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Level 80 Fire/Ice Focused PVE Elestra Build Guide in Dragon Nest [T4]

credits: Here's a level 80 pve build guide for Elestra in Dragon Nest written by Vaahneon on Dragon Nest SEA forum.


" The wrath of Ice, its cold nature seeps into the very essence of its targets, ultimately giving them their final breath in their icy prison"

Elemental Lord who deepens her mastery with the ice element, making the party deal better damage with the aid of freeze, slowing enemies down with frostbite, she gets more freezing spells with ice sphere and ice barrier, along with freezing field as she learns its ex passive. She is mainly a Saboteur, whose main role is to stack ice, the builds below will depend on which element you chose to deal damage, be it fire or ice.

Posted Image Proposed Skill Builds: Fire Focused Build (aka Fire Elestra, Salestra, etc)

Note: spare sp can be placed with any other skill you would be comfortable of using as a filler, firewall would be a nice choice or flame spark
She takes the best of both worlds, having all the freezing skills while getting the highly damaging fire skills. although cannot deal as much damage as Saleana. This is a more offensive oriented build for Elestras who wish to deal more decent damage.

Sorc Passives - Usually the passives to max are the HP Mastery, Mental Training, Rising Blast Blink and Escape, Aerial Evasion, Rising Blast, MP Mastery and the others are up to your discretion.
Core Skills: Glacial Spike - Increased due to the also increasing freezing chances, its quite a must max or close to that, as we need every chance for this spell to freeze. Fireball - a must max with its high damage and low cd, alongside the fact you can cast it from a safer distance. Phoenix Storm - does high damage and its fast casting. also used to induce burn status. Ignite - also does quite decent damage, to kill off monsters who arent dead yet and are still burned. Hellfire - You need this for higher fire magic crit chances and more damage with the fire skills, as its new effect is to deal 50% more damage with fire skills on burned targets Glacial Wave - For longer freeze duration. Freezing Field EX - this skill is mainly used to freeze. Ice Sphere -  just to freeze for fire elestras, maxed as the duration increases with every level.
Optional Skills: Inferno and/or Firewall - either spell would be an option to level, they will serve as fillers inferno has the range advantage but suffers long casting time, firewall is stronger but its quite melee. Fire Shield/ Ice Shield - maxed for protection, best with plate, also aids in burning/freezing targets. Flame Road - maxed for its high damage, still the strongest skill among the Elemental Lord Spells Fiery Vortex - If you plan to skip chilling mist and ice shield then learn this skill to unlock blizzard. Also does decent damage but more often than not you will use blizzard. Blizzard - Mostly used to freeze especially with a fire build, so 1 is enough. Flame Spark - filler, a nice ranged spell for killing mobs, used to induce burn status to power up the fire spells Icy Shards EX - Mostly as a prereq for Freezing Field, but it is also a nice filler. Ice Barrier - A bit more defense doesnt hurt, especially since its easier to reach quite a big amount of matk, although by far this skill does not give much defense. Chilling Master - well no need to learn if you're planning on using fire solely for damage, but if you still want to stay hybrid then learn this skill as it permanently adds 20% Ice Attack. Frozen Spikes EX - optional if you want to stay hybrid, and no need for chilling mist ex since the damage lacks luster.

Ice Focused Build (aka the Pure Ice/Frozen Burst build)

Posted Image

Note: there are spare sp in this build, can be placed either with frost wind or learn wheeling staff lvl 6 for utility or any other skill you feel using, since they're not that important anyway.
She focuses more on her role as Saboteur, which is to keep the ice stack as much as possible (This doesnt mean fire elestra cannot stack as well as pure ice elestra). The other Ice skills serving as fillers after she is done stacking. She can focus more on surviving with her gears, since damage is not really her concern. She is pretty much the cheapest sorceress to build as well as having high survivability (with gears focusing on defense and hp more than damage) although does subpar damage. This build would also make full use of the new skill given to her which is frozen burst (icon above glacial wave), although details of that skill would not be placed here yet.

