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PvP Blademaster Skill Build in C9 Online

If there's one character in C9 Online who takes pride on its stun-lock combo, then that is the Blademaster. And where can we utilize this characteristic the most? In PvP of course.

In this page we will be discussing about Blademaster. More specifically, we will be tackling about the different skills of Blademaster which is great to use in PvP and of course, I will try to share some combos for Blademaster in C9 Online. Well, the ones that I will be sharing are just basic combos. And by that, I would be grateful if you will share your very own combo moves for Blademaster in this page by dropping it on the comment box below.

So now, let's cut to the chit-chat and proceed to my guide on PvP Blademaster on C9 Online.

First, let's discuss the different skills of a Blademaster and try to determine which is useful in PvP.

Action Skills

Bash I- A rapid and powerful low slash powered by the energy of fire.
100%+65 physical damage
Comment: This skill has the potential to launch grounded enemies a little bit high up into the air (when you get Bash III). In short, it pick up and juggle an enemy. Just get 1 though as this skill isn't intended to be a damager skill.

Upper Swing I- Send opponents flying and smash them again. This skill can be used when Enemy Armor is active.
100%+26 physical damage on 1st hit
130%+33 physical damage on 2nd hit
Comment: This move is great, it’s one of the few vertical slashes you have. It’s great for catching people in midair. After the second upward swing you can choose to followup with a Bash or you can do the downward swing as well and get the same result like after Rapid Attacks final hit. This move doesn’t have superarmor though, so be careful when using this.

Rapid Attack I- Launch two rapid attacks.
72%+41 physical damage on 1st hit
90%+52 physical damage on 2nd hit
Comment: Has a bit advantage in  terms of range compared to your normal attack. It does 2 hits with decent damage. I will let you decided if you want to level this skill high and be one of your main skill or, you can just leave it to 1 to be just a part of your combo.

Counter Smash- Ready yourself for incoming attacks and counter them. You are invincible during the counterattack.
250%+325 physical damage
Comment: Need Attack Stance level 1. A great skill to have as a Blademaster, especially when you are a PvP fanatic. This skill is effective as a defensive move. Once you have successfully blocked an attack, you can then counter and deal decent damage to the target. The skill is consist of 3 hits which is normal at first and then stun at second and third hit. Usually when I am facing a pro PvP player, he can escape this skill at the normal hit part (30% of the time). But hey, not all are that good yet :D. A perfect skill to have as a starter which you can chain with Tachyon Slash.

Moonlight Cutter- Cut through surrounding enemies with great force. A fully charged attack covers a wider area
351%+494 physical damage on charge 1
432%+608 physical damage on charge 2
PvP damage decreased by 30%
Comment: Need Shining Cutter level 1. A skill which basically have charges. The damage is pretty decent once you level it high and it gives you full super armor. However, due to it has charge effect, you will be vulnerable often times on ranged skills or even to Assassin's Shadow Dash skill. I just prefer to just get 1 point on this skill for its ability to break armor which leads to a stun enemy. If there's one piece of advice I will give you is that to use this skill with caution and not to spam it when it's available for use.

Thrust Kick- A flashy thrust kick followed by a flying kick to knock opponents backwards. Temporarily activates super armor and enemy armor is active while using this skill.
100%+39 physical damage on thrust attack
120%+46 physical damage on additional kick attack
PvP damage decreased by 10%
Comment: Might be a good skill to be part of your combo. As what the description says, you will start with a kick and end with a flying kick which will knock the opponent back. Based on experience, sometimes, it's bad to use this as a starter skill for your combo. The thing about Thrust Kick is that it's uncontrollable. You can't change the direction as it only goes in a straight path once cast, which makes you vulnerable sometimes to counter attack. Experience player can evade this skill easily and do a counter move. Well, everything has a weakness. What we must do is just focus on the strength part of this skill, which is a good to be a part of your chain combo. One piece of advice is to train how to properly utilize this skill in your chain combo. Oh and by the way, this skill has super armor start up frames which isn't that noticeable, but it's there.

