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How to Play Krul in Vainglory Properly [Advanced Guide]

Below is a guide for players who wants to learn how to properly play Krul in Vainglory. This guide is written by reaverfreed and only shared on this blog for our valued readers.

Ability Path

Item Choices
Krul is one of the most hardest hero you can master in Vainglory. Personally, I've played Krul for the last 2 weeks with much frustration—he is squishy and easily killed. After experimenting with multiple gameplay and items, I think I've found the perfect Krul to play.

FYI, I've played Krul when I first played Vainglory (Karma level 1) and it's super easy. At that time, everyone still learning, and don't understand Krul skills. As your gameplay get more advanced (also your opponent), they understand Krul abilities and also how to counter them. Right now (I'm at karma level 20), nobody use Krul because he is squishy and "weak".

If you really wanted to learn how to Krul the right way, then this guide is for you.

Abilities Breakdown

Shadows Empower Me (Heroic Perk)
Krul is empowered by the shadows after standing still in brush for 3 seconds. Once empowered, Krul moves faster and his next basic attack will slow the target.

Dead Man's Rush
Krul dashes to the target and deals damage. Activating Dead Man’s Rush grants Krul a health barrier for 2 seconds.

Spectral Smite
After learning this ability, Krul’s basic attacks apply Weakness stacks (up to 8 per target). Each Weakness stack reduces attack speed and crystal power and allows Krul to lifesteal by basic attacking the target. Spectral Smite consumes the stacks to deal damage and regain health based on the number of stacks consumed.

From Hell's Heart

Krul pulls Hellrazor from his chest and hurls it in the targeted direction. If the sword hits an enemy hero (on the way out or the way back), it stuns and slows the target and deals damage. Stun duration is longer based on the distance the sword has traveled.

Abilities Roadmap
Notice that you only need to upgrade From Hell's Heart twice. Dead Man's Rush and Spectral Smite on level 5 is upgraded massively compared to level 4

You can hover the abilities icon above to get the detailed information of each skills.

Items Explanation
Because Krul is squishy and what makes him tanky is Dead Man's Rush and Spectral Smite ; those two skills are prevalent to be maxed out. Other than that, by building one Clockwork , one Warhorn , and one Aftershock —Krul can spam those 2 skills (delay 4.87 seconds) that will makes him very tanky during the game.

p.s. note that Fountain of Renewal is not a must. You need to change it according to enemies hero and items.

Case #1: If there is SAW on the enemy team, rush Atlas Pauldron . Use Dead Man's Rush and immediately hit Atlas Pauldron to make him immobilized. (If you are SAW, use Roadie Run when Krul is attacking you).

Case #2: If the enemy team use lots of abilities, like Adagio , Petal and Crystal Glaive ultimate, build Aegis .

Case #3: When you face with Ringo and Petal (which both could easily kite you) and/or they are building Tension Bow ; replace Warhorn with Shiversteel to make them slow—so they can't kite you. Other than that, Shiversteel makes you more tankier.

Case #4: Both SAW and Koshka (other ability focus hero) on enemy's team? Replace Clockwork and build Atlas Pauldron and Aegis . Counter-building always work.

Bonesaw is the last item to get, so stay on Blazing Salvo and focus on Clockwork .

p.s. Build Bonesaw if your team carry are focused on weapon damage. You can also upgrade Blazing Salvo to Alternating Current , Breaking Point or Tornado Trigger depending on the situation.

How To Play
It takes time to master Krul gameplay, so be patient.

Krul home is in the bushes, so engage every battle with Shadows Empower Me that slows your target for 4 second. Wait for Spectral Smite passive stacks to reach 4 or more, and hit the skill to regain health and instantly halves your enemy health.

Use Dead Man's Rush to get health barrier when you are attacked or to reach valuable enemy.

Level 1 - 6: Jungle to get money and level up. You can use Dead Man's Rush to steal enemy minions or use Spectral Smite and after that, run. Remember to hide in the bushes when you try to steal. This not only makes you get gold and level; psychologically it will make them furious and annoyed—which lowers their morale.

Level 3 - 6: You are powerful enough to kill enemy hero. Go to middle lane, stay on bushes, and use Shadows Empower Me (to slow), Dead Man's Rush (extra damage), and after 4 or more stacks— Spectral Smite . This combo is guaranteed to kill the middle lane hero.

Level 6 - 12: Remember to always stay in bushes. Shadows Empower Me is a very effective skill to start the gank and make your target run away. If he/she gets away, use From Hell's Heart to keep them on track (and it also slows them)!