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The Right Way to Play Skaarf in Vainglory [Advanced Guide]

Here is a guide on how to play Skaarf properly in Vainglory written by reaverfreed.

As a first mage in Vainglory, his popularity are not well established. Lots of player in the forum are dissapointed to bought him and called him too squishy. Many share the same voice with them...

...until you played enough match with him. If played well, he is a beast. Believe me. Just so you know, mastering him isn't easy. All of his skill require proper timing and pure skillshot. As cliche as it may seems, the only way to get better with him is to play often.

Abilities Breakdown

Fan the Flames (Heroic Perk)
Skaarf’s fire-based abilities light the target ablaze, burning enemies over time. Skaarf’s basic attacks and fire abilities will refresh the burn duration. Each of Skaarf’s basic attacks will also increase the damage of the burn. This fire does not burn turrets and deals reduced damage to Kraken.

Spitfire (Get at Level 1, 5, 10, 11 and 12)
Skaarf spits a fireball that deals crystal damage to the first enemy or creature in its path.

Goop (Get at Level 2, 3, 4, 7 and 8)
Skaarf hurls goop onto the target location. Enemies walking through the sticky substance are slowed. Skaarf’s fire abilities will set the goop ablaze with a burst of damage that extends slightly beyond the gooped area. Once aflame, a gooped location will not slow but will apply damage over time.

Dragon Breath (Get at Level 6 and 9)
Skaarf inhales deeply, slowing fleeing enemies and accelerating closing allies. Skaarf then exhales flame, incinerating enemies in a cone in front of him. While exhaling, enemies moving against the flame are slowed while allies moving with the flame are accelerated. Skaarf may move freely while spewing fire, but he cannot basic attack or use other abilities.

Items Explanation
The almighty Energy Battery will gave you spammable Spitfire to harras your lane enemy!

You should get Eve of Harvest as soon as possible. Why?

  • All of Skaarf abilities are burst crystal damage. You can get regain lots of health with Goop and Spitfire combo, and also Dragon Breath .
  • Did I mention Dragon Breath ?
  • Low on health? Goop and Spitfire jungle minion. You'll get 1/4 of your health back (1/3 on lane minion)
  • Increase in crystal damage, mana regeneration, and also maximum mana.
  • Amazing damage.
Secondly, get Fountain of Renewal to make you much less squishy and to support your team. Don't forget that Vainglory is a team play. In my experience, support item beats damage and abilities item—because it affect your whole team. This item is important to get quickly. If you are fighting Koshka , Adagio , Ringo or any other crystal and burst damage hero, consider build Crucible or Aegis instead of Fountain of Renewal . Don't get Atlas Pauldron or Metal Jacket , you'll be dead anyway if the enemy have reached you.

Third one, get Frostburn . Actually, in my previous build I didn't recommend this item but after I played again for a while with previous build—I notice that Skaarf doesn't have enough mana. That's why it's important to get Frostburn (I have tried it with clockwork and aftershock for mana regeneration, but it simply not last long enough. If Frostburn is not your cup of tea, you can get another Eve of Harvest !

Several reasons Frostburn good for Skaarf:

  • You can slow enemy with your Spitfire .
  • When they are burning, they are also slowed!
  • Goop when lit up will slow them from burning.
  • Dragon Breath already had slow, but you can see Frostburn effect into the action.
On late game, get another Fountain of Renewal to support your teammates. "Why don't you get another Shatterglass or Broken Myth ?"; you may ask.

Several reasons:

  • To support your teammates.
  • Your damage is already ridiculous.
  • You'll be more less squishy!
  • If you are on winning side and very confident, then get it.
Lastly, get Broken Myth if the enemy build shields. This is important to scale your burst damage.

How to Play
If possible, get into the lane. Trust me, I almost always get 3 kills before minute 5. The secret is to maximize fan of flames. If you meet SAW , you are very lucky. He will hardly farms and forced to go back to base very often from the damage. 

  • Spitfire your enemy.
  • attack them consecutively.
  • if they hit you back, nevermind. Keep attacking them to maximize fan of flames
  • when they reached 1/4 of their health, retreat. They'll be dead from burning.
...and you get your first kill.

To keep lane hero from farming, do that everytime they surfaced. Use Spitfire then hit once (twice if you can). They will retreat and cursed you off in real life.

Get Goop ? Great. The damage will get more dangerous.

  • Spitfire your enemy.
  • If you successfully hit them, Goop .
  • attack them consecutively.
  • they'll run away.
Don't do Goop first, then Spitfire . The success rate is low. By doing above, you will get 100% success rate of burning them off. This combo is also amazing for getting money. Go to lane and do that. Minions will instantly die and you'll get lots of money and regain health.

You can also support your team with Goop . Help your running teammates by cast Goop on the way. The enemy will be slowed down. Spitfire it when they are on Goop for burst damage and heal yourself (from Eve of Harvest ).

#protip while fighting Taka , you have a high chance to win. How? Wait when you attacked with X-Retsu and Kaiten . After Taka landed, attack with Spitfire and Goop —thus you'll regain 1/3 of your health and also burn 1/3 of his health. If he kept attacking you, he will get burned by the Goop —which makes you heal at faster rate; and at the same time—damaging him overtime. Do this twice or thrice, he will target another hero and leave you alone.

Dragon Breath is the most crucial skill to win the game. Always cast it when you are sure that enemy's cathrine and Glaive have landed it's stun. Use it to slow running enemy, and accelerates teammates speed. Don't be to cocky to use it to help your teammates runaway!

Some best practice and scenario:

  • Do it from bushes while your teammates are chased.
  • Do it from bushes even when teammates are not chased.
  • Get one of your teammates build Warhorn and activate it when you are on Dragon Breath (this is absolute horror).
  • Use it to burn turrets.
Dragon Breath will make your enemies health reach zero, or if not— Goop them afterwards and keep auto attacking them. They'll be burned to death. You'll also get health lifesteal from Eve of Harvest !