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Level 80 PVP Gladiator Build Guide in Dragon Nest [T4]

Here's a level 80 Gladiator build guide on Dragon Nest which is PVP-oriented. This guide is written by one of the guys in Dragon Nest SEA forum which has an IGN of vvvgod.

80-Cap Skill Build:

Heraldry Plates: 

1. Halfmoon Slash +50% Animation Speed
2. Evasion Slash +20% Damage
3. Line Drive +20% Damage
4. Sidekick +50% Animation Speed

Skill Accessories (Left to Right): 
1. Line Drive + 1
2. Eclipse + 1
3. Provoking Slam + 1
4. Hacking Stance + 1

(unmentioned skills are not used) 


  • Heavy Slash, long range and hits the ground 
  • Impact Punch, lifts fast and cooldowns fast 
  • Tumble, saves your life 
  • Elbow Drop, hits the ground 
  • Impact Wave, pushes fallen enemies away 
  • Wake Attack, i-frame and causes rollback 
  • Side Kick, mobility and speed 
  • Sweeping Kick, 180 combos 
  • Drop Kick, surprise rollback 
  • Rising Slash, up and up you go 
  • Dash, run to a safe place 
  • Circle Break (Lv 6), shatter that super armor 
  • Aerial Evasion, rise again 
  • Passive Max HP Boost, stay healthy 
  • Passive Max MP Boost (Lv 1), some extra MP 
  • MP Recovery (Lv 5), never run out of MP 
  • Relieve, brush it off Highlander, it's now or never 


  • Triple Slash, interruptor 
  • Cyclone Slash, take you for a spin 
  • Dash Slash, cancel that skill 
  • Aerial Combo, death from above 
  • Moonlight Splitter, paper cuts 
  • Crescent Cleave, Impact Wave on steroids 
  • Halfmoon Slash, adios 
  • Dash Combo, wall combos 
  • Deep Straight, pierce fiercely 
  • Eclipse, hit all around you 
  • Hacking Stance, out for murder 
  • Brave, toughen up 
  • Line Drive, this is going to hurt 
  • Provoking Slam, this is the opposite of anesthesia 
  • Counter Exile, X from above 
  • Infinity Edge, saving grace 


  • Evasion Slash, annoying isn't it? 
  • Finishing Attack, explode 
  • Triple Slash EX, it gets worse 
  • Deep Straight EX, better faster stronger 
  • Hacking Stance EX, I told you it gets worse 
  • Line Drive EX, this is overkill 
  • Physical Attack Mastery, feed the bloodlust 
  • Finishing Attack EX, another one bites the dust