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Detailed Necromancer/Sorcerer Build Guide in Aura Kingdom

For the start let me tell you a bit about a Necromacer. Even from the very beginning Necromancer has different style start compared to other classes we already know. To access Necromancer class in character creation you must first own a lvl 60 character on the account you want to create Necromancer to. After this is done you have unlocked the option to create a Necromancer without any further steps to take. So, let's create a Necromancer! 

But wait, this class doesn't start at lvl 1. Necromancer has very own story branch in the plot. This is why Necromancer starts at lvl 55. You will be given a weapon, gear, skills, all your envoy and stat points so far (what you would normally get until lvl 55 with other classes). The quest line on Necro's starter map doesn't take too long to finish and soon you find yourself in Navea. You will end up with level 59 once you are finished in Navea. From there you can start doing basic quests or just grind your way in dungeons to lvl 60. Once you hit lvl 60 you will unlock many more quests! Once you hit level 60 you will be doing same quests then other classes. 

Necromancers role 

Necromancer is a mediocre ranged damage dealer with buffs and de-buffs for your team and enemies. Your role is to keep those enemies de-buffed and your team buffed with basically no bigger effort then using your attack skills, placing totems and using the shield skill when ever you got the chance to give your team some sustain.
On the offensive set:

DMG - This will be your main focus. If possible, put all your stats here for maximum burst damage.

CRIT - This will be your secondary stat. Maintain more than 50% rate. Put stats here if needed.

SPD - This will be your last priority. Mostly, people would think that the Necromancer depends on this stat. Well, you really don't. The rotation that I will show you guys is perfect even with 10% SPD. But, I'm pretty sure we'll be able to hit at least 30% if not, more than 30% at the Lv70+ meta.

On the defensive set:

HP - This will be the main focus for the points. HP and Defence together give very good sustain but DEF is easier to obtain.

DEF - Defence for sustain of course. You can get the rest of your DEF through fortification, food buffs, and again, Necromancer's natural tankiness will be more than enough. No need to put any stats here. Unless you have less than 50% DEF then some points on this will be recommended.

EVA - Don't bother.

Lvl 70 Changes:

SPD - Aim for 50% SPD once you got your full Lv70 Set. Because we're going to be spamming the strongest skill called "Ghost Summoning" a lot like wizard's Meteor. We'll be aiming for -72% cooldown reduction for that skill so 50% SPD will be a must. Invest points if you have to, or if you have a Gunslinger buddy that can buff you always, and/or grab the Flokja Set.
This envoy path will provide you basic damage, crit damage/rate, sustain, reduction for skill cooldowns, faster movement, debuff and two combo skills. Doesn't matter really at which order you are getting the points but I recommend to focus on the left side of the envoy first. This envoy should apply for both PvE and PvP. If you want the last combo skill you can do it via Scythe research lvl 3 and hop to left and take Demon Bats Mastery. Move one up to get Ice Storm skill. To do this I recommend to reduce 2 points from Scythe Training lvl 3 and 2.

Detailed envoy stats

Main Weapon Scythe
5% of your damage and 30% of HP is added to summoned Spirits; able to gain various buffs from different Spirits
HP + 15%
Scythe Skills +3

Fighting Proficiency
Lvl 1, 2 and 3
DMG +1% / +2% / +4%

Scythe Research
Lvl 1, 2 and 3
+5% Crit Damage when equipped with a Scythe / +10% / +15%

Scythe Mastery
Lvl 3
+6% Damage when equipped with
a Scythe

Blood Ritual
When attacking there is a 50% chance to decrease all stats of the target by 2%. This can be stacked 5 times and it lasts for 10 seconds.

Physical Training
Lvl 2 and 3
Max HP +2% / Max HP +4%

Soul Binding
If your HP goes below 30% in a battle
your spirits will lose 80% of their
current health but they will
recover your HP with that amount.

Hell Butterlies
Combo skill with Scythe and Grimore.
This high damage skill leaves bleed effect for 12 seconds to the enemy by around 6000 points per second.

HP +4% and damage received -5% for sustain

Attack Speed Mastery
Lvl 1 and 2
Attack speed +0.5%, skill cooldown -0.5% / Atk spd +1%, Skill cd -1%

Lvl 1
Move SPD +5%

Black Snake Totem
Bleed totem. Puts bleed of about 8000 points per second and reduces movement speed of enemies by 40%

Ghost Summon Mastery
Cooldown of Ghost Summoning -6%

Scythe Training
Lvl 2 and 3
+2% Crit Rate when equipped with
a Scythe / +3%
Lvl 60 Float Drink
Provides you a great amount of DEF as well as a decent amount of HP % multiplier.