Tachyon Smash- Rapidly close with an enemy and deliver quick, successive attacks. The first hit prompts additional attacks and activate super armor.
150%+145 physical damage 
PvP damage decreased by 10%
Comment: There's nothing great about this skill except for the insane damage it gives in a successful stun lock combo, the super armor it gives the player while it's active and the ability to chain into a grab combo once you have successfully cancel the last hit of this skill. Still no use eh? :D. I'm just kidding. This skill will be the most damaging skill in your arsenal which is best use right after you have stunned a target. Max it for the highest possible damage output.

Flash Strike- Throw a powerful energy blade in a straight line. The attack can break enemy guard. Enemy armor is active while using this skill. 
200%+130 physical damage
Flash Strike range increases as you level it up
Comment: Need Attack Stance level 1. For me, this skill is a must max. Well for starters, this skill may be left unnoticed but once you have used it, you will definitely love it. Aside from the decent damage it inflicts at target when it's maxed, it has the ability to break enemy guard and, no to mention that it has a good recovery time which basically means that enemy won't find any opening on countering this move when it's already in action. And lastly, at max level, you will have a significant boost on its range so it's really a great skill to have as a Blademaster.

Storm Wheel Wind- Perform a high speed spin to cut through nearby enemies. Your movement is hindered, but you can slowly move forward. Super armor is active while using this skill.
130%+320 physical damage x8 on normal hits
PvP damage decreased by 30%
Comment: Need Assault Smash level 3. I will let you decide with this one. If the full super armor state matters to you, then get at least one level. However, do remember that the damage doesn't work well on PvP plus, your movement speed will be hindered which contradicts to what Blademaster love to do: Outmaneuver an opponent and kill them with their blinding speed. And lastly,, this skill can easily be countered (based on experience) if your opponent has evasive attack or dash. The trade off for the super armor are really heavy so I prefer to skip this skill.

Burning Spirit- Temporarily increases movement and attack speed.
Additional Effect
- Increases Attack speed 20% (Lvl 1)
- increases movement speed 20%(Lvl 1)
20 seconds duration
Comment: Like I have said earlier, Blademaster are known for their blinding speed (I'm OVER exaggerating by the way :D) and, this skill is what makes BM who they are. Once you cast this buff, you will gain a boost in movement speed and attack speed. If these two matters to you (like it does to me), then you should max this out.

Round Swing I- A powerful attack knock back all nearby enemies. Temporarily activates super armor. Enemy armor is active while using this skill.
180%+130 physical damage 
Additional Effect
- Attack Range increases as you level it up
PvP damage decreased by 10%
Comment: This skill has a super armor frames and it also has a little stun chance but, it's really unreliable sometimes. I only have this skill as a combo linker. What I do is, I use the Break Cancel skill when using this skill then proceed to a Grab combo. Just level 1 is enough IMO.

Attack Stance- Shift your stance for a fast and powerful attack. Shields are disabled in this stance. Attack stances change your basic attack. Certain skills are granted additional effects. When using attack dash, hold T + space bar to use attack run. Press up twice to make small jumps.
75%+13 physical damage
Comment: The only thing I can say about this skill is that: If you use your normal attack very often on your combo then I suggest to max this skill or you can just level this high (recommended). But if you don't, then better skip this skill (not recommended).

Ground Cutter I- Release a blade of energy that moves along the ground.
145%+84 physical damage
Ground Cutter size increases as you level it up
Comment: This makes a decent range skill for Blademaster but, it's not worth leveling high. Level 1 is sufficient for this skill as it's only to be part of your combo. It will be an asset for you especially when you get the third version of this skill as with that, you can down a target.

Bonus Tip: It requires practice to properly utilize the effectiveness of this skill as in pro matches, your opponent can easily evade this skill if you don't know how to use it. A bonus tip would be: Just use this skill when you have stunned an enemy. Use it as a combo linker in short, and not an initiator.

