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Level 80 PVE Majesty Build Guide in Dragon Nest [T4]

credits: Here's a level 80 build guide for Majesty in Dragon Nest [T4] written by Vaahneon from Dragon Nest SEA forum.

"Harnessing the power of the gravitational forces, opponents shall bow down in disgrace and be crushed into pieces with a snap of a finger"

The template focuses on the dark skills more for damage, The only skill from the laser tree that is really needed is Force Mirror, the remaining sp would be spent on either getting Lv 6 wheeling staff for utility or maxing out void blast.

Sorceress Passives - Usually the passives to max are the HP Mastery, Mental Training, Rising Blast, Blink and Escape. Aerial Evasion, MP Mastery and the others are up to your discretion.

Core Skills:
Glacial Spike - Increased due to the also increasing freezing chances, its quite a must max or close to that, as we need every chance for this spell to freeze.
Force Mirror - its main use is still to apply the magic damage increase debuff on surrounding targets. This skill must be spammed as much as possible. the debuff lasts for 21 secs, since the debuff is applied per wave and lasts 11 sec. A skill accessory is a nice to have for this, but no need if you're in a party which can cap the 100% dmg inc debuff to targets.
Beyond Time - The main reason why Force Users are a great addition to a venturing party, max is a must, timing of this skill is very crucial as this skill does not have high SA and its cooldown is very long.
Teleport - mostly as an escape spell, and for faster travel time, maxing this is optional plus plate for more mobility and I-frame.
Gravity Switch EX- Majesty's highest damaging spell, with a disadvantage of having a long channeling phase, the user must know when to use it to avoid getting hit.
Steal Magic - Used to raise dark atk by 40% for 10 sec. A must to use before using Gravity Switch, only level 3 is sufficient as higher levels only increase the duration of the buff copied.
Gravity Ascension EX - does decent damage but used to induce -20% dark resist on the target, be wary that the target should be there for 6 seconds since the debuff is only applied on the explosion part.
Gravity Controller - works 100% on bosses even if they are liftable, on other mobs it will vary on their SA bar, but will work if target is frozen.

Optional Skills:
Void Blast - This skill IMO would be a better filler over comet with its lower cd and faster casting since the recent boost made this skill a lot better.
Time Dodge - another utility spell to un-flinch yourself, or keeping yourself from getting floored, however if you are flipped in air or already kissing the ground this cannot be used.
Gravity Blast EX - Decent filler skill with low cd although the damage is quite mediocre.
Black Hole EX- prereq skills, Gravity Blast can be useful for SA break.
Triple Orbs EX - Mostly as a filler spell, does quite decent damage but you have to be sure the target is there for the duration of the skill.
Comet - optional if you want a long range SA breaking skill for utility or get higher levels for damage, the long casting time and long cd puts it at a disadvantage.
Linear Ray - prereq for Force Mirror.
Force Shield - As tempting as the big magic damage increase and the damage reduction this spell offers, its activation rate is quite a big let down, being its too variable, and most of the time you will try not getting hit by anything. This also cancels any skill you are casting when it activates. This is either a max or 1 skill depending on your preference since it does help if it activates (unless the hit you got has a dispelling effect like Fel Guardian's attacks)
Time Stop - The disabling capability of this spell is limited, as bosses are usually immune, but great for mob control so they dont interrupt you casting skills especially spectrum shower.
Meteor Storm - mostly used for clearing mobs, pretty much a suicide skill on bosses due to the lengthy channeling phase.
Gravity Trap - Same reasons as Time Stop, not really useful in the more crucial situations, IMO time stop is enough as a disabling skill if there is a need.
Force Wave and Gravity Spark - These two are more useful in pvp than pve, both damage is low and the need to use blink.
Spectrum Shower -  the slow casting and low SA of the skill keeps it from being effective to majesties, so this skill is more often than not left unlearned.

Beyond Time Combo

Basically the Majesty way of using BT on offense is to power up Gravity Switch, so the skills in order are as follows: Gravity Ascension EX > Force Mirror > Steal Magic > Glacial Spike > Gravity Switch EX. Can skip glacial spike if elestra is present, then rinse and repeat, you can only do this twice within the BT timeframe but can skip GA EX on the second setup.

Gear Suggestions:

Skill Plates
  • Gravity Blast (damage plate)
  • Triple Orbs (damage Plate)
  • Summon Comet (damage plate)
  • Teleport (cooldown plate)
  • Gravity Switch (damage plate)
  • Gravity Ascension (damage plate)
  • Beyond Time (cooldown plate)
Stat Enhancement Plates
  • Intellect, Wind, Magician, Health, Life Vitality, Fatal as main options
  • Ultimate if you have a bit of FD
  • Iron Wall and Tent for added survivability
  • 3rd stat will depend on how you build your char, Int 3rd stat will provide good balance of matk, mdef and more mp, Vit for more hp and def, or just go plain def. FD if you have lots of money.
Talisman Options
  • Intellect and Magician is best for the 200% slot (or Ultimate if you want), then your choice with Fatal, Wind, Health, Life Vitality, Iron Wall and/or Tent with where you want to place them.
Skill Jade Choices:
  • Secondary and Main Weapon - Ghost Village Jade (reduces 5% dark resist) for more damage
  • Armors - Adamantine Jade (20% pdefx5) or Resistance jade (10% mdef and pdefx5) is best for sorceresses, since we do lack physical defense, these jades will make up for it within 10 sec.
Armor, Earring and Necklace Stat Jade Choices:
  • Either you focus on int / life vit jades, or add wind jades (i doubt you want bear jades).
Weapon and Ring Jade Choice:
  • Dark Jades for higher dark attack, its the only good jade for majesty.