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15 Hidden Sunken Items (Treasure) Location on Hungry Shark: Evolution

If you are having problem finding the hidden treasure on Hungry Shark: Evolution then worry no more as we will be giving you the exact location of these hidden sunken treasure.

Before you see the guide below, we would like to suggest that you should buy the "Basic Map" item on the shop to make your treasure hunting a lot easier. However if you feel that you don't really need it, you can just skip this advice. And lastly, remember that each Sharks has its own depth limit therefore you can't get ALL sunken treasure early in the game.

Now, let us reveal to you the location of all sunken items.

Map #1:

The map above is the left most section of the entire map. The treasure (radio) you see above is located on land. To get there, you need to jump with your shark as far as possible to yhe right (if you're coming from the left) then continue to move towards the center until you've finally reached the radio.

Map #2:

The treasure you'll see at the lower right corner of the map is sometimes hard to see. You'll need to keep an eye to it at all times so that you won't miss it. It is considered as a False Teeth so be wary of it.

Map #3:

The treasure you spot on the upper left corner requires your shark to jump three times for you to reach it.

Map #4:

The map you see above is the right most section of the entire map.