Shining Cutter- Slice a wide swath in front of you with a single cut. This attack is extremely fast and can daze enemies. This attack is extremely fast and can daze enemies. Temporarily makes you invincible, and enemy armor is active while using this skill.
270%+351 physical damage
Attack range increases as you level it up
PvP damage decreased by 20%
Comment: Even though the damage is decreased at PvP, I still suggest to max this skll. At max level, you will have a great increase in range for this skill which is pretty significant by the way and of course, you will inflict decent damage to the target. Not to mention that this skill has small invincibility frame which is quite useful in PvP (makes you invulnerable for a short period). And lastly, it has a medium stun chance which as you know, quite useful for our stun lock combo. Personally, I prefer this skill as a starter on the stun-lock combo as it's more safe and effective to use while it also can be use as a counter attack move (use iframe to negate enemy attack and then counter) plus, you can chain this move to Kick-Tachyon or Press Kick then Grab combo. Overall, I really love this skill for a PvP Blademaster.

Command Skills

Evasive Dash- Roll to evade an enemy attack.
Comment: I think it's self-explanatory why we need to get this skill as a Blademaster. Just think of it as a helpful tool for evasion and sometimes mobility.

Dash Attack- Allows you to attack during dash.
100% physical damage 
Comment: Just 1 for utility. You can skip this anyway if you don't like it that much and you are contented with the skills you have in terms of closing in to targ

Flank Attack- Perform a powerful attack while moving left or right.
80%+13 physical damage on 1st hit
80%+13 physical damage on 2nd hit
120%+19 physical damage on 3rd hit
Comment: I find no use for this skill as a PvP Blademaster that is why I skip it.

Bash III- A deadly finishing attack following Bash I and II. Hits grounded enemies.
140%+91 physical damage
Comment: 1 point on this skill will be useful. Take note that you need this upgrade for Bash to pick up enemies.

Charge Attack-  Rapidly charge forward, bashing enemies in the way.
50%+130 physical damage 
Charge distance increases as you level this skill
Comment: Well I will let you decide with this one. If you think the extra charge attack will be beneficial for you in PvP, in terms of closing into targets, then I suggest to invest 1 point for this skill

Target Guard- Allows you to use your blade to block during Attack Stance. A successful block fills part of your guard gauge up to your normal hit. However, if your guard gauge is fully depleted, this has no effect. A failed block causes a delay.
Block up to 2 attacks (Level 1)
Comment: The higher you level this skill high, the more attacks you can block. This skill has shorter recovery time than Counter Smash (which is good by the way) and it makes you flexible also as you can cancel into normal attack once you have succesfully blocked an attack. Full level is advise for this skill.

Rapid Attack III- Launch a final attack after Rapid Attack II. You may use your Bash III afterwards if you have learned it.
90%+72 physical damage
Comment: Level 1 is sufficient to be a combo linker.

Break Cancel- Boosts your flexibility, instantly cancelling current attack during certain skills from Attack Stance, connecting to an elbow attack.
Available Cancel Skills
Bash I, II, III
Round Swing I, II
Upper Swing (first hit)
Shining Cutter
Ground Cutter
Tachyon Smash
Comment: This what makes you very flexible in the battlefield. Get this skill no matter what as it will be your key to winning battles.

Assault Smash- Launch a powerful cut while in Attack Stance. Enemy armor is active while using this skill. Guard is activated after charged attack.
180%+156 x2 on normal uppercut
Comment: Basically this is a launcher skill. There is two version of this move: The normal but faster launch and the slow charged attack. When your enemy is far away, it is preferable to use the slow charged attack as it let's you get close to the enemy a bit safer, as this when in charged, it will have some guard frames and, once it hits the enemy, it will ground them and then you can pick them up using Bash and continue the combo. The trade off however is that the damage decreases when you are using the charged version but, it's really helpful in terms of chaining combo. The normal version by the way is a short range attack which can launched the enemy up high. Overall, this skill is a great utility skill for both ground combo and juggle combo.

Bonus Tip: Used the charged version after you have landed Rising Attack or Evasive Attack.

Round Swing II- An additional attack after Round Swing I. A powerful spin pushes away all nearby enemies. Temporarily activates super armor. Enemy armor is active while using this skill.
185%+143 physical damage 
Additional Effect
Attack Range is increase while you level it up
PvP damage decreased by 10%
Comment: You can get this skill or not. It depends on your preference. For me, I just get 1 point on this skill for its ability to activate super armor (now you will have longer super armor) and its ability to push back enemies, which is quite helpful if you want your enemy to back off for awhile.

Grab Strike- Grab an hit the enemy with three powerful head-butt attacks.
25%+58 physical damage on 1st hit
35%+80 physical damage on 2nd hit
40%+93 physical damage on 3rd hit
Comment: You can do a lot of combo with this skill and it's a must have as a Blademaster. Basically this is very useful in PvP as there is no way that a target can escape this skill once you have successfully hit this skill.You can connect it with assault smash or bash or even, with a juggle combo.Get this skill no matter what.

Press Kick- A strong kick that knocks an opponent back, if you are a Berserker, your stance changes.
130%+33 physical damage
Additional Effect
- 40% chance to break enemy guard (Level 1)
Comment: One of the skill that you should prioritize on leveling high as a PvP Blademaster. The damage is pretty decent once it reaches high level but the greatest asset of this skill is its stun effect. This is your main stunning skills to hit skills like Tachyon Smash after. Plus it does have a little (unnoticeable) invincibility frame which can aid you sometimes in battle.

Important Note: I often use this skill when I am very close to the enemy. What this skill lacks is the staple range needed to be a mid range skill and by that, yes, it's a very close range skill which you can hit 100% if you are 0 meters away from the enemy.

Back End Thrust- You are temporarily invincible after attacking. When you first release the attack, your opponent is dazed. This effect is temporary. 
90%+65 physical damage
Additional Effect
- A successful attack dazes the opponent for 0.8 seconds (Level 1)
Comment:  This skill can be a part of your stun lock combo. It will give you a temporary iframe after attacking and give you the chance to stun the enemy. If you think that you need a longer stun duration, then you can level this skill high. I suggest to level it to 5 to make it 1 second.

Bound Crash- Trample an enemy with great force and throw it into the air. The height increases with the skills' level. Enemy armor is active while using this skill.
170%+130 physical damage
Flying Height increases when you level this skill
Comment: Preferably, level this skill to 3 as this is the needed level to connect your ground combo to a juggle combo. Primary use as a combo linker but it can also be a good skill to pick up grounded enemies.Just be careful though as this skill has slow activation and recovery which makes you vulnerable sometimes on counter attack. If you think 3 isn't enough then go for 5 level to make it more safer to use. Just remember that this skill isn't good to initiate but just good to connect combo.

Upper Swing II- Attempt to connect with another attack after Upper Swing.
150%+195 physical damage
Comment: Just 1 for the additional hit after Upper Swing would be sufficient.

Thrust Gain- Attack distant enemies with a fierce thrust kick and throw them into the air.
150%+78 physical damage
Flying Height 100% (Level 1)
Comment: Once you have made Thrust Kick hit, then rest assure that you will gain 3 additional hits from this skill. It is a good combo linker and also deals decent damage. Best that you level this skill high not only for the damage but for the increase of juggling height.

Ground Cutter II- Add another blade of energy to Ground Cutter I.
155%+97 physical damage
Ground Cutter size 100% (Level 1)
Comment: Level 1 for extra hit after GC I.

Ankle Kick- A kick attack at the opponent's knees.
50%+7 physical damage
Comment: Skip this skill as you already have tons of utility (pick up) in your arsenal.

Back Hit Grab- Grab and throw an enemy behind you, then stomp. The stomp generates a shockwave that hits all nearby enemies.
80%+455 physical damage on 1st hit
40%+227 physical damage on nearby enemies
64%+364 physical damage to grounded enemies
Comment: There is only one thing I can say about this skill and that is, it's a great countering move. When you cast this skill, you will be under the effect of invincibility and the best part is, a player can't guard this move which is basically good for PvP. Invest at least 1 point on this skill.

Bash II- A powerful addition to Bash I.
120%+78 physical damage
Comment: Just 1 point to get Bash III.

Back End Upper- Perform an invincible launching attack during a Back End Upper.
85%+72 physical damage.