Sorceress Passives - Usually the passives to max are the HP Mastery, Mental Training, Rising Blast, Blink and Escape. Aerial Evasion, MP Mastery and the others are up to your discretion.
Core Skills: Glacial Spike - Increased due to the also increasing freezing chances, its quite a must max or close to that, as we need every chance for this spell to freeze, although having many options to freeze you may choose to lower this and place it to other skills. Glacial Wave - A must max for longer duration of freeze. Freezing Field EX - does okay damage, and freezes opponents in the middle, with its wide range, you can prolly hit almost all mobs. must maintain as the highest leveled ice skill so other skills also bearing -ice resist debuff do not overwrite its freeze debuff (skills that only freeze will be okay like GS, GW, Ice Sphere). Ice Shield - Maxed for both higher SA and higher Survivability since usually you will tend to stay at close range to freeze, best with plate. Ice Sphere - both as a damage (usually on big bosses) and freezing spell, higher levels will entail longer durations. a skill acce is good for this skill.
Optional Skills: Frost Wind - Used to add -10% ice resist to prolong freeze duration. You can opt to remove it since all frostbite skills induce the same effect. Icy Shards EX - damage skill with short cd, not really impressive, but its a good filler, must maintain at least a level lower than Freezing Field EX so as it will not overwrite the freeze debuff of FF EX. Shatter - used to kill off mobs after Freezing Field EX. Can be used also when you need to remove the freeze quickly during situations when you need to destroy the target's SA, but aside from that this skill is usually for soloing dungeons. Frozen Spikes EX - doesnt deal much against small targets but does great against bigger targets who can eat 2-3 of the walls. High damage and fast casting skill with low CD. Chilling Mist EX - Its now a better filler with its wider range and slightly higher damage. Flame Road however still does a whole lot more damage than this skill. Blizzard - does quite decent damage plus this skill has the longest freeze durations, although you will channel this skill for quite a few seconds making you vulnerable to damage. Ice Barrier EX - no need to get more than level 1 since you'd smash it anyway to raise ice attack further by 20% Chilling Master - More damage with ice skills, as this build needs it badly. Permanently adds 20% Ice Attack. Phoenix Storm - learned as a support skill just in case you got fire users in your party. Wheeling Staff - lvl 6 for utility purposes when you need to push stuff.
Not necessary to get the rest of the fire skills for this type of build, since your gearing is more on defenses.

Gear Suggestions:
Skill Plate Choices:
Fire Elestra - will concentrate on the fire skills which are maxed out, depending on your choice.

Phoenix Storm - 20% damage
Flame Road - 20% damage
Ignite - 20% damage
Fireball - 20% damage
Fire Shield/Freezing Shield - 15% damage reduction (defense)
Frozen Spikes - 20% damage

Frozen Burst Elestra - will use more of Ice skill plates depending on your preference. Added Freezing Shield here since a stacker will usually get close and personal to add freezing layers so added defense is more of survivability. The damage plates are just there if you want to see high damage being pure ice if you just want to.

Freezing Shield - 15% damage reduction
Glacial Wave - 20% debuff duration
Icy Shards - 20% damage
Frozen Spikes - 20% damage
Ice Sphere - 20% damage (main dps skill under frozen burst mode)
Shatter - 20% damage
Chilling Mist - 20% Damage
Blizzard - 20% Damage

Stat Enhancement Plates
  • Intellect, Wind, Magician, Health, Life Vitality, Fatal as main options
  • Ultimate if you have a bit of FD
  • Iron Wall and Tent for added survivability
  • 3rd stat will depend on how you build your char, Int 3rd stat will provide good balance of matk, mdef and more mp, Vit for more hp and def, or just go plain def. FD if you have lots of money.
Talisman Options
  • Intellect and Magician is best for the 200% slot (or Ultimate if you want), then your choice with Fatal, Wind, Health, Life Vitality, Iron Wall and/or Tent with where you want to place them.
Gear Jade Choices:
  • Skill Jade Choices:
    • Secondary and Main Weapon - Welton Hallow Jade (reduces 5%x2 fire resist for 10 sec, cd 60 sec) useful for reducing the target's fire resistance giving you 10% more output for the next 10 seconds. Pure Ice builds are better off wearing int III weapons, or you can get Pirate Jades which are the Ice counterpart of Welton Hallow.
    • Armors - Adamantine Jade (20% pdefx5) or Resistance jade (10% mdef and pdefx5) is best for sorceresses, since we do lack physical defense, these jades will make up for it within 10 sec.
  • Armor, Earring and Necklace Stat Jade Choices:
    • Either you focus on int and life vit jades, or add wind jades (i doubt you want bear jades). more often than not you'd pick vit or int as 3rd stat.
  • Weapon and Ring Jade Choice:
    • its either the fire atk increasing jade to boost fire atk, or the ice atk increasing jade, or just wear your previous int III weapons.
  • Why would pure ice builds or elestra in general would use 60A int III/60S Int II weapons in 80 cap era?
    • Let's face it elestra is not meant to damage in the first place, she is there to stack ice, and just boost elemental classes who got higher damage than you will ever do more by using int weapons, as you can see the difference of int over the current jade options.