This build ensures that YOU are that last man.

Having the core items alone will make you dominate mid-game. having the final build will ensure victory.

  • Stable during the whole game (not a late bloomer or only strong early).
  • High HP and Energy sustain
  • Fast Jungle farming
  • Intimidating

  • Low building damage (due to the recent krul changes, his skills now deal damage to towers. yay)
  • Moderate damage of Dead Man's rush (also due to the changes, his first skill is now weapon scaled. boo)
  • More advisable to Jungle (limitation)
  • Almost always targeted first after they realize how much of a threat you are

Skill Distrobution per level
  • Get Deadman's Rush at level 2, 4, 7, 9 and 11
  • Get Spectral Smite at level 1, 3, 5, 8 and 10
  • Get From Hell's Heart at level 6 and 12
  • Skip Shadows Emperor Me

Item breakdown

  • Swift Shooter synergizes with Spectral Smite . The faster you make stacks, the lesser damage you take and the faster you farm.

Early Game
  • Sprint Boots will be your lifeline. use your heroic perk to initiate, sprint shoes to run away or go on pursuit
  • Hourglass this item will reduce cooldown and will replenish your energy effectively even until mid-game
  • Swift Shooter 

  • Travel Boots HP regen and added movement speed. This item will help you run away and catch up to enemies before owning a frostburn.
  • Blazing Salvo increased attack speed, increased weakness stacks.
  • Reflex Block added HP. This item will save your life against stuns, slows, and heavy bursts of damage.
  • Hourglass 

  • Journey Boots Armor, Shield, Regen, and speed
  • Breaking Point This is it, your money maker. Maintain your stacks. Keep in mind, stacks aren't gained per basic attack you do, you gain them every second you basic attack a hero, increasing WP and pierce. i recommend that you Build this as your first T3
  • Crucible This will help you and your team survive. Use it wisely.
  • Aftershock this works well with Dead Man's Rush . After skill damage and that bonus hp, the slice plus +50% lifesteal makes you more deadly. Especially since it is now weapon scaled
  • Frostburn energy regen, you'll be using skills more often. The slow will keep enemies close, maintaining Breaking Point and Weakness stacks. The extra CP will increase skill damage.
  • Atlas Pauldron Your anti-CP and anti-attack speed item. You will need this to combat SAW and/or Glaive. Atlas has both Shield and Armor which gives it good overall coverage, especially combined with Journey boots.

Alternate Finals
  • Tornado Trigger or any other red item (weapon power item) can replace your Atlas Pauldron if you're more aggressive.
  • You can replace your Atlas Pauldron with either Aegis or Metal Jacket if all your enemies are Crystal builds or Weapon builds, respectively. More so if no one is building attack speed

Spectral Smite and Swift Shooter are your friends. Take note of how many stacks it takes to smite a creep dead. Stack, smite, move on. don't be afraid to use your skills. the early hourglass will replenish your energy really fast.

Steal crystal mines. You always come out of doing it with a lot or with full Hp. Don't be scared.
Balance farming with Ganking.
How do I use this build? Fighting one on one TOP
Krul's strength comes from his high sustainability and we're here to take advantage of that

If you've noticed, we've maxed out the first two skills instead of the ulti. why? because you'll only need it to disrupt other skills and to stop that running enemy.

We put our focus on Dead Man's Rush One on one, never use this to initiate. use your heroic perk instead. the added movement speed and slow will be enough to initiate the fight. we'll reserve the first skill to chase and to use the extra hp barrier.

Next would be Spectral Smite , learn to time when to use it. Activate it when you have multiple stacks to gain HP and cause damage. Keep your stacks high to lessen your opponent's Crystal Power and attack speed.

Use From Hell's Heart as neeeded.


1. Fighting against CP SAW , you'll need to first dodge that Supressing Fire. Always catch him off-guard. CP Saw has high damage output, but can easily be killed. Use the Atlas Pauldron to slow his attack speed temporarily while your stacks start to increase, crippling him. WP SAW will be very easy if you shuffle between his skills. Remember Dead Man's Rush gives a bonus HP barrier and Spectral Smite heals you. You also have a Stun. Your breaking point is stacking as well. do not be afraid.

2. Petal initiate with From Hell's Heart make sure your sword kills the munions and immediately move in. If they manage to use the ulti, activate the Crucible , and use Dead Man's Rush . The crucible reduces damage and Dead Man's Rush will absorb the rest of the damage.

3. Dealing with Adagio will depend on how the enemy uses him. If he uses a Reflex Block or any of its tier 3 variants during his ulti, use your Crucible to at least reduce damage and prevent the stun.
Immediately follow with Dead Man's Rush and make sure you use the activated Aftershock .

4. Against Burst build Glaive , after getting hit by the burst or the ulti, follow with Dead Man's Rush . Use the atlas pauldron. prevent him from gaining stacks and delaying the added Tension Bow hit if he is carrying one.

How do I use this build? Fighting against a team
Almost always use Dead Man's Rush to initiate team fights. Let the HP barrier absorb all the damage.

Other than that, use the same tactics. Use your Crucible for the team. Don't use it selfishly. Use the crucible to reduce enemy Petal 's Ulti damage, to ensure your team's Adagio pulls off his Ulti, to prevent the burn damage of the enemy Ringo 's ulti, and especially to reduce tue damage from Joule 's crippling lazer.

Your ulti, From Hell's Heart should be used more as a disruptor, especially on Adagio and SAW .

Prevent Adagio's Ulti and stop Saw from Spinning Up too quick. if he manages to use Suppressing Fire , that small time frame that he is stunned will be enough for the team to cripple him.

During clashes, always aim for the weakest hero. Catherine or the tankiest hero should always be last. try to reduce the numbers as fast as possible. Do not panic. SAW will always use his ulti after supressing fire and that's your cue to use the Atlas Pauldron .

By the middle of the clash, you'll have enough stacks of Breaking Point to decimate everyone. Your short cooldowns will enable you to use Dead Man's Rush at the right time. Spectral Smite will always leave you with HP. Aftershock will help you destroy that last tanky Catherine or Adagio .

Don't be greedy! Know when to back out, and when to come in.