Comment: You can use it as a combo starter and a combo linker. The damage is good in PvP which makes it a good skill to level up high. It has invincibility frame also from start to end of the skill and what makes it a good skill is it's controllable. By controlling your pov, you can actually move forwards twice/different directions. Chain into press kick-assault smash. Or you can use this skill after an opponent has been stunned. Once the target has been stun, you can use this skill to launch target. However, take note that the launch of this skill isn't that good as Upper Swing and it takes a lot of practice to perfect.

Attack Dash Cancel- Allows you to Attack Dash during a basic attack in case of emergency.
Comment: Get this skill to cancel your regular attack and move without delay, use primarily for chasing.

Rapid Attack II- Launch an additional attack after Rapid Attack I.
90%+65 physical damage
Comment: Level 1 is enough for additional hit after Rapid Attack.

Deep Wind Step- Cut through enemies in one swift movement.Temporarily makes you invincible, and 
220%+260 physical damage
Comment: Short invincible frame on the start of the skill but it has no armor while running. It will only activate the superarmor on recovery. Despite of that, it is the best secondary damage dealer, and can ground a target also. If you’re good with control, you can hit opponents 5-7 times before downing them. And if you can utilize this skill to its full potential, then I suggest to max it.

Ground Cutter III- Add another blade of energy to Ground Cutter II.
165%+110 physical damage 
Ground Cutter size 100% (Level 1)
Comment: Level 1 is sufficient for combo.

Rising Attack- General combo escaping and recovering from a downward state. Activates pretty fast, but has recovery frames that opponents can take advantage.
Comment: Basically your quick way of recovering from a down state. It activates pretty fast but still it has recovery frames which an opponent can take advantage to launch an attack. Get this skill however due to you need this to get up quickly and avoid being pick up and combo.

Passive Skills

Max HP Increase- Increase your max HP.
Additional Effect
- increases max HP 200 (Level 1)
Comment: Max this passive skill.

Attack Mastery I- Allows for more precise and powerful attacks.
Additional Effect
- increases physical attack 1.0%+2 (Level 1)
Comment: Max this also.

Defense Mastery I- Improves the effectiveness of your armor and increases physical defense. Increase your max HP.
Additional Effect
- increases physical defense 1%+5 (Level 1)
- increases max HP 5 (Level 1)
Comment: Max this as well.

Max MP Increase- Increases your max MP.
Additional Effect
- increases max MP 200 (Level 1)
Comment: I don't think it is a good idea getting this skill. I prefer skipping it.

Attack Mastery II- Allows for more precise and powerful attacks. Your basic combo is extended to 5 hits (not active in attack stance). 
Additional Effect
- increases physical attack 1%+2 (Level 1)
Comment: Level it high or even max it.

Tachyon Tactician- Increases your technical knowledge so that you can use the enhanced Tachyon Smash. Significantly increases the attack range of Tachyon Smash. Increases the pull speed of Tachyon Smash. Adds an additional final effect. This skill cannot be used in PvP.
Comment: Don't get this skill. Remember that this is a PvP Blademaster skill build and this passive don't work on PvP.

Critical Increase- Increases your critical chance.
Additional Effect
- increases critical chance 1% (Level 1)
Comment: You can max this skill but also, you can skip (recommended to max some damager skill) it.

Attack Mastery III- Allows for more precise and powerful attacks. Your basic combo is extended to 6 hits (not active in Attack Stance). 
Additional Effect
- increases physical attack 1%+2 (Level 1)
Comment: You can level this skill high for more damage or you can just leave it to 1 if you need the extension on the normal hits rather than the damage.

Here is my level 63 PvP skill build for Blademaster in C9 Online: 
Blademaster Action Skills

Blademaster Command Skills
Blademaster Passive Skills
For some PvP Basics, I would like to share my adapted strategies on PvP for Blademaster by Aphonia of C9 US SERVER. Basically, I have learned a lot from him and this is why I have decided to put up a PvP Blademaster guide for C9 Online. I thank him and give credit to him as for without his knowledge, this guide wouldn't be created.

