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Level 80 PVE Saleana/Pyromancer Build Guide in Dragon Nest [T4]

credits: Here's a level 80 build guide for Saleana in Dragon Nest written by Vaahneon from Dragon Nest SEA forum.

" The Fury of Fire, never quenched, burns brightly with pride and power, with it bears ultimate desolation "

Elemental Lord who deepens her mastery of the fire element, burning enemies into a crisp with the fury of flames. She leans more on the fire tree, she gets the burning hand passive which further improves the overall destructive ability of fire magic, and further gets the EX passives of the fire skills which boosts their destructive potential. She takes the role of Main Ravager in a party, while still having the ability of boosting damage with the freezing skills.
Proposed Skill Build

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This skill build focuses on pure fire making full use of the burning hand and the hellfire passives, very reliant on burning hand to increase damage output and the power of freeze, extra sp would go to the remaining fire skills left unlearned or not maxed, mainly fire shield, flame spark and flame burst.

Sorceress Passives - Usually the passives to max are the HP Mastery, Mental Training, Rising Blast, Blink and Escape. Aerial Evasion, MP Mastery and the others are up to your discretion depending on preference, learning them is good enough however.

Core Skills:
Glacial Spike - Increased due to the also increasing freezing chances, its quite a must max or close to that, as we need every chance for this spell to freeze.
Glacial Wave - For long duration of freeze, amplifying damage.
Hellfire - Needed to raise critical chances of all fire skills, and all fire skill damage by 50% on burned targets. Shown as white with a damage duplicator (+) sign.
Fireball EX - high damage with low CD advantage with almost unlimited range so you can cast this from a safer distance but the downside is its quite tough to aim at a distance and its lengthy charging time.
Burning Hand - Effect is based on the hit that activated it, which means this does very heavy damage on single hit skills Ignite and Fireball EX, but also does great damage on the multihitting skills, this is the main advantage of Saleana over the fire-focused elestra. The activation plate is a must have to make this skill's activation chance a constant 50%, and with skill ring to raise its damage effect by 20%. This is a must to get to lvl 5 so it deals 120% damage of the hit that triggered it. Shown as a fire attribute damage with a damage duplicator (+) sign.
Rolling Lava EX- Needs some positioning especially with smaller mobs so its best to cast it midway of your target not directly in front so it can receive the final explosive hit. (will not do explosive hit on walls as it is bugged, wait for the fix update on this)
Flame Master - Directly adds 20% Fire Attack, pretty much a nice upgrade since its permanent.
Phoenix Storm- One of the fastest casting fire magic, best used at point blank range to get all 3 birds to hit your target. It will also reduce fire resist depending on level.
Inferno EX - with high levels (optional, 1 is enough for debuff purposes) can be used to kill mobs out. The 40% damage increase to this skill is placed at the additional final hit (when the flames explode) which induces also the -20% fire resist debuff for 10 sec, which ignite is good to use after for mob clearing or any other fire skill you want to use afterward. Can also trigger the explosion with normal attack button to cut the casting earlier if you need to dodge attacks, downside is the lengthy channeling phase but the range and aoe makes up for it.

Optional Skills:
Flame Spark - A nice filler but needs to use blink first, does qood damage even at low levels.
Flame Road EX - Powerful but has the downside of you not being able to cancel midway and still vulnerable to ground skills or pretty much any attack while in the channeling phase. Also not easy to get full hits on small targets.
Ignite- usually used as a mob finisher, but viable with bosses since burn damage is not really significant.
Frost Wind - Used to add - 10% ice resist to prolong glacial spike and glacial wave's freeze duration. You may opt to remove this and add points elsewhere.
Firewall EX - Same uses as before, defensive spell, but also does decent damage, however it having such a long casting time to get all hits plus being quite melee proves to be a big disadvantage.
Fire Shield - Used mostly for high SA. You may choose to increase this for more damage reduction, especially if you got a plate for it, which is useful in tough situations like raids, to make up for the lack of defense of Sorceresses.
Fiery Vortex - powerful but with a downside of a very long cd and a long channeling phase, but can cancel midway if you need to dodge. more often than not it is more used to kill off mobs.
Blizzard Storm - Dependent on preference if you wish to learn for an added stack, but the lengthy CD and vulnerability to assault keeps it from being a core skill. IMO Glacial Wave and Glacial Spike is enough for ice stacking to a Saleana.

The Main Ice tree is not learned for reasons that Ice in general has little damage compared to fire. The Frostbite debuff will be provided by frost wind most of the time.

