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Best Level 70 Barbarian Skill Build in Dragon Nest [T4]

I. Introduction. 

Hi guys! Leynard here! As we all know level 70 on Dragon Nest SEA has finally arrived and of course as always, Web Junkies will feature guides on the level 70 skill build for classes and more.

In this page, I will show you my preferable build for Barbarians in Level 70. You will see here a PvE, PvP and Hybrid skill build guide. But take note that the skill builds you will see here will serve as your guide and you can either follow it thoroughly or use it as your guide to make your very own skill build.

Lastly, some of the analysis of skill in this page is taken from Noobnesz's 70 Cap PvE-Oriented Skill Build for Barbarians. I give the credit to him for posting such a precise skill definition of some of the skills here.

Now, let us cut to the chase and go to the guide Best Level 70 Barbarian Skill Build in Dragon Nest [T4].

Note: If you're looking for the level 80 barbarian build, then check out the link below.

II. Skill Builds. 

a. PvE Skill Build

b. PvP Skill Build 

c. Hybrid Skill Build

III. Skill Discussion. 

a. Warrior Skill Tree 

Heavy Slash- Purely this skill is use in PvP purposes because it can flinch other players and, it can be a good initiation skill in combos. It has a very low cooldown which makes it spammable but I don't recommend adding more skill points than 1 SP as it is only intended for utility and not for DPS.

Impact Wave- Not much of a good skill especially for Barbs. It uses magical attack strength which is obviously not the strength of barbs and I believe that it is pointless investing SP on this skill.

Rising Slash- PvP-wise, this skill should be raise to 6 for that extra hit on the opponent. This skill is basically good in PvP as it can be a good skill to be a part of your combo. Not only that, it can hit down opponent and pick them up to continue your combo and then you can follow up with Soccer Kick Combo. PvE-wise??? Well I think I'll pass this skill.

Circle Break- Basically the skill with good burst damage in the Warrior tree. It has a supe-armor break ability and can down small opponents. Well, I let you decide whether you want to add this skill to your arsenal or not. If you think you have use for this on PvP, for its SA break and knock down ability then go for level 1 or if you think you need more damage in PvE then you can pick this skill up. Your choice anyway. 

Impact Punch- A skill which is known to be a good follow up after heavy slash. What it does is, it cancels the animation of heavy slash and then leaves the opponent flying into the air after being hit by this skill. Do take note however that this is based on PvP scenario and yes, it's only use is on PvP. Don't try to level up this skill high also as it is obly for utility. The damage of this skill really sucks IMO.

Wake Attack-Need a skill to get up quickly after being knock down on the ground? Then this is your skill. Get this skill no matter what happens. Dash- Warrior are known because of this skill. Not only that this skill is used for running but also, this skill provides good maneuvering for this class. The faster you run, the more you can outmaneuver your opponent.Max this skill for maximum running capability.

Dash Kick- Dash Kick is probably a redundant skill for Mercenary. YES, this skill does have an armor break capability but do remember that Mercs has Dash Blow also which .is more effective than thus skill. Why I say so? It's because this skill has a long recovery time which leaves you vulnerable often times to counters. Unlike Dash Blow which has quicker casting time.Don't spend SP on this skill IMO

Aerial Evasion- Max.max.max. No need to argue on this one.

Tumble- Like Aerial evasion, this skill is a must max. Side Kick- Basically a filler skill which is used more often in PvP. The fact is, it has 1 SP automatically allocated on it so just leave it that way.

Sweeping Kick- This skill is basically a follow-up skill for Side Kick. If you are a PvP oriented kind of player, then it would be wise to get this skill at least at level 1. What it does is it gives you an option to combo when all your other main skill are on cooldown.

Physical Mastery- Max for more HP.

Elbow Drop- Just leave it as it is.

Drop Kick- In the past, I did suggest this skill when you are going PvP but now, well, I am having second thoughts with this one. Yes, it's a good utility skill as it gives you an option to hit opponent while they are on the air but the downside of this skill is that it has a recovery time which I find too long. Instead of spending SP on this skill, I will just allocate it on my DPS skill.