Lvl 60 Macaron Food
Since investing too much points on SPD as a dps class is such a bad idea, using this food will provide you a decent amount of SPD thus, only needing to put less stats on SPD. Also it gives detailed DMG Bonus.

Lvl 70 Macaroni Food
A food that gives DMG, SPD, and Flat Crit %. It's really great to use because we'll be aiming for a high % Crit without investing so much points on Crit, or even no points on Crit. The SPD can also replace the old Lv60 Food.

These masteries will buff up your damage and provide sustain. Use always the highest state of mastery. It's worth it!

Terrorizing Black Flame
This mastery increases the effect of the Black Flame Raid status by 20% | 40% | 60%. Meaning, it will buff the "Additional Damage" effect from the skill by 20% | 40% | 60%. This mastery will help the whole team to deal more damage to the target that's under this effect so this is a really great team skill. It also applies to you so, over all, this mastery is good.

10% chance to cause extra 50% / 70% / 90% of damage when attacking.

Cursed Bone Shield
Damage +3% / +5%

HP +3% and dmg from enemy -2% / HP +5% and Dmg from enemy -2% / HP +6% Dmg from enemy -3%
Use this mastery when running harder dungeons such as, SoE, Sky Tower, and
what ever has a lot of bosses.
Also why not in PvP. You can also use
Hyper Speed instead of Courage
if you want more movement speed in PvE.

Defence Breakthrough
25% chance to decrease the defence of an opponent by 10% / 15% / 20%
Organized Destruction is also good to have. It gives 25% chance to decrease the DMG of an opponent by 10% / 15% / 20%
Upgrade both masteries for situational purposes like if your team already has the other version you should use the other one. Both are great debuffs for PvE and PvP. Depends if you prefer playing defensive or offensive.

Sinewy Defence
Increase DEF +1% / +2% / +3%
Main Weapon Choices
Sub Weapon Choices

 Armor Set Choices
Trophy Choices
Accessory Choices
Weapon SS: Zephyr and Thunderous with stats: CritDMG +6% / HP +2% / DMG Taken -2% & DMG +2% Helmet SS: Yellow Demon Bats with stats: ^ Armour SS: Sunrise Black Flame Raid with stats: ^ Belt SS: Indigo Frozen Hell with stats: ^ Gloves SS: Azure Soul Draw with stats: ^ Boots SS: Azure Ghost Summoning with stats: ^

Same stones as above but with stats: Acc +3% & CritDMG +6% / DMG +2 %

Note: Alternative stone stats can contain DMG +2% & anything. As long as you have all stones +2% dmg the 2nd stat doesn't matter if you don't want to buy hundreds of stones to find the perfect stone.
Costume Enchantment cards

Hat - Enchantment Card: Bloodface Titanus (DMG to boss +10%) or Gerald's Will (DMG to players +5%) - Advanced Max HP Enchantment card

Face - Ench. Card: Bone Shield (Skill lvl +5) - Advanced DMG Enchantment card

Back - Ench. Card: Ramgram (Move spd +5%) - Adv. DMG card

Chest - Ench. Card: Spirit Contact (Skill lvl +5) - Adv. DMG card Also Strength of the Fiend for buffing (Skill lvl +5), no orange card on this

Weapon - Ench. Card: Soul Bullet (Skill lvl +5) - Adv. DMG card
Necromancer skills are mainly long distance with a few skills casted around the character. Necromancer skills include a lot of bleeds a.k.a. DoTs. They also have supportive skills such as shield to reduce damage and skills contain effects that will grant your party more damage. Necromancers can have always 3 summons on their side to support the necros stats and skill that helps to control the summons. Necromancers don't really depend on only one element in their skills but they have a few different types of elements on their skills. I recommend to get a weapon that matches your most used skill which with this build will be either with Black Fire Raid - Fire or with Ghost Summoning - Dark. I personally use on lower level fire scythe but will be changing to dark once my build is complete and I have ''spammable'' Ghost Summoning skill.

Soul Bullet
Damage skill with debuff | Violent Reduce damage of an enemy by 4%. Can be stacked 3 times.

Black Flame Raid
Damage skill with additional damage | Fire When you use this skill the target that gets hit will receive a debuff that will take additional damage for the next 10 attacks or 20 lasts for 20 seconds if no one attacks. No one is sure yet how much the additional damage is exactly but its a few thousand damage each hit or so.

Frozen Hell
Damage skill with freeze effect | Ice Freeze target on it's place for 3 seconds

Demon Bats
Attack skill with bleed effect | Violent Bleed effect has decent damage per second for 12 seconds. It can be stacked up to 4 times. The damage of the bleed can be checked in game from your own Demon Bats skill description, it depends on many factors how high it reaches. You have to stand still and hold this skill down while casting it.

Ghost Summoning
Attack skill with high damage and buff for summons | Dark Spirits gain +15% damage boost for 20 seconds

Spirit Contact and Spirit Attack
Summons 3 spirits into a battle | Dark Summons 3 spirits into a battle out of 6 choices. I will explain more about which summons to choose in the Summons part of this guide. Spirit Attack commands the Summons to attack the monster you have targetted.

Bone Shield
Shield buff and Summon heal Shield buff will block 20% of the incoming damage it lasts for 25 seconds. The heal for summons depends again on many factors but at my level which is under lvl 70 at this point it is 13k HP recovered.

Strength of the Fiend
Class buff Buff gives DMG and SPD depending on the skill level.

Black Snake Totem
Totem with bleed and minus movement speed effect Totem will bleed for amount depending on your stats and skill level at that point. For me at this moment (lvl 68) its around 8k per tick. Movement speed reduction to enemies by 40%. This totem will last for 30 seconds. Sorcerer Nightmare Totem will replace Snake Totem if you use it after each other and same other way around. So you can't summon them both same time.

Hell Butterflies
Attack skill with bleed effect | Violent Bleed damage, again, depends on many factors but the skill itself has biggest burst out of all skills. Bleed lasts for 12 seconds. No target needed for this skill. It's an AoE around the character.
Easy Single Target Boss Rotation:
Black Flame Raid > Ghost Summoning > Soul Bullet > Black Flame Raid > Soul Bullet > Repeat these 3 skills. Use this on easy bosses that you can melt in like, 15 seconds or less. This should be enough to kill it. No explanation needed.

Hard Single Target Boss Rotation:
Black Flame Raid > Blood Seal > Demon Seal > Ghost Summoning > Soul Bullet > Black Flame Raid > Soul Bullet > Etc.. Basically, you would want to keep those Seal Debuffs, Soul Bullet Debuff, and Soul Bullet Buff up like it's a permanent effect! Using this rotation will help your teammate defensively while deal decent damage.

Easy Basic AoE Rotation:
Hell Butterflies > Frozen Hell > Ghost Summoning > Repeat without combo skill until its off cooldown I called this basic because this is what you'll use on easy mobs. Should be easy to pull off.¨

Awesome AoE Rotation:
Sleep Totem > Frozen Hell > Hell Butterflies > Ghost Summoning > Frozen Hell > Any skill til you're able to repeat(without the totem and combo skill ofc). -This is a great AoE rotation for mobs that has high HP and stuff. This is very "Supporty" and provides decent damage as well. Be sure to stack the mobs up before using Sleep Totem to make it more efficient, and make sure to line yourself infront of the mobs before using Demon Bats for the same reason as Sleep Totem.

PvP Single Target Rotation:
Black Flame Raid > Ghost Summoning > Soul Bullet > Etc.. - Starting off with Black Flame Raid will support your Ghost Summoning skill to make it stronger and PvP is about bursting people down in seconds so, with the proper gear set, you might be able to pull that off with this combo. This is a great single target rotation on big arenas like 10v10 and/or centurion battlefield.

PvP Situational Rotations:
Black Flame Raid > Frozen Hell > Ghost Summoning > Etc... -This rotation should help you kite people on arenas and whatnots.
Sleep Totem > Frozen Hell. Situations like getting ganked or your teammate getting ganked, this will be very helpful. Pretty obvious.
Black Snake Totem > Hell Butterflies > Sleep Totem > Frozen Hell > Ghost Summoning. Same reason as getting ganked or ravagers getting ready to shred you with SPIN 2 WIN!!! Dropping the Black Snake Totem will give you a more or less second of invulnerability and it will slow everyone near it while dealing DoT. Finishing it up with Hell Butterflies will give you another invulnerability but this time, deals a pretty big damage once exploded. KABOOM! OP! Then drop Sleep Totem to be safe! Then Immobilize them! Then Finish him off with Ghost Summoning!

- If you are able to initiate with black flame raid all the time, that would be great because it can boost not only your over all dmg, but your teammate's as well if they're targeting the same target as yours.
- Having at least more than 30% SPD will totally be helpful on these rotations.
- Don't forget about the Bone Shield and Rebirth Mantra! Always use it near your teammates to utilize the effectiveness of these skills.
- Soul-Draining Spell is a great single target lifesteal skill! Don't forget to use it on situations like running out of HP while fighting a boss.
- Demon Bats isn't a skill you want to be using in many situations. It doesn't have great damage and keeps you standing still which makes you easy target.
- All these rotations are suggestions. You can always figure out your preferred rotations after you get used to the class and its skills.
Summons are here to boost your stats and help in battle situations! You will be using always 3 summons out of 6 choices. Choosing the right summons is very important so I will recommend some of my own favorites. Sadly the summons have very confusing descriptions in game and they seem to be hard to find information. I tested the summons in game and this is the out come of it. I'm sorry I can't explain the skill bonuses very detailed.
Heals you a super small amount of HP per attack when summoned. Also has a heal skill that heals you for a decent amount whenever you and this summon is on combat mode. I don't recommend this summon. I tested the heal and was disappointed on the outcome. If the heal was actually decent amount, it would be worth to use. 
Gives you a decent amount of Crit when summoned. Also has a debuff skill which description is very confusing. Not sure if it gives an Increased Crit DMG Taken by 6% Debuff to the target, or something else. I recommend this summon no matter what the buff actually is. The other summons are not worth replacing this one.  
Gives you a decent amount of SPD and 5% Move Speed when summoned. Also has a buff skill that increases your Damage Reduction by 4% on combat mode. I recommend this summon. Why? Read what it gives! haha.
Gives you a small amount of DMG per attack when summoned. Also has a debuff skill that lowers their Move Speed by 20% when on combat mode. I don't recommend this summon. I found this summon not viable. 
Gives you a decent amount of damage over time per attack and can stack up to 10 times when summoned. Also has skills that focuses on damage over time to the target as well. I recommend this summon. It helps by putting extra bleed on targets. 
Gives you a small amount of HP when summoned Also has a debuff skill that reduces the target's Damage by 4% when on combat mode I don't recommend this summon. The amount of HP it gives is just too low. 
How to summon and other tips 
You have a bar close to your skill shortcuts which allows you to select which summons you want to summon. Once you have selected them you need to press the Spirit Contact skill and your summons will come alive. You will receive the summon buffs also. Once you enter a battle your summons will use their skills and they will contain more buffs and debuffs. 

You can command your summons to attack the same target you are targetting by using the skill called Spirit Attack. You can re-summon (Spirit Contact) your Spirits if they are low HP to give them instantly HP back. 
If your summons are doing their own business far away from you and you can re-summon (Spirit Contact) them to be next to you straight away. 
When your summons are missing and you re-summon them, prepare them to bring some monsters with them because they were probably killing some monsters while they went missing or they might just have died. 
If you have to take your summons off just right-click on your buff bar on right corner skill Spirit Contact > Remove Status
Remember that Bone Shield both gives the summons shield AND heals them. You can also heal the summons with your Sorcerer heal Rebirth Mantra. Bone Shield wont heal other players summons but will give them shield. 
Starter Eidolon 


Your offensive and recommended starter eidolon. It's the only starter eidolon that gives 25% Atk speed, and 15% chance to 50% Zeal. You may use this in the mere future so if you want to stack more Zeal Effects, use this to be prepared. 


If you want to be more tanky; not recommended for this build, but if you do, this is the eidolon for you. It gives an immense HP boost as well as -50% Crit DMG Reduction. 

Other Eidolons 


This is the best choice for PvP because at 3*, it can provide you a huge amount of Base DMG that can help you easily burst your target. 


Probably the best Crit Eidolon in game! It can provide you 15% Crit at 3* buff and her party buff gives 950+ Crit / 20% Crit DMG at Lvl 70. Even though 3* isn't out yet, 2* bel-chandra + her party buff is enough to compete with other 3* eidolons.


Only if you're able to get his 3* buff quicker than Bel-Chandra's 3* release, use this for the mean time. I would not recommend it now though because I sense Bel-Chandra 3* soon, so I suggest to just save your time now and start working for your Bel-Chandra if you want Crit ofc.

Credits: Special thanks to Fluff for making this in-depth Aura Kingdom Necro guide.