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Level 60 Majesty Skill Build in Dragon Nest [T4]

Level 60 Cap has finally arrived in Dragon Nest SEA. This Cap update brings a lot of things to the game. Some good ones and some bad ones. The good ones are the new ex skills dungeons and new items of course and some example of the bad ones is the COLESSEUM EXPERIENCE AND RANK RESET. Once you have log in to your account, if you are already an Imperator in the level 50 cap, you will be an egg at level 60 cap. :D. 

Well, let's not make that a big issue because like it or not, we can't do anything about it. Let's just focus on the good stuff and one of them is the level 60 skills. There are two skills available to each class at level 60 cap in Dragon Nest SEA and both of them are Ex version which only means that it is an improvement of your current 2nd job skills. 

You might say that... "aw,, that's pretty boring". Well, that what's I think at first but then I realize that it is better to get ex version than active skills as it will surely be hard for players if there are many active ones. 

Anyway, let's end the talk about that matters and proceed to seeing my recommended level 60 skill build for Majesty in Dragon Nest SEA [T4]. 

First, let's get going to the skill build for a level 60 Majesty guys...
Sorceress Skill Tree

Force User Skill Tree
Majesty Skill Tree
Secondly, let us meet the two new Ex skills of a level 60 Majesty. Here they are:
Triple Orbs Ex- Triple Orbs is enhanced. Effective area is increased and knock down effect is added. Explodes in the end to attack when all attacks are hit.
Black Hole Ex- Black Hole is enhanced. Speed and area of the attack is increased and additional damage is given in the end with an explosion.

Firstly, let us discuss the Sorceress skill tree... The skills that I have prioritize on maxing are the passive enhancement namely HP, MP and Mind Conquer. In T4 skill, the MP consumption is pretty fast at level 60 that is why I recommend having that MP and Mind Conquer at max level. The HP is pretty important also as an additional percentage on our HP may help in terms of survivability. 

Also, the Blink, Escape and Aerial Evasion is at max level as for me, these are staple skills that I often use when my Teleport and Time Stop is on cooldown... 

And lastly, Poison Missile is left at level 6 for PvP purposes (that 3 pool) and Glacial Spike is left at level 11 just to suffice that SP requirement for the Sorceress tree. I don't suggest leveling this skill to max level as you aren't an Elestra that could benefit more on the Ice stacking effect. Nonetheless, this skill is great to use especially in PvP even if you are a Force User. 

Now let us proceed to the Force User Tree..

If you have followed my level 50 skill build for Majesty, then you will notice that the only thing I have changed in this tree is the redistribution of points from Nine Tail Laser to Mana Surge. Why sacrifice DPS for Mana? Well, at the current 60 cap, Mana consumption is pretty fast and I need that extra option to get Mana in PvP and as well as PvE. Well, if you don't have mana problems, then you can get the points from Mana Surge and spend it on those DPS skills... It really depends on your preference.

Gravity Ball, Triple Orbs and as well as Summon Comet is at max level as we all know that these are the skills which is a part of our main skill rotation as a Majesty. And, don't forget that with the Ex version, Gravity Ball and as well as Triple Orbs (and soon Summon Comet) is greatly boosted not only on damage but also on AOE and as well as some extra features like additional explosive damage at the end of each skills.

The question now is... Why did I not max Black Hole? It also has an Ex version? The reality is, Black Hole with or without Ex version is still the same: IT IS A SITUATIONAL SKILL. Meaning you don't often use it as a part of your main skill rotation. Correct me if I am wrong but: You only use this skill on PvP when the opponent is downed or place in a fixed location and you need to buy time for your skill to cooldown. Or, you only use this on PvE to clear our small mobs or even summon them at the center to pawned them with that big arse comet! Im a right? 

In conclusion, Black Hole is bet use for utility and best left at level 1, as it can't deal that much damage compared to other Majesty skills...

Force Wave is also neglected as by now, I can control my Majesty well.  At the moment, Time Stop and as well as its passive counterpart is really enough for me to serve as my defensive maneuver, especially in PvP.

And lastly at the Majesty tree...

Steal Magic is left at level 1.. Well, this is based on personal preference. For me, I don't really need that extra duration of the skill I copied from an opponent. Instead of this, I rather spend that 1 point on Switch Gravity. And yes, Switch Gravity is at max level for the maximum destructive power it can do to enemies. And last but not the least, all Ex version is a must have. As you can see, the upgrades for Black Hole, Triple Orbs and Gravity is really great and very important for a Majesty.

So there you have it guys... This is my recommended level 60 Majesty Skill Build in Dragon Nest SEA [T4].

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