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Level 60 Seleana Skill Build in Dragon Nest [T4]

Level 60 Cap has finally arrived in Dragon Nest SEA. This Cap update brings a lot of things to the game. Some good ones and some bad ones. The good ones are the new ex skills dungeons and new items of course and some example of the bad ones is the COLESSEUM EXPERIENCE AND RANK RESET. Once you have log in to your account, if you are already an Imperator in the level 50 cap, you will be an egg at level 60 cap. :D.

Well, let's not make that a big issue because like it or not, we can't do anything about it. Let's just focus on the good stuff and one of them is the level 60 skills.

There are two skills available to each class at level 60 cap in Dragon Nest SEA and both of them are Ex version which only means that it is an improvement of your current 2nd job skills.

You might say that... "aw,, that's pretty boring". Well, that what's I think at first but then I realize that it is better to get ex version than active skills as it will surely be hard for players if there are many active ones.

In this page, we will be discussing about Saleana at level 60 in Dragon Nest SEA [T4].

First, let us proceed to the build guys...
Sorceress Skill Tree

Elemental Lord Skill Tree
Saleana Skill Tree
Secondly, let's determine the two new Ex skills of an Saleana. Here they are:

Inferno Ex- Inferno is enhanced to increase attack area and add explosive damage. You can not cause the explosion by pressing the button whenever you want, and targets hit by the explosion will have fire resistance reduced for a short while.

Fire Wall Ex- Fire Wall is enhanced. After the attack, additionally enter "Normal Attack Button" to throw flames in front.

Now, let me explain my skill point distribution...

On the Sorceress skill tree, it's pretty important that we get the MP and MP recovery enhancement. As we all know, our MP drain really fast with the current patch and that is why we need to max it on Dragon Nest SEA. Also, the evasive skills are maxed and HP mastery is also at max level. And of course, Glacial Spike is at max level for the highest possible freeze rate.

If you have followed my level 50 build for Saleana, then you will notice a lot of change from it. The first change that you can notice is the dis-allocation of points on the Ignite skill. Instead of leveling it high, now, it is only at level 1. Why did I do this? Based on experience, Ignite works like the Detonate of Priest. When you burn the enemy then cast this skill, it will damage them and flinch them and, the burn effect will be remove. The only thing that I need with this skill is its flinching ability... No more, no less. And besides, if we examine it closely, the other EL Fire skills will do more DPS than this one.

Also, there's the leveling up high of Inferno and Fire Wall. With the upgrade it has now with its Ex version, I think it is a waste not to max both this skill. The AOE gets larger and the damage gets even better. This only means that you can do a lot of damage to a lot of enemies every time you hit them with these skills.

Fireball is level at level 12. Why? It's because leveling it further in my opinion isn't that much of a benefit for Saleana. And, if you are working on a Hybrid build (like what I have did), then you will surely prioritize both Fire Wall and Inferno. Do remember that in PvP, this skill isn't cast always... You will need to properly time it and cast it on a safe location as it needs charging to benefit from it the most.

However, if you really want to max this skill, then you can by sacrificing the skills on the Elestra tree. But remember, when you do this, you will be having down time or that scenario where you will need to wait for your skills to cooldown.

Oh yes! by the way, this is the reason why I allocated points on some skills on the Elestra tree: To kill that down time! Other skills at max level or high level on EL tree is pretty self-explanatory like Flame Road.... 

And lastly on the Saleana tree, Burning Hand is at max level for that extra trigger rate and, that big Rolling Lava is also at max level for the highest damage output.

Lastly, all the ex version are allocated with points because as I have said before, IT IS A WASTE NOT TO ALLOCATE POINTS ON THIS GREAT UPGRADES FOR SALEANA.

So there you have it guys... This is my recommended level 60 Saleana skill build in Dragon Nest SEA [T4]. 

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