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Level 60 Windwalker Skill Build in Dragon Nest [T4]

Level 60 Cap has finally arrived in Dragon Nest SEA. This Cap update brings a lot of things to the game. Some good ones and some bad ones. The good ones are the new ex skills dungeons and new items of course and some example of the bad ones is the COLESSEUM EXPERIENCE AND RANK RESET. Once you have log in to your account, if you are already an Imperator in the level 50 cap, you will be an egg at level 60 cap. :D. 

Well, let's not make that a big issue because like it or not, we can't do anything about it. Let's just focus on the good stuff and one of them is the level 60 skills. There are two skills available to each class at level 60 cap in Dragon Nest SEA and both of them are Ex version which only means that it is an improvement of your current 2nd job skills. 

You might say that... "aw,, that's pretty boring". Well, that what's I think at first but then I realize that it is better to get ex version than active skills as it will surely be hard for players if there are many active ones. 

Anyway, let's end the talk about that matters and proceed to seeing my recommended level 60 skill build for Windwalker in Dragon Nest SEA [T4]. 

Before we see the two new Ex skills, let me share to you my recommended build for this class...

Archer Skill Tree

Acrobat Skill Tree
Windwalker Skill Tree
Secondly, let us meet the two new Ex skills of a level 60 Windwalker. Here they are:
Eagle Dive Ex- Eagle Dive is enhanced to increase attack area and can be followed by "Double Somersault Kick" by pressing the normal attack button.
Blooming Kick Ex- Blooming Kick is enhanced. After the back kick, enter special attack button to additionally jump high and kick enemies up into the air. After the additional attack, it can be followed by Eagle Dive or Air Pounce.

Before I go on with my skill distribution explanation, I would just like to say that the skill build you see above has extra SP. Meaning, you can distribute more points on the skills that you like...

First at the Archer skill tree... If you are following my level 50 skill build for Windwalker in Dragon Nest SEA, then you will be wondering of why I left Multi Shot at level 1 and max Twin Shot. Well, the answer to that is personal preference. If you feel that Multi Shot is more appealing to you, then you can max this skill instead of Twin Shot. In my experience playing with my Windalker, I am using more Twin Shot than Multi Shot (because Twin Shot has shorter cooldown than Multi Shot of course)... And, it can do good DPS compared to Multi Shot. Well, it's purely for DPS... No more, no less.

Multi Shot is still superb in dealing damage to large bosses in PvE and as well as to players at close range in PvP.

Well at the end of the day, I will just let you decide on this as I have said before... I choose to pick this skill over the other due to PERSONAL PREFERENCE. If you don't have the skill reset scroll yet, then you can just leave this tree first or, just use the skill distribution I have for the level 50 build.

Just remember to increase the passive enhancement like HP, MP and Mind Conquer are it is very important nowadays.

Now onto explaining the Acrobat skill tree distribution...

First, let me explain why I max out Double Somersault Kick instead of Spiral Kick. The thing you should consider first in which to max between this two skills is who will give the most damage per seconds. And just looking at its increment, Double Somersault Kick has the advantage of Spiral Kick in terms of damage.

Secondly, DSK can now be often use as a Windwalker as you can chain it not only with Binding Shot, not only when you stun the enemy with Blooming Kick, but also after Eagle Dive. In fact based on experience, it can be use often times and it has little down time.

For me, I prefer leveling DSK high and just leaving Spiral Kick to get its Ex version.

Another thing that I would like to address is Shortbow Mastery at level 1...

Again, the answer to that is personal preference. In my opinion, I don't really need that extra damage and I am very contented with my range, without this skill. And yes, I did sacrifice this skill to level Divine Rage to level 2 and allocate 3 points on Spiral Edge (the Windwalker SS). If you do think that you need extra boost in damage, then you can get or even max this skill. Just remember that you will need to sacrifice points on your ultimate and, you can't get the other ultimate.

Spiral Vortex is a no-brainer must max skill and, as well as Cyclone Kick....

Blooming Kick is at max level for the 100% stun rate it gives at max level and, with its ex version, you can use this skill not only to stun enemy but also to launch them into the air.

Eagle Dive is at high level due to the fact that it does deal a lot of damage as a Windwalker and, don't forget that this skill is a part of your everyday rotation and in fact, it now become a stable skill for your rotation as it can now chain DSK after you finish performing this skill.

The Acrobat buffs and as well as Tip Tops is increase at max level. Well, I think these skills are self-explanatory.

Lastly on the Windwalker Tree, I have maxed all active skills and get all ex version. 

At level 2, Show Time's recasting time will be lowered and at level 4, Rising Storm will even have more destructive power. The ex version of the Acrobat skills is a no-brainer must get.... Well, I see no reason why you don't want to get this upgrades for your skills anyway.

So there you have it guys. This is my recommended level 60 skill build for a Windwalker in Dragon Nest SEA [T4]. 

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For comments and suggestions, feel free to write a few words on the comment box below.