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Kali Job Change Quest in Dragon Nest Guide

What's up guys?! Leynard here. I will be sharing to you yet another Kali guide in Dragon Nest SEA. Due to a lot of players having trouble finding the job change for Kali in the game, I have decided to put up a guide in this blog which will aid you with this problem. 

I will share in this page a step-by-step guide which will feature how to finally become a Blade Dancer, Spirit Dancer, Soul Eater or Dark Summoner in Dragon Nest SEA. We will focus mainly on the 3rd job change which we can get at level 45 (recommended level) as the level 15 job change is pretty easy and noticeable the moment you level up to 15. So, let's cut the chit-chat and get on to business.

Screamer/Dancer Level 45 Job Advancement Quest Guide

Step 1: The very first thing you should do is to go to Lotus Marsh village once you have hit level 45. Why 45? I can get my job advancement already at level 44? The thing is, level 45 is the recommended level as the quest for the job advancement do require you to be at level 45 (most of the quest). Once you have hit this level, go to the village and go to the mailbox. There, read the letter that will say "Are you ready to become and oh soo powerful Blade Dancer/Spirit Dancer/Soul Eater/Dark Summoner? Then you will reply "YES!". Well, I just made that up guys but the quest is really there :D.

Step 2: Once you have taken the quest, go to Riverwort Wharf (Outside the village) and go find Warrior Xian. From him, you will receive your very first level 45 job advancement quest.
Step 3: Then, proceed to Karakule's Hut where that lazy old lady is lying on her rocking chair. You don't need to talk to her but you need to have a chat with that box located at her table called the "Chatter Book Doctor".
Step 4: Once you have received your very first dungeon quest for the level 45 job advancement quest, go to Ancient Library and finish the first part of the quest. The quest can be done on easy mode by the way. To be able to save time and some Resurrection Scroll, GO EASY.
Step 5:  After you finish killing the boss at Ancient Library, go talk to Warrior Xian. He is located at the room where you killed to boss of Ancient Library by the way.
Step 6: After you have finished talking with your lover, I mean Warrior Xian, go right back to that box located at Karakule's Hut and chat with that thing for further instruction.
Step 7: And then, from that box you will receive your second dungeon quest. This time, you will be asked to go to East Ancient Armory. You can still go in this dungeon on EASY mode by the way to finish it quickly.

Step 8: Once you have killed the boss on this dungeon, talk to that Macho Man who is craving for your body (just kidding :D) located at the room where you killed the last boss.
Step 9: Then after flirting :D, go back to Karakule's Hut and talk to that thing again called the Chatter Box Doctor.
Step 10: Once you have finished talking to that mumbling and grumbling box, you will then go to West Ancient Armory. Again, go on EASY mode and finish the dungeon by killing the final boss. You don't have to talk to someone here after you killed the boss as he will just drop an item you need for your quest called "Mutated Iron Crow Jewel 1".

Step 11: Once you have finished the dungeon and have received the item, go to the chatter box again located at Karakule's Hut. In that thing, you will receive a quest item called "Incomplete Soul's Seal 1" in exchange for the "Mutated Iron Crow Jewel 1".
Step 12: After you have received the item, go to Lotus Marsh Village and look for Grandpa "Heraldry Scholar Hancock" and give him the item. From him, you will receive an item named "Complete Soul's Heraldry 1".
Step 13: Once you have received the item, go outside the village and Talk to your lover Warrior Xian :D. He is located at the spot where you first met by the way.
Step 14: Once you have talked (flirted :D), go to Karakule's Hut and go talk to that Chatter Box Doctor. From that thing, you will receive the final phase of the job change quest. Take the challenge and then proceed to the realm where you will be facing your shadow.
Step 15: Once inside, talk Gaharam's Spirit, play with your Shadow for awhile and then decide which path you will take: Blade Dancer/Spirit Dancer/Soul Eater/Dark Summoner.
Step 16: Once finished, go back to the village and proceed to the Hermit Totem (your funny looking statue-skill instructor) and finally decide what class you will take: Blade Dancer/Spirit Dancer/Soