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Level 60 Guardian Skill Build in Dragon Nest [T4]

Level 60 Cap has finally arrived in Dragon Nest SEA. This Cap update brings a lot of things to the game. Some good ones and some bad ones. The good ones are the new ex skills dungeons and new items of course and some example of the bad ones is the COLESSEUM EXPERIENCE AND RANK RESET. Once you have log in to your account, if you are already an Imperator in the level 50 cap, you will be an egg at level 60 cap. :D. 

Well, let's not make that a big issue because like it or not, we can't do anything about it. Let's just focus on the good stuff and one of them is the level 60 skills. There are two skills available to each class at level 60 cap in Dragon Nest SEA and both of them are Ex version which only means that it is an improvement of your current 2nd job skills. 

You might say that... "aw,, that's pretty boring". Well, that what's I think at first but then I realize that it is better to get ex version than active skills as it will surely be hard for players if there are many active ones.

In this page, we will be learning about the level 60 skills of a Guardian and of course I will be sharing my recommended skill build for this class.

Let's now proceed first to my recommended skill build. Here it is:
Cleric Skill Tree
Paladin Skill Tree
Guardian Skill Tree
Secondly, let's take a look at each of the new level 60 Ex skills and know them better.

Stance of Faith Ex- This is the improve version of Stance of Faith. When you get this passive enhancement, the skill will now let you move slowly forward while blocking and the skill is active. In addition, the range of the retaliation is increased and now, it is added with physical attack.

Divine Ascension Ex- When you decided to get the Ex version of this skill, you will have the option to launch an attack with light attribute. After retaliating (or the motion where you will launch the enemy into the air), you will become invincible for awhile an launch that light attribute attack. Extra damage, extra attack and the invincibility frame? Well, overall, it is a good skill to have especially in PVP.

Skill Distribution Explanation:

On the cleric skill tree, I have decided to enhance the defensive capability of a Guardian by maxing out the Block skill. Also, the passive enhancements like HP, MP, Toughness, etc are also maxed and of course, more HP heal can be a good asset for Guardian so that is why I have maxed the heal skill also. Well, it is pretty obvious and a no-brainer why we should max out this skill.

On the Paladin tree, I did not minus any points on my current level 50 skill build for Guardian in Dragon Nest SEA [T4] (Thank goodness I haven't spend any skill initialization skill on this one :D). Instead, I only add points on what I think is most needed by this class. More specifically, I maxed out the defensive buffs like Iron Will, Elemental Aura and Conviction Aura. Also I maxed out Electric Smite of course for more damage. Remember that this is one of the few skills of a Guardian that deals decent damage to the enemies. In addition, Provoke skill is at max level for the duration and of course, Divine Avatar is maxed at level 2. You can leave DA at level want if you think that level 1 is enough and place the extra point somewhere else.

Stance of Faith stays at level 6 as I am pretty comfortable using this skill at its current state.

Why not max Armor Break when.....
Yeah I know.. The attack power in paper is pretty sick! It even surpasses the damage output of Electric Smite and Justice Crash. But in reality, it doesn't! I think it's just a typo error. I tested it with my character and the normal damage I inflict to the enemy is still the same and doesn't exceed the expected 100k if this was true. 

Moreover, if this is even true or not, I still will choose to just level it to 6 as I only intend this skill to do the debuff and not to be a main skill to do damage. At levels exceeding 6, the increment on the debuff percentage and as well as its duration isn't that significant for me that is why I choose to just leave it to 6.

On the Guardian skill tree, I have decided to get the two new Ex skills and then, I max out Guardian Force and Justice Crash. Why max Guardian Force? Well, it's probably because of my intuition. I love this skill especially in PvE. Well, there's no question that this skill is a total life saver in PvE as it can give you the extra life you need to survive heavy hits and, the cooldown of this skill in PvE is pretty short. And I think the increase in protection durability is pretty significant and that is why I did max this skill. For those who are comfortable with just level 1 though, you can just leave it to 1 and put the 3 extra points on your desired skill.

So there you have it guys, you can follow all my skill distribution or, you can use it as a guide to formulate your very own level 60 skill build for Guardian in Dragon Nest SEA [T4]. For questions and recommendations, feel free to write a few words on the comment box below.

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