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Colesseum Rank Boosting (Medal Hunt) in Dragon Nest SEA

The race to being the Imperator in Dragon Nest SEA is ON! Many players are going to the colesseum spending their time PVP-ing with other players to increase their Colesseum Rankings. So, why are they so eager to be an Imperator? It's because of this thing called "ROCK OF BLESSING". An item which will give you the buff of 100 to all stats and 10% to both physical and magical damage. I know, it's pretty IMBA buff and everyone are desperate on getting it!

Sigh.... My rank is too low and Imperator is too far... I need to go on killing and PVP-ing players for a day just to achieve 1 or 2 rank up in the colesseum. Do you have the same problem? Well worry no more as I will teach you a faster way of achieving Imperator Rank in Dragon Nest SEA.

The method is called Medal Hunt or that's what all players in DN SEA calls it. It is also known as Rank Boost and 19:9 also. It is still not known if this is a bug that needs to be fixed or this is really the experience and the medals you will get once a player leaves the match but nonetheless, this is the fastest way to being an Imperator. So, let's proceed to the method:

Step 1: Create a Room. Set it to Captain's Mode with a size of 8 players, 7 rounds. Also, make sure to uncheck the late join tab and also, you can uncheck the spectators.

Step 2:  Once you are done setting the mode and have all four players (2v2 Captain Mode), start the game. In the game, you won't be killing each other. Instead, you will be waiting for a certain time so that one person will leave and another time where the captain will leave. You can chat or just dance or do whatever you want, just be advice not to kill the captain of the other team to receive the bonuses at the very end.

Step 3: When the clock hits 19 seconds, the first member (the other guy and not the captain) of the team leave by pressing the "return to the colesseum" menu seen when you pressed the escape button. Be sure to leave at exactly 19 seconds!

Step 4: Once the clock hits 9 seconds, the Captain of the team which will leave first will also leave the colesseum by pressing the "return to the colesseum" menu seen when you pressed the escape button. Be sure also to leave at exactly 9 seconds!

Step 5: Once the leaving team successfully completed Step 3 and 4, the other team will then receive the Colesseum EXP and as well as the medals with no sweat. 

Step 6: Repeat the same process. Only this time, the other team will be the beneficiary of the process and then your team will the one who will leave the match.

In average, you will receive 1400-1500 Colesseum EXP and 16 Medals in each turns but, it will be higher if you are in a guild which has PVP Colesseum Bonuses. So far, I can say that this is the easiest way to attain Imperator Rank in Dragon Nest SEA. 

I know this isn't the most flashy and noteworthy way of gaining medals and colesseum exp but for those who are really desperate of getting the Imperator title fast in Dragon Nest SEA, then this is the best and fastest way to do it. The goal here is to get "Rock of Blessings" and not be the top ranking PvP player in DN SEA.

Update: This was proven to be a bug and the developer has made changes and fixed this Medal Hunt bug.... NO MORE MEDAL HUNT GUYS! Back to old brawl 'til you score! Anyone want to PvP?...hehehe.