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Dragon Nest MOBA Battlefield

On Dec.24th, Dragon Nest have just finished its latest update, and the MOBA battlefield finally released.

No matter if you're a MOBA expert, or knows little about MOBA, you must be wondering how the MOBA battlefield like in Dragon Nest. And today, we will introduce it to all of you.

Just like the traditional MOBA games, the system will match the other players randomly for you to make the team and start the battle. What worth mentioning is that 2 players can make a unit to start the matching. That means you can start the battle with your friend together, and you two will in the same team! When there're 12 gamers, the competition will start.

The decisive factor to the victory is the score you got. In the battlefield, there're various monsters shown up randomly. You can get the score simply by killing the monsters.

The higher level of the monster you killed, the higher score you'll get.

And killing some special monsters can even bring the buff to your team. Each monster shows up at different time, so it's important to remember the monster's shown time.

Of course, it's not easy to kill the monsters. If you got killed by the monster, you will lose 50 scores. And if you got killed by your opponent players, you will lose 30% of your score to the player who killed you.

Sometimes the strength gap between the 2 teams are too large. In that case the weaker team can surrender 5 minutes after the competition started. You only need to click on ESC, the "Surrender" button will show up, but it needs the agreement of 70% people in your team.

What if you drop off in the competition? Don't worry, when you drop off, you only need to login the game again and choose to back to the battlefield. But if you choose to give up the competition, you will be judged as escaping and be punished. The punishment will last for 10 minutes, during which all your attribute will be reduced by 30%, and can't apply to enter the battlefield. If someone in your team escaped from the competition, all the other members in this team can get the bonus. The bonus depends on the number of the player escaped.

What about the reward? In this battlefield, the reward depends on the result of the competition including Win, Lose and Draw. Besides these, players can even finish daily quest and weekly quest to get extra coins, which can be used to exchange some awesome items from the arena shop.

What's more, in this update, a new fishing mini-game has also be added. Meanwhile, some cool fashions and the Geraint have also been released.

How can such a big update without any event? With the Christmas coming, 6 events have been launched for all the gamers. During the event duration, you can get "The Battle Set" by winning a certain number of competition.

source: dn.mmosite.com