Soccer Kick- Level this skill to 1 if you want to add up Soccer Kick Combo to your skill build. Highlander- This is why Warrior are invited on Nests and Dungeon raids. It's because it gives them and the party member more survivability. And besides, you don't need to spend any SP on this skill.

Relieve- Personally at level 70, I will max this skill for the 3 buffs removal. Well, since I will have extra SP to spend at 70 cap, better spend it on useful skills like this one.

Mental Mastery- In the past, I say that you should max this skill but due to a lot of improvements and fixes on Dragon Nest SEA, by now, I would suggest to leave it at level 1. Well, the reason is that MP won't be a problem in 70 cap as there will be more powerful items to boost your MP and besides, don't worry too much as their are Sorcerers that can cast Meditation buff. Personally, I will level this to 1.

Mind Conquer- Max this skill. More MP regenation is quite helpful in both PvP and PvE. I believe that MP regen is way more better than more MP.

b. Mercenary Skill Tree 

Stomp- Level to 6 for prerequisite of its Ex version. The damage is not that awesome and in some nests and dungeons, bosses are resistant to its slow effect which is why it's not worth leveling beyond 6.

Demolition Fist- This skill is a solid skill for Barbarians. The damage is excellent especially at high level and with the help of its Ex version, it just got better. PvE-wise, this skill is a great skill to level up high because of its damage output. Plus, don't forget that this skill can flinch a target and can knock them back which is a great asset in yerms of PvP.A sidenote though: Level this skill to 6, 11 or max it at 16 as at these level the damage increment is greatly increase.

Circle Swing- Great AOE, great damage and great utility.What else can you ask for in a skill? The damage of this skill is without a doubt really superb and the fact that you don't need to aim accurately on your target as it has a superb AOE plus, the ability to flinch a target, send enemy flying in mid air and able to hit nearby knockdown opponent makes it a highly suggested must max skill.

Side Note: The max level for this skill is 15. Thus with a skill ring, it can go to 16 which by the way has a great boost in damage increment. Well, I leave the decision to you whether you will go with a skill ring or not.

Whirlwind- I will give you a choice to level this skill to 11 or max it at 13. Why? I am having second thoughts on maxing this skill to 13 as the damage increment isn't really that high compared to skill which can be level to 16 or 15 and then added with a skill ring. Well, I don't want to have headaches so I will just leave the decision to you. But just so you know, this skill is one of my favorite though. The damage is really good and great in crowd controls. It serves as a mini-cyclone axe.

Cyclone Axe [Ultimate]- The ultimate you must get when you are following the path of the Barbarian. But the question is: Should I max this or not? Well, it's up to you. For me, I just use this skill as crowd control in terms of PvP and PvE. And yes as expected, I will be using a duo ultimate and Gigantic Bomb will serve as my main damage burst ultimate skill. And of course, GB is at max level for optimal damage.

Flying Swing- Not much of a use as a Barbarian other than picking up down opponent and sending them to the air at PvP. Just level this skill to 1 for prerequisite. This might be a good skill in PvP but in PvE, well, I think not as we don't get the benefit of an Ex version on this skill like Destroyers do. I advise you to leave this skill to level 1.

Punishing Swing- Commonly use skill in PvP to stagger the enemy and start to run and close in to the enemy. Just 1 for prerequisite. The next skill is more important than this one.

Ring Bombs- My very very favorite skill. If you use this well, then you will probably notice the awesome damage that it can inflict to the target. I really envy Destroyer as they will get the upgraded version for this skill. Well, nuff with the jealousy and just level this skill to 15 and equip it with a skill ring if you desire a greater damage output. One thing that you should understand though is that this skill ain't that easy to use as Circle Swing. You need a lot of practice to be more accurate in using this skill.

Rolling Attack- Good DPS skill but very hard to master. If you can manage to hit all strikes of this skill, then you will see a big chunk of health taken from the target. Maybe on large bosses on PvE, this skill will be a great help as a damager skill but on small mobs or players, you need to practice very hard to make all hit counts. You need to practice to send opponent flying to the air with you until both of you hit the ground so that he will receive maximum damage. Nonetheless, most of us Barbarians max this skill for the DPS. In my case, Level 11 is sufficient.

Gigantic Bomb [Ultimate]- Get this skill to Level 2 for the maximum damage output. I choose to make a Barbarian at the very last with duo ultimate as Cyclone Axe is not really a DPS ultimate IMO. Its main purpose is for crowd control and Gigantic Bomb on the other hand is the one I use for high burst damage. The only thing that will be negative in my build is that I can't use both ultimate at the same time. Well, this is just a guide and it's up to you if you follow it thoroughly.

You want proof on its high burst damage eh? Check out this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBCgRe3j_KM&t=310 later.

Crisis Howl- In the past I really love this skill. Well, I can't deny the fact that I am pretty noob-ish in those days until now.haha. Well, enough with that... I think that at level 70 cap, this skill will not be of help at all. Why? It's because instead of this, you can use the Relieve skill in times when you need a sudden escape in a very bad situation. It's hard to master using Relieve by the way but if you get the hang of it, it's worth it. Instead of spending the SP on this skill, spend it on your DPS skill.

Taunting Howl- Level 1 would be sufficient I think. This skill is one of the reason why I did not get Crisis Howl. If you are worried of a sudden escape where you can flinch a target first and make sure you have an opening to run, then this is the skill you have to rely using. But that's not really the main purpose of this skill. It's main role for Barbarians it serves like a mini Havoc Howl where it can be can be casted quickly to reduce critical rate of the target and gives threat to user. But that's not all. This skill can be very important to Barbs because of its STR stacking ability. You will just need this skill for your STR Stacking routine, enhanced by the Critical Mastery passive. Just be careful not to use this much if you are going solo, since it consumes 5% of your HP every time you use it (assuming you learned Critical Mastery). So if you do not have a healer around, or you do not have health potions with you, doing a little math, you can only use this for only 20 times before you are dead (20 x 5% = 100% HP, derp).

Iron Skin- Damage reduction and Super Armor for a couple of seconds? WHY NOT! Max this skill no matter what.

Howl Charging- Now this is what I call awesome. Not only it provides your teammates with support, it also raises your maximum HP by 99.76% your current HP, practically double! Take note, this does not "heal" your HP, but rather "drowns" your current HP. For example: you have 100 HP, and after you cast the buff, you will now have 200 HP due to the buff (99.76% of your current 100 HP is 99.76, add it to itself, [100 + 99.67] you get 199.76, rounded off to 200). You will now notice that there is a big black empty space on your HP bar. Do not fret. It did not eat your HP, is just "drowned" it, so to speak. You will see similar results when you expose yourself to the Spirit of Genie provided by Kali. As a matter of fact, you can stack them to achieve more than a million HP! I've done that myself. Now if you do a little more math, you would also notice that your current HP is now 50%. You know where I am going here right? It means that you just now need to be hit by the opponent to in order for your Toughness and Offend Hit Buffs to activate (+20% Physical Attack from Toughness, and +40% STR from Offend Hit). Synergize this with Bone Crash and Taunting Howl, you get ludicrous amounts of Physical Attack gains. This is the very essence of STR stacking.

Devitalizing Howl- Leave this skill at Lv.1, solely for use against the Minotaur's infamous berserk buff in Black Dragon Nest. If you don't want to dedicate in Dragon Nests, do no get this one and invest in other skills, such as the Crisis Howl and Taunting Howl. Treat this one like the Havoc Howl, use this in appropriate situations. It is not maneuverable (it cannot be aimed once you cast it!), so make it count.

Dash Blow- Leave this skill at Lv.1, unless you consider "tumbling and uppercutting everyone you see every 2.6 seconds" as a hobby.

Toughness- It is recommended to max this one, since mercenaries are considered to be semi tanks. Mercenaries are also combo-based both in PvE and PvP. Why am I saying all of this? It is because you can't afford hide and disrupt your combo just because you want to cower from all those heavy damage right? Right. Max this one. You are really missing out if you do not do so. Also, you should be doing damage while tanking instead of running away, considering the cooldown time of your skills are so long! Make each second count by doing some damage instead of hiding like Gosuk! But if you really insist on not getting this one, just at least leave it at Lv. 1 for the buff that provides 20% physical attack. I know you want that... Don't you?

Soccer Kick Combo- Leave this skill at Lv.1. This skill is pretty nifty as it can be used once every second (in theory, of course, since it has only 1 second cooldown!). Use this skill by right clicking after you have finished using either of the following skills: Soccer Kick, Rising Slash, Dash Blow, and Circle Swing EX.

Battle Howl- Max this and preferably, add a skill ring for this one (5886 Physical Attack and 11480 Critical Rate at Lv. 6! Holy Meatballs.). Treat this as a permanent party buff since it provides the buff for 180 seconds at a 10 second cooldown. Cast and Forget!

Havoc Howl- Max this one. I also recommend adding a skill ring if you want an overkill 70% attack power reduction to your opponent. Bosses are not resistant to its debuffs, so again, max it.

c. Barbarian Skill Tree 

Offend Hit- Max this skill. Considering it has only a 2 second cooldown, matching it with a higher percentage of activity means dealing mini-burst damages every 2 seconds provided that you attack fast enough that you do not let it be idle for even a short moment. This provides pure damage, so it neglects any defence stat your opponent is having. The amount of damage done is dependent on the exact number of your Physical Attack power. Not only that, it also provides the user with a buff that adds +90%, +60%, or +40% STR, provided the user is hit while having only 20%, 40%, or 60% HP, respectively. A good rule of thumb: the lower the HP, the better. This is why we need Toughness. We wouldn't want a risky way to maximize Physical Attack Power. Got it?

Bone Crash- The Barbarian's Signature Skill. You are not called a true Barbarian if you do not have this one maxed. This is a great support plus burst damage skill that provides +2800 pure damage to anyone who has the Bone Crash debuff. It is ultimately recommended to have a skill ring on this one so it could achieve a whopping +3200 pure damage per hit at Lv. 8. Yes, you read it right, pure damage. This means even though you play in adjusted maps (Lagendia Exploration, Dark Lairs, Treasure Stages, etc.), you will still get the same pure damage per hit you can as in non-adjusted ones (Nests, dungeons, etc.). And this is not even the fun part. After being cast, it provides the user with an additional Physical Attack Power equivalent to 50% of that of his current STR for 30 seconds, regardless whether or not the attack hit or missed. Yes, you heard me. Thirty seconds. You just need two seconds after the buff is depleted before casting this again, since Bone Crash has only 32 seconds cooldown. That is like practically having a permanent Physical Attack Power Boost! And you do not even need to harm anyone to have the buff activated! You could just basically hit the ground with this skill and still have the Physical Attack Power Boost. Best synergized with Whirlwind, Cyclone axe, and other similar multiple-hitting skills (ehem... Arrow Shower), making the Barbarian objectively better than it's tankier counterpart, the Destroyer, in providing support plus DPS in raid parties.

Stomp Ex- Learn this skill. Wider range means a better potential for higher damage output. This is a PvE build after all, right? We need to maximize our damage output if you are currently lost, by the way.

Demolition Fist Ex- Absolutely zero SP required, so get this one! Although I do not use this skill, this could come in handy if you want to stun some people for no apparent reason.

Circle Swing Ex- Again, zero SP required. What's your excuse for not learning this one? Plus, it utilizes the Soccer Kick Combo. Also, it makes your ordinary Circle Swing 20 percent cooler by adding that awesome crimson red visual effect after you cast this. So, there's that.

Whirlwind Ex-Learn this skill no matter what as it enhances your ordinary Whirlwind; increases hit count, damage, spinning speed, and AoE of Whirlwind

Critical Mastery-This skill is appealing not because of its ability to provide additional critical rate, but because it enhances Taunting Howl. This is also one of the reason why Barbarians are much more superior compared to Destroyers in terms of STR Stacking. The Verdict? Learn this skill. Losing 1 SP is worth it.