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Fire Mountain/Lava River Level 80 Dungeons Walkthrough Guide

Here's a walkthrough guide for all level 80 dungeons at level 80 cap (Monolith content) in Dragon Nest. The guide focuses on: 

1. Fire Mountain
which includes dungeons like Shadow Grave, Flame Canyon, Abyss of Heat and Relic of Fog. 

2. Lava River
which includes Wailing Wall, Eye of Goddess, Watcher's Tower and The Praying Heart.

credits: Lastly, this guide was made by Xetagonist, which was first seen on dragon nest sea forum (shared by LieutenantTemjin).

1. Fire Mountain

Additional Information for Video Guide:

Shadow Grave [00:00]:
- Areas 2, 3:
For slower classes, it is recommended to step on the light platforms found in the map every time you break the statues. This prevents you from turning to stone and leaving you vulnerable to attacks. This can be especially important for characters with below-average gears to survive since the skeleton monsters can hit hard, even so if it's Fatal / Raging Prefixed.

- Boss Stage:
After the Stomp Mechanic when the Boss is located at the Lava Pool, it will become enraged and have one of its attacks enhanced, which is its Charge. It will now spill Fireballs at the side, thus it is recommended to just wait out until it U-turns to stop and roar for DPS window.

Flame Canyon [05:54]:
- Areas 2, 3:
The "Artillery Frog" mentioned is called a Magma Shooter in-game. Upon death, it will charge up and release 4 plasma bursts in a North-South-East-West direction.

During these areas, the Flame Ogre will also be chasing you with Iron Skin. Recommended to multi-task between killing the mobs and looking out for the ogre's attacks at the same time. Do not dedicate your effort entirely to killing mobs if you are especially squishy.

- Area 2.2:
The Flame Naga Warrior that spawns at this area is especially deadly. Be wary of her Fireballs when she charges up, as it can induce heavy knockback and considerable damage and DoT debuff. Another attack to look out for is when she summons a ring of fire that expands around her. These are strictly no DPS time for squishy classes.

- Boss Stage:
Forgot to mention one more Boss Mechanic for the Flame Ogre. If you see him trying to prepare for a spin via him stretching sideways, quickly tumble out to avoid the 360-AoE spin.

Abyss of Heat [10:52]:
- Area 3:
The three Gnoll Gunners seen when you enter this area need not be manually killed. They will be automatically killed off by the nearby Lava Eruption, whereby the game will warn you of it.

- Area 4:
Every-time the Unstable Lord Ciaca splits up, you can stay at either 10 or 11 o'clock positions. You need not stay strictly at 11.

Relic of Fog [15:32]:
- Areas 1, 2:
Getting thrown up by the gush of water shooting up from the indicated platform will earn you a hidden achievement.

- Area 2:
The best strategy to get rid of the mobs here is to kill any available mobs on normal ground, then deal with the water spitflowers in the pool. This prevents you from getting ganked in an area that is constantly slowing you down.

- Area 4, Wave 2:
The Poison Golems seem to be only doing 2 kinds of melee attacks: One in which the golem lifts his right arm up before slamming down, and the other which it tilts its round body down before rising up and doing a headbutt.

2. Lava River

Additional Information for Video Guide:

Wailing Wall [00:00]

Eye of Goddess [04:35]:
- Areas 1 to 3: It is purely RNG-based on whether you're required to clear 2 or 3 areas. If you get the Eye of Goddess within 2 areas, you'll proceed on down to kill the stage boss directly. The video shown depicts the clearing of all 3 areas.

Watcher's Tower [09:18]:
- Area 3 (Not shown in this video):
Apart from the Punisher and the Dark Warrior stages, there is a third stage which brings you to the Spider Queen's Lair, where the area boss will pose as an Elf Bowmaster. There are three stages to this area, so I'll explain briefly;

Area 3.1:
The Elven Bowmaster, along with white spiders will spawn in this area. Damage 50% HP to the BM and she'll disappear before cleaning the rest of the mobs. Simple as that.

Area 3.2:
Beetles, along with Water Spitflowers, will spawn alongside the spiders. Clear as usual.

Area 3.3:
The Elven Bowmaster will transform into the Spider Queen. Kill the area boss to get the relic for placement in the middle.

- Boss Stage:
If the Punisher is assisted in your playthrough of the Watcher's Tower, he will come to aid you after the Boss splits into three lesser flame spectres.

The Praying Heart [14:54]