Here's what Aphonia have to say in terms of PvP Basics for Blademaster in C9 Online:

PvP Basics 

6 armor judgements(the edge of your character will be colored): 

  • Invincibilityz(white outline): Cannot get hit/grabbed 
  • Superarmor(red outline): Motion does not cancel at all, but you can get grabbed 
  • Guard(no outline): Motion does not get cancelled normally, but can be grabbed and can be cancelled by guard breaking skills 
  • Semi-superarmor(blue outline): Motion gets cancelled if hit by semi-superarmor breaking moves, can get grabbed 
  • Crouch(no outline): Motion does not get cancelled by projectiles, but gets cancelled by melee hits. 
  • No armor(no outline): Motion gets cancelled if you get hit. 

Attack judgements: 

  • Semi-superarmor break: cancels semi-superarmor moves by opponent 
  • Stun: Stuns opponent for a sec or so 
  • Grab: Grabs opponent, cancels up to superarmor moves 
  • Guard break: Breaks opponent’s guards 

A skill can have more than 1 attack judgements and only 1 armor judgement; for example choke flat of taoists has stun+guard break+semi-superarmor break for the attack judgement and invincible for the armor judgement. Back end upper for fighters have semi-superarmor break attack judgement and invincible for armor judgement. 
All skills have 3 distinct parts: Startup-attack animation-recovery. Knowing when your armor judgement helps to properly guard enemy attacks when executing your own skills and knowing enemy recovery times for skills are important in taking advantage in general. Blademasters have an easier time counterattacking on enemy recovery frames because they have the high ms. The startup/attack/recovery times are different for each skill, so learn them all. 

Example 1: Press Kick 

Startup – (turns body, invincible armor judgement) 
Attack animation – (the blue kick, no armor judgement, guard break/stun attack judgement) 
Recovery – (very quick recovery, no armor judgement) 

Example 2: Shadow Dash 

Startup – (dashes forward, turns invisible. invincible armor judgement) 
Attack animation – (turns visible, grabs if you successfully time your click, no armor judgement, grab attack judgement) 
Recovery – (no recovery if grabbed, pretty heavy recovery if failed to grab, rolls forward, no armor judgement, no attack judgement) 

Example 3: Tao Stinger 

Startup – (reels the staff backwards preparing to dash, invincible armor judgement) 
Attack animation – (dashes forward, semi-superarmor armor judgement, semi-superarmor-break and stun attack judgement) 
Recovery – (almost no recovery if hit, short recovery if missed, no armor judgement on recovery) 
Knowing your and your opponent’s recoveries and skill judgement is key. Always try to use skills with quick activation after a skill with long recovery. 
Now, the opponent has two different moves that can be used to escape from your ground combo or juggle. They are the evasive dash(shift+direction while being hit) and evasive attack(rm+lm while being hit). They both have a cooldown of 24 seconds, and cannot be reduced by cooldown reduction stats(which will be available on souls and auspices). Obviously, utilizing these two evasions is key to being good at PvP. 
Evasive attack can only be used on the ground, and knocks back/downs the opponent. The animation is different for all classes, but for all classes there are no startup frames, there are invincible action frames, and a slight recovery frame in which you have no armor. 
Evasive dash can be used both on ground and in air, thus making it the more important than the evasive attack. Certain classes can change the direction of evasive dash, opening up a new route to counterattack. 

Since you can only properly execute a ground combo when both the evasive attack/dash of the opponents are on cooldown, it is hard to execute a ground combo if your skill levels are similar. Thus, air juggles are the more dominant way of executing combos, since it is necessary to take out only the evasive dash of the opponent to execute an air juggle. Each class has certain moves that can be used to air juggle; stun into grab is the most common way, and picking up the opponent from the ground is another common way of starting an air juggle. 
Finally, you can do something that’s called a stunlock combo. Each hit of this combo has the stun property, meaning that opponents cannot use evasive dash or attack. However, to compensate, they are often very short(3-4skills long) and deal significantly less damage then regular combos. For blademasters, they have a really good stunlock combo that is about equal to 7-8 seconds of air juggles, but other classes do not have such good stunlock combos. 
Now, downing the opponent is really important as a blademaster or a combo character in general, because ground combos pick up the opponent from the ground and don’t give him a chance to use evasive attack. There are 2 moves that can be used to get up: rising attack and the roll/standup. Both have a cooldown of 10 seconds; if both abilities are on cooldown and the opponent gets downed, he will need around 3 seconds for your char to get up naturally. This is a really good timing for you to do a ground combo, forcing your opponent to use his evasive dash. 
Furthermore, the roll takes a bit of time to execute, allowing you to go into a ground combo if you’re quick enough, and the rising attack is almost instant but has a significant recovery that you can take advantage of if you expect your opponent to use rising attack. Mixing up your strategies is therefore important; sometimes go straight into a ground combo and sometimes try to fake your opponents’ rising attack so you can go into a stunlock combo or grab. 


Combos are the core damage dealing mechanisms of blademasters. The thing to keep in mind is that after 7 hits, damage will decrease, down to 30% of the damage normally dealt when combo count is around 20. Thus, since only the first 7 hits will hit for the full amount of damage, it is important to concentrate the damage dealing moves to the front of the combo. Remember that the primary damage dealers are assault smash/thrust kick for blademasters. 

Basic combo: 

Back upper -> press kick -> assault smash -> Bash 1, 2 -> Thrust kick/gain -> grab. 
Grab -> assault smash -> 1 normal hit -> Thrust kick/gain -> Bash 1, 2 -> 3 normal hits -> grab 

Ground combos: 

Bash 1, 2 -> Thrust kick/gain -> 3 normal hits -> assault smash -> grab 
Assault smash -> 1 normal hit -> Thrust kick/gain -> bash 1, 2 -> 3 normal hits -> grab 
Check his channel http://www.youtube.com/2010dchoi for some more basic combos. 

PvP skill chaining 
Now, if you’ve read the pvp basics section, you should know that each skill has a recovery frame that can be utilized by opponents. Therefore, you would want to primarily use skills with small recovery frames, small startup frames, and have some sort of decent armor judgement. 
For blademasters, the primary skills that are used close range are: 
- Back end upper -> press kick 
Invincible time on back upper continues to invinc time on press kick, almost no recovery 
- Back end upper -> thrust kick -> cancel shining cutter 
Invinc time on back upper – superarmor on thrust kick – cancel into invinc time on shining cutter. Shining cutter has a bit of recovery though, be cautious about using it 
- Back end upper -> cancel counter smash 
Invinc -> guard, be cautious because counter smash has a massive recovery if not hit. 
- Back end upper -> target guard 
Different from counter smash because back upper cannot be cancelled; but lower risk than counter smash because its recovery is small. 
- Back end upper -> storm wheel wind or moonlight cutter 
Invinc -> full superarmor, use to take opponent’s hit safely without getting cancelled 
- Back end upper -> grab/backhit grab 
Invinc -> grab judgement attack, grab allows for subsequent combos while backhit grab is more defensive. 

Another important thing to note in skill chaining is cancelling. You can cancel some skill animations and go into another skill without delay(recovery frames of first skill). By convention, action skills are cancelled by command skills and vice versa, but this is not always the case. Each class has different cancelling skill chains, so practice. Blademasters rely on back end upper -> cancel into any action skill chain. 

PvP Styles 

For blademasters, there are a couple of different pvp styles. First, there’s the “charge” style, where you basically get close to the opponent as fast as you can and disrupt his moves with the normal attack (yes, blademaster’s normal left click attack is the fastest with shadow’s normal left click) and the skill chains that I described above. The key here is to never let your opponent catch their breath. I found this style to be particularly useful against shadow/assassin/rangers. 
The second style is the “fake” style, where blademaster stays just out of the opponent’s range, and uses his superior movespeed and precise timing on target guard/counter smash to lure out opponent’s moves and attak on the recovery. This style requires in depth knowledge of your opponent’s class as well as your own class, since you need to properly utilize your invincible moves and need to know when the recovery times of the opponents are. I personally use the “fake” style in most of my matches, and I’d say most other top ranking blademasters pvp based on the “fake” style, changing only to the “charge” style briefly to mix things up a bit. 
However, just keep in mind that pvp style is ever evolving; if some different style fits you, go on and develop that style.