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Boom Beach Attack Strategy Guide: The RZM Tactics

Here is a attack strategy guide on Boom Beach which uses Rifleman, Zooka and Medic troops written by Swiftfist (first seen on Supercell forums).

What is RzM?

RzM is one of the less popular tactics in the game yet it does not meant its any less useful.

RzM Stands for - Rifleman , Zooka , Medic
now some may ask "hey but how can that work, they all have very low health ,wont they all die very fast?"
nope, the idea behind this tactic is to overcome single target defenses with the sheer number of rifleman's, and the medics are there to heal the rifleman back to health fast enough so splash damage defenses wont wipe your army off.

So lets introduce our troops and their roles:

The Troops:

As their description says: "strength in numbers" the rifleman's are your army "meat shields" or "cannon fodder" call them however you like,they are here to guard your zooka's and medics.
rifleman's have low dps but higher health then zooka's ,making them ideal to use as a shield.
they will die in one shot from cannons and boom cannons, and from snipers if they are not in high level yet.
but they can withstand a few seconds or shots from mortars,rocket launchers,and flamethrowers,they can hold enough for the medics to keep healing them to full health ,making them tougher to beat.

The Zooka role in the army is to create the "punch" ,they have very high dps and without them your army is like ants throwing sand at spaceships.
Zooka's has very low health and will most likely get killed in one shot by every single building,even the machine guns.
so keep them safe as much as you can.

The Medic is an important troop in your army,without them your rifleman's wont heal and will all die very fast leaving your zooka's exposed.
keep them even safer then your zooka's as they are the key to keep your army alive.

Pros and Cons:
so now that you know what is RzM ,ill explain the cons and pros of this tactic:

1. RzM is built to be strong against single target buildings ,such as: Cannon,Boom cannon,sniper,and boom mines.
2. RzM is cheap and fast to retrain ,as you will lose only rifleman's at most battles if you are controlling the tactic.
3. Most players tend to upgrade their single target defenses first making most bases at early stage to have low level rocket launchers and mortars.

1. RzM is extremely weak against splash damage buildings ,such as: machine guns(only to zookas) ,flamethrowers,mortars,rocket launchers, shock launchers ,and mines.
2. RzM is the longest troop combo to upgrade as you have to upgrade 3 different troops and every single gunboat ability.
3. RzM need a lot of GBE at high levels to work as landing without taking all Rocket launchers before Landing is a great risk.

1. enough Gunboat Energy to be able to take all rocket launchers(or at least to destroy most of them so only one is left standing)
2. Troop Health statue ,it might not be important at lower level but at high levels its a must.
3. H.Q. 15 (to unlock medics of course)

Recommended Army Composition:
This part is up to you to choose what you feel that works for you but i recommend to use the following compositions:
For 6 loading crafts: 3 loading crafts of rifleman. 2 loading crafts of zooka. 1 loading craft of medic.
For 7 loading crafts: 3 loading crafts of rifleman. 2 loading crafts of zooka. 2 loading crafts of medic.
For 8 loading crafts: 4 loading crafts of rifleman. 2 loading crafts of zooka. 2 loading craft of medic.

Tactics, Tricks and Tips for the RzM User.
there are some guidelines that if you follow you can be successful at RzM: please bear with me, if something is not clear then look at the photos for examples.

1. Your main Target is the rocket launchers so get rid of them first, this can be done in three ways:

A. take out all rocket launchers with barrage and artillery before landing.- this way give you more room to breath and let you focus more on other defenses during combat.
B. take out all rocket launcher except one, pick the one that stands in the way you are going to take, after landing walk towards the rocket launcher and use shock bombs to neutralize it until its destroyed
C. same as "B" only if the Rocket launchers are all out of the possible routes(such as in beach front layouts)
so take all rocket launchers except one, then land on the opposite side as far away from his range,use artillery
and barrage on the last rocket launcher as your army gains energy for you from other buildings

2. if you have energy to spare ,then take one shock launcher with artillery and barrage.

3. while in combat use your shock bombs to shock any standing shock launcher, if possible try to shock mortars and flamethrowers with the same shock bomb.

4. while flanking to a certain position outside the base layout - use smokes as necessary to protect your zooka's and medics (don't worry about rifleman's)

5. while flanking while fighting inside the base layout - always use smokes to cover your route ,otherwise you risk at losing all of your army.

6. don't bother to take out mortars and mines with artillery and barrage as the energy is more needed to take out key defenses, instead use med kits to counter the damage.

7. most bases will have flamethrowers near their H.Q. that means that when you will reach them you will be low on energy.

if you can then use shock bomb on the H.Q. to neutralize all surrounding defenses,if you cant then use med kits to counter the flamethrowers damage.

8. only take out mines if they are really close to each other and you cant go in another way,and try to waste as less energy as possible.

okay so here ill show you 4 different attacks done by me to better explain the tips and tricks in the section above. the examples in here are in photos to better explain the step in step thinking and execution.

Attack 1#

Here is the base:

Step 1: Take all rocket launchers.

Step 2: Flank from the right side of the layout and use smokes to protect zooka's and medics from the snipers.

Step 3: Use shock bombs to shock the shock launcher far from me ,and the mortars next to him.

Step 4: Use smokes to cover my army as i flank to a new position.

Attack 2#

Here is the base:

(as you see the debris is where two rocket launchers were)

Step 1: Take 2 rocket launcher out of 3.(see picture above)

Step 2: Land and flare to the route you are taking and shock the rocket launcher as your army walks towards it (in this case i shocked both the rocket launcher and the shock launcher)

Step 3:Shock bomb the shock launcher far from you with the mortars next to him.

Step 4: Flank and use smokes to cover your route.

Step 5: Use med kits to counter the flamethrowers.

Smoky RzM: This is a new tactic i developed especially for front beach bases and it is executed as follows:

Step 1: Destroy 2 rocket launchers and leave the third one untouched. 

Step 2: Flare right next to the rocket launcher,make sure its inside the rocket launcher inner range ring(so he cant target your troops at all.) and use smoke to cover your route. 

Step 3: Shock nearby mortars and shock launcher as your army destroys the last launcher. 

Step 4: Destroy some defenses to build up energy , shock flame throwers and mortars as necessary.

Step 5: Move to a new Location where you are out of most defenses range (out of shock launcher range as well if possible) and use smokes to cover your troops. 

Grzm Variation

The Grzm Variation is RzM with the addition of Grenadiers.

this variation trades cannon fodder(rifleman's) and survivability(medics) for extra damage and mine clearing.
Pros: *Dishes out more damage. *Works great for destroying mortars that are behind the h.q where you wouldn't normally reach. *Free Mine sweeping,the Grenadiers AoE damage is very helpful at clearing mines in your path which also saves you some extra gbe. *can guarantee you a win on some occasions where the grenadiers remain out of defenses reach.

Cons: *provides less room for mistakes since you have less rifleman's and medics. *cannot use smoky RzM tactic with this variation since at closed space the grenadiers will hit your army and kill all your troops. 

*inaccuracy of the grenadiers can bring random outcomes in both mine clearing and buildings destruction, making the combo somewhat unreliable at times.

Summary: A fun Combo to use that has its unique benefits. will not work on some bases that normal RzM wins,however on some bases this combo will work a lot better then normal RzM.

Grzm Videos: 

Attack Videos

PvP Bases:

Well here is a video recorded by Jerome (A.K.A omglgros) of my attack on his base. so a special thanks to Jerome ,the credit all goes to him.

And here are some videos recorded by me:

Dr.Terror With RzM: