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Level 60 Gladiator Skill Build in Dragon Nest [T4]

Level 60 Cap has finally arrived in Dragon Nest SEA. This Cap update brings a lot of things to the game. Some good ones and some bad ones. The good ones are the new ex skills dungeons and new items of course and some example of the bad ones is the COLESSEUM EXPERIENCE AND RANK RESET. Once you have log in to your account, if you are already an Imperator in the level 50 cap, you will be an egg at level 60 cap. :D.

Well, let's not make that a big issue because like it or not, we can't do anything about it. Let's just focus on the good stuff and one of them is the level 60 skills.

There are two skills available to each class at level 60 cap in Dragon Nest SEA and both of them are Ex version which only means that it is an improvement of your current 2nd job skills.

You might say that... "aw,, that's pretty boring". Well, that what's I think at first but then I realize that it is better to get ex version than active skills as it will surely be hard for players if there are many active ones.

Anyway, let's end the talk about that matters and proceed to seeing my recommended level 60 skill build for Gladiator in Dragon Nest SEA [T4].

Note: Before anything else, I would just like to say that this is a Hybrid Gladiator Skill Build. There are other builds for this class posted on this blog and you can see them below:

Best Pure PVE Gladiator Skill Build in Dragon Nest

First, let us see the two builds...

Level 60 Gladiator Skill Build (with Parrying Skills)
Warrior Skill Tree
Swordmaster Skill Tree

Gladiator Skill Tree
I know that you are wondering why I dropped Rage or what we often know as Line Drive to level 1. Well, based on experience using Gladiator, I can say that this skill can't that be good in terms of DPS.  Do remember that this skill has a long way longer cooldown than the skills of Gladiator. Yes, it does give decent damage however, the question is, "do you use this skill often? I think not"... You will use this skill at the end of your combo usually or when all of your other skills are on cooldown or, of course, the time when you need and instant escape or closing to your target skill. That is why I just leave it at level 1. Anyway, level 1 does decent damage and I think you can be great with that especially if you are fully geared.

The other thing that you might be wondering of is the distribution of points on Cyclone Slash... Well, this is a hybrid build and Cyclone Slash is pretty important for me. It's a great tool for me in PvP especially when I need time for my skills to cooldown or, I need to set up my combo. In terms of PvE, it is a good crowd control skill especially if you are dealing with small mobs. However, don't expect that it will perform great as it is only at level 1. Proper timing and aiming of this skill is really NEEDED.

On the Gladiator tree, I think it's pretty stupid not to max Evasive slash. We need to level it further to shorten its cooldown and of course deal more damage compared to level 1.

And then, there's Finishing Attack. The havoc it wrecks at level 4 is superb and you don't want to miss that out.

And lastly, get ALL EX VERSION. You need them as it will be a great tool for you, especially in PvP.

Now, onto the next build...

Level 60 Skill Build for Gladiator in Dragon Nest SEA (No Parrying)
Warrior Skill Tree
Swordmaster Skill Tree
Gladiator Skill Tree
This build, as I have said before, is for those who are experienced enough as a Gladiator. As you can see, there's no parrying that can save you in deep water and you need to be observant and mobile every time. However, the good side of this build is that you can inflict good damage compared to the build with Parrying skills.

By the way, you can modify this skill build... If you think you have no use of Cyclone Slash, then you can just leave it to 0 and distribute the points to the skills which can deal more damage, preferably Moonlight Splitter.

Secondly, let us see the two new skills of Gladiator at level 60 cap. The two new Ex skills are:
Front Shove Ex- Front Shove is enhanced to increase the evade and charging distance. Area of additional attacks is also increased and enemies can be hit up into the air with additional attacks using the "Special Attack Button".
Hacking Stance Ex- Hacking Stance is enhanced to increase attack area while swinging the weapon. Additionally, enter the "Special Attack Button" to swing the weapon in a larger circle to give a 360 degrees attack to hit enemies up into the air, after which the attack stance is cancelled.

Now, let's go on to the skill builds. There are two builds that I will recommend to you at level 60 for Gladiator. The build which will take the parrying skills of the Swordmaster skill tree and, the build which will not take the parrying stance of SM and maximize damage capability.

Why choose these two builds?
Let me explain first the build with Parrying skills. We all know that Warriors are very mobile and in fact, they have the highest mobility in the game which can be used in terms of escaping and as well as chasing enemies. However, often times, most Gladiator... oh wait... let's make it more specific... Most inexperienced Gladiator have hard times figuring out when to evade, escape and when to chase. In short, if you are a newbie Gladiator, you will definitely need parrying to save your arse in deep water. I myself has experienced this too and I really recommend taking Parrying skill for newbies.

Oh yes! I almost forgot! Do remember that Gladiator don't have that range advantage Moonlord have. We are always at the front line, employing an in your face battle against our enemies. Some times, it is really hard for first timer who can't combo well yet or can't use the mobility and evasive advantage of this class very well. That is why it is needed for newbie Gladiators.

On the other hand, if you are already a pro, and I know that you're already is, then you might not want to take the Parrying skill. Instead, allocated those points to the skills which can deal the most damage output to the enemies. But be warned, if you follow this kind of build, be sure that you already know how to use your mobility to your advantage and, evade most of enemy attacks in both PvP and PvE.

So there you have it guys, this is my level 60 skill build for Gladiator in Dragon Nest SEA [T4]. For questions and suggestions, feel free to write a few words on the comment box below.

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