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Assassin: The Upcoming Class in Dragon Nest

One of the issue that players are complaining in Dragon Nest is that the game is overrun by female character. As we know it, the last update brought to us by the developer is yet another female class called the Kali. So there's the Academic, Sorceress, Archer and Kali which are female, and there's Cleric and Swordmaster.. So the class ratio is 4:2. That is totally unfair for boys right? Well, it's not really an issue though.hehe. I'm just making a crappy intro for this post.haha.

Anyway, let's cut that nonsense and into the good news. Later this day, I have found out that there will be a 7th class for the game and in fact, it has been already released in Dragon Nest China, I think (need further investigation on this). But the fact is.... THERE WILL BE A NEW CLASS AND IT IS INDEED MANLY.

The new class in Dragon Nest will be the Assassin.. Yes! you heard me right... AN ASSASSIN! Probably, at first thought, you will expect that this dude will be a ninja-like character which will have swift movement, awesome combos and all that Assassin goodness. Well, those expectation MAY come true!

Below are the informations I have gathered so far regarding this class. I will bring you more news about this class soon but for now, let's just savor the brief introduction of the newest class which will be added soon on other Dragon Nest version: THE ASSASSIN CLASS!

15th Jun

Finally the first image of the new class, assassin has been released, in a JDN event: Dragon Nest Fan Day 2013 in Japan. The following information was shared by 封弊者YAMI from duowan. The video is provided by gamernejp.

Character Setting

Weapon: Scimitar, Crook


  • Basically a close range damage dealing class.
  • However, he is also good in long range battle with chain and shuriken.
  • He has good attack and quick evasive skills.


  • Cool Time Charging Skill
  • Invisible Skill
  • Possess nimble movement and unleash attack at good timing.

Other Info:

  • Assassin is a male class with split personality.
  • the weapon he wield are Scimitar and Crook ; attack range is between warrior and kali.
  • Job Advancement: Assassin > Chaser > Ripper or Raven ; the other branch of job advance is not revealed yet.
  • Assassin has invisible skill and cool time charging skills. Cool time charging is a new mechanics in assasin's skill tree. He can prolong the CD of certain skills and boost their dmg , according to the cooldown prolonged.
  • lv80 cap is expected to be released in 2014, with New (non-EX) skills
  • There will be a talking ninja cat in the assasin's storyline.

JDN Update Plan for 2013
July: Release Lv70 cap
Aug: New Nest A + 70A gear
Sep: Assassin
Oct: New Nest B + 70A Dragon Jade
Nov: New Abyss + 70 Nest Hellmode
Dec: New Dragon Nest + 70S gear

Antogonist of Dragon Nest Story: King Feather & 7 Apostles

(there are supposed to be 8 apostles, but Velskud quit :p)


11th May

Eyedentity has finally announced that the mysterious lady is the girl friend of assassin. Her name is Lunalia (or Lunaria).

Armor Icon 

The icons which are believed to be assassin's gear have been found in the CDN client v167.

These icons certainly shows that assassin is a male class!

The style of these gears bears some resemblence to the clothings on the mysterious lady.


3rd May 2013

The full image of the lady has been released today. It is a clear one finally.

However, her identity has not been made clear by Eyedentity.

Is she the assassin's girl friend?

or maybe his instructor?

or the picture is a hint that assassin could be the first char without gender-lock?

We are still waiting for answers .......

26th April 2013

A 3rd image of the mysterious lady has been revealed today. The clothing she wear can bee seen in the picture. A tattoo/mark can be seen on her right arm too.

虚幽末 from duowan increase the contrast of color with photoshop and make the image slightly clearer (see below)


19th April 2013

The patterns on the headgear and weapon of the image have been revealed.

The file name this time is assassin_2nd.jpg

Link to the image:


The word "girfriend with sword" is not there anymore (on the zip file or the image file).

Who is she??

The guess continues .................

Anyway, so far, what is shown in the image does not fulfill the description of the assassin we knew (should be a male class). So very likely the person in the image is NOT the assassin class itself.



Today , a new artwork has been released on DN KR official website. The link of the artwork is: http://dn.image.happyoz.com/GMImg/Artwork/assassin.jpg

The link to the image suggests that it is the outline of the new assassin class.

However, upon downloading and unzipping the file, the name of the artwork is:

assassin_girfriend_with sword.jpg

[ typo? girl friend??? ]

Seems like it is the assassin's girl friend?? -_-

I am not making any conclusion here since it could be misleading.

This might or might not be the assassin class we have anticipated.

However, it is 99% closely related to the assassin class itself.

Lets just wait for more confirmation on this .



More information of the new class, assassin has been found in the latest v157 client.

Job Description:

  • Hunter who inherits ancient assassination technique; good at tracking enemies and assassinate them in an instant.
  • Death messenger and reaper, uses chain and darts to track and kill enemies
  • Stealthy marauder who lurks in darkness, kills enemies before they even turn their head.

Short Sword
Crook (曲柄杖, not sure what is the right english word for this)

Skill Names:
Forceful Kick
Dirty Tricks
Piercing Star
Fan Blade
Shadow Hand
Triple Edge
Shadow Activate
Shadow Fade
Scud Kick
Swipe Arc
Collision Leap
Deceitful Clock
Aerial Evasion

Leading Edge
Rain Drop
Shift Strike
Mortal Strike
Blade Rush
Thunderous Crash
Cripple Punisher
Receive Edge
Illusion Step
Chain Burst
Mark of Crow
Mark of Werewolf 

Crocodile King Trap
Leading Edge EX
Applaud EX
Rake EX
Rain Drop EX 

Shift Strike EX
Mortal Strike EX
Camouflage EX
Blade Rush EX

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