Skill Plate Choices:

Depends on your mostly used skill, but preferably you must have one of these plates since they dish the most output among the the other skills:

Burning Hand - +30% activation chance (a priority plate since this affects all fire skills)
Phoenix Storm - 20% damage
Flame Road - 20% damage
Rolling Lava - 20% damage
Fireball - 20% damage
Fire Shield - 15% damage reduction plate for added survivability
Ignite - 20% damage if you tend to use this often
Inferno - 20% damage if you tend to use this often

Burning Hand Analysis

How does it work? Which plate is better?

The current burning hand deals damage based on the hit that activated it, its damage dependent on level (40% at level 1, 80% at level 3, 100% with skill ring) and activation rate at a constant 20% on all levels. The cd is now 0, which means only the activation rate dictates the frequency of the skill triggering with every hit. Test results show that the activation rate plate of 30% for burning hand is an additive increase, which brings it to a 50% chance with every hit dealt. However Burning hand will not show as a crit hit (but will show with a plus sign) nor will it be counted under your hit counts ( ex, inferno EX deals 16 hits total, it will still show 16 hit counts even if burning hand activated as much as 5 times)

Inferno EX testing, normal hit count 16 done on Cerberus, i used 0 durability weapons so i can see which is the burning hand damage (80% only of the normal hit) and which is the normal hits.
(needs to be viewed in slow motion for easier counting of actual hits. sorry don't know how to edit it to skip dodging parts) The video was taken before the update of adding a plus sign to burning hand hits.

Inferno EX with burning hand 20% activation = 19-22 hits

Inferno EX with burning hand 50% activation = 27-30 hits

Mechanism of Burning Hand and Hellfire

Burning Hand and Hellfire are considered as a Damage Duplicator, skill is similar to Dark Elf Dance buff of Dancer. As indicated by the name, it "duplicates" the hit in accordance to how it triggers and the % of damage it will take. Burning Hand and Hellfire have similar triggering effects, that the target needs to be burned, however Burning Hand as dictated by the skill is only 20% activation (50% with plate), but damage is dependent on level (100% at lvl 4), while Hellfire is a constant 50% of the hit with 100% success rate. These Damage Duplicator skill hits are represented with a (+) sign along with the hit, Burning Hand is shown as red, Hellfire as white.

These Damage Duplicator skills cannot be boosted by any other means. In others words, Hellfire will always do 50%, BH lvl 4 will always do 100%. Any damage boosting mechanic will not affect the percentages in any way. However they get an indirect boost, when the original damage is boosted by x2 or x3, BH will still get 100% of the boosted original hit, hellfire will still get 50% of the boosted original hit.

for example using BH lvl 4 and hellfire on a single hit skill fireball:

Fireball damage= 1000, BH 1 hit trigger shows a red +1000, Hellfire damage shows a white +500

add 2 layers of freeze

Fireball damage= 2000, BH 1 hit trigger shows a red +2000, Hellfire damage shows a white +1000

Do note however Damage duplicators seem to have an effect with critical rate, as from my observation they can deal half of the original hit if the original hit is a critical hit, but they wont deal half of the original hit if the original hit is already a noncrit hit. This is unsure if it is a bug or not.

Gear Suggestions

Stat Enhancement Plates
  • Intellect, Wind, Magician, Health, Life Vitality, Fatal as main options
  • Ultimate if you have a bit of FD
  • Iron Wall and Tent for added survivability
  • 3rd stat will depend on how you build your char, Int 3rd stat will provide good balance of matk, mdef and more mp, Vit for more hp and def, or just go plain def. FD if you have lots of money.
Talisman Options
  • Intellect and Magician is best for the 200% slot (or Ultimate if you want), then your choice with Fatal, Wind, Health, Life Vitality, Iron Wall and/or Tent with where you want to place them.
Gear Jade Choices:
  • Skill Jade Choices:
    • Secondary and Main Weapon - Welton Hallow Jade (reduces 5%x2 fire resist for 10 sec, cd 60 sec) useful for reducing the target's fire resistance giving you 10% more output for the next 10 seconds.
    • Armors - Adamantine Jade (20% pdefx5) or Resistance jade (10% mdef and pdefx5) with be the better choice for sorceresses, since we do lack physical defense, these jades will make up for it within 10 sec.
  • Armor, Earring and Necklace Stat Jade Choices:
    • Either you focus on int jades/life vit jades, or add wind jades (I doubt you want bear jades even with the crit damage mechanic). And with 3rd stats either going all int/matk for damage or adding more vit for more survivability.
  • Weapon and Ring Jade Choice:
    • No questions asked, its the fire atk increasing jade to boost fire atk.