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Level 80 PVE Adept Build Guide in Dragon Nest [T4]

credits: Here's a level 80 Adept Build guide in Dragon Nest [T4] written by Silicomfed on Dragon Nest SEA forum.

Academic Line:

Force Out: Lvl 6 for escape purposes, you can stay in your current position by using the skill while holding a directional button

MP Mastery: Lvl 1 since we're INT type so I didn't see the need to level it

Mind Conquer: Lvl 6 for emergency purposes (in case for no LF in party) and to get 45 SP
Alchemist Line:

Magma Punch: Lvl 6 since damage is not impressive for max and the only thing you need is the 10% fire reduction debuff

Magma Wall and Magma Wave: Max cuz they're your main DPS moves.

Icing Mass: Max for 30% ice reduction

Mixed infection: Max for Physician Revamp. Revamp makes Mixed Infection use the Bubble System where 3 bubbles gets +100% damage while 5 bubbles gets 200% damage

Poison Break:  Max for Physician Revamp. Revamp makes Poison Break use the Bubble System where 3 bubbles gets +100% damage while 5 bubbles gets 200% damage

Cocktail: Max Level The one and only alchemist buff which gives additional 24% of your STR,AGI,INT stat and 16% CD reduction to all of your moves

Injector: Max LVL: Physician revamp removes healing ability of Injector but makes it into a buff that raises movement speed and action speed to 5secs. At max, this buff can increase MS ans AS by 36% (37% with skill ring).
Adept Line:

C2H5OH: Max since this is your main debuff reducing 20% of all elemental resistance

Ice Beam: Max since this is your main ice elemental DPS move that also gives frost debuff which makes you on par with the Elestra's Ulti which lasts to 10 seconds max
And of course get all your EX skills and 65 passives

Notable EX skills are:

Magma Punch EX: Gives 10% Fire Reduction for 10 sec to accurately hit enemies

Magma Wall EX: Adds another additional pillar making it explode in all 4 directions. Explosions becomes AOE

Magma Wave EX: After skill is cast, it leaves a Consecration-like area for 3 secs dealing damage to

Ice Beam EX: Gives Ice Beam 5 more additional hits and Left-click to release an ice bomb that deals 50% of the main Ice Beam damage
As you can observe, there's still 3pts left for you to give on some moves. I let it be because it's for you to decide where will you allot these points since the one shown above are the necessities on the PVE Adept skill build. Your playstyle will dictate where will you allot the rest of these skill points:

Alfredo: Lvl 1 At most. Alpedo can still get agro of mobs even without Alfredo Stomp if you want to lure them. Just make sure to get the recall if you do since it doesnt cost SP at all

Ice Palm: Maximum is at Lvl 4 for the remaining pts. This skill is more powerful than max Magma Punch. I recommend maxing it out if you know how to spam it every cooldown since this b*tch slapper deals significant amount of damage, not to mention invulnerable at some moves, but is kinda stupid on what mobs to attack so care to summon this guys

Sacrifice: You can get this with the remaining pts. This can help you survive longer in dungeons if you dont have a healer (or your healer is dumb enough to die). Lvl 1 is good enough for you to survive longer, after all better have heal than nothing 

Hypnosis:  You can max this our with your remaining pts. The only escape skill of all alchemists. Every level reduces CD by .5 secs. Allot them if you care about survivability

Stun Grenade: The move that I encountered the most reactions (as expected) while making this build. You can get this with the remaining points you have but this skill is pretty useless for LVL1 since stun chances are only 10%. I suggest sacrificing the ponts from Lvl6 Force Out to Lvl1 and Lvl6 Mind Conquer to Lvl1. Lvl10 Stun Grenade percentage is high enough to proc at normal mobs.

Skill Ring Recommendations:

If you're diligent enough to craft skill rings, then these are the skills that needs an additional skill point allotment:

Magma Wave (Necklace), Magma Wall (Ring), C0cktail (Ring)

Acceptable stats for the necklace are anything that increases HP, Def and MagDef, and of course, INT

Acceptable stats for ring are the ones that greatly increases MagAtk or Fire and Ice Atk

Elemental Jade Ratio:
Weapon/Ring Jades: People are arguing about which elemental jade to use for Adepts

In my recommendation, I suggest they do either 3Fire:1Ice or 2Fire:1Ice Jade and choose either 1INT:1AGI or 2INT for Stat Jades

Possible arguments are Magma Wall and Wave are your main DPS moves so you gotta max your Fire ATK, but dont forget that Icicle Expression, your ulti, and Ice Beam, which has better damage now because of EX, is an Ice Elemental Attack. My Fire Atk is around 55% and my Ice Atk is around 40% and my Ice Beam EX without Ice debuffs damages more than my Magma Wave EX with Skill Ring. Better balanced that one-element centric

Armor/Necklace/Earring Jades:
For soloists: 3INT:3AGI:4VIT for armor

For party people: 5INT:5VIT for armor
and 1AGI:1INT or 1VIT:1INT or 1AGI:1VIT for necklace and earrings
I recommended AGI for critical purposes but is suggest using the 5INT:5VIT for armor and 1INT:1VIT for earrings and necklace

Heraldry and Talismans:

Stat Heraldry: Magician, Intellect, Health, Vitality, Fatal, Wind, Iron Wall, Tent. 

You can change  Wind with Ultimate if you don't have any Wind jades in your equipment.

Skill Heraldry: Magma Wall (Damage +20%), Magma Wave (Damage +20%), Icicle Expression (Damage+20%), Wax(CD Reduction), ****tail(Buff Duration Extension), Ice Beam(CD Reduction)

Essentials are Magma Wall and Wave and Icicle Expression Damage Heraldry and just choose from the rest according to your playstyle
Talismans: 200%: Magician and Intellect, 175%: Health and Iron Wall, 125%: Wind and Tent, 100%: Vitality and Fatal. It's just my recommended for DPS/survivalist type of adepts, you can scramble these positions to your own playstyle

FAQs and Expected violent reactions:


A: These revamp skills also affect Adepts since this revamped happened in the Alchemist skill tree, the skill tree both Adepts and Physicians share. Some Physician skills in the Alchemist skill tree will be revamped and Physicians will feel its increase but that doesn't mean that Adepts cant feel it too. Research other threads for physician revamps
Check this link for the Phys Revamp: http://www.freedompl...hysician-boost/


A: I saw some Adept builds with no Slime. Maybe the guy find it tedious to summon but it is indeed useful. 4 bubble Slime can give enemies a frost debuff (A debuff why people loves Elestras) to dish additional damage for 4 secs (I think). Not to mention it can also dish out additional DPS while your doing nothing. So add slimes. I mean what king of mascot character doesn't have sub-mascot characters (Like Poring, That mouse in Cardcaptor Sakura, That slime of Meruru in OreImo, and our favorite of all: Kyubey of Madoka Magica :3):


A: Though it is true that Adepts are int types who spams skills like little sh*ts without worrying about mana consumption for their huge mana pool, it doesnt hurt adding more MP  and MP recov.If LF is your solution, what if there's no LF in your party? then i will unleash my mighty Dispenser, but what if your "mighty" Dispenser didnt drop herbs or green apple? Answer is your just gonna cheer on your teammates like any mascot character would do while waiting for your mana to return while your teammates think of you as a useless idiot who has low MP recove for an INT type class


A: No comment. I have all the Academic class and I think all of them rock for their differences. Adept will always be No.1 in my heart since it's my main but objectively, none is better than another. If you want total solid damage while giving offensive debuffs to your teammates, go Adept. If you also want solid damage while multitasking to heal, cure, and support your teammates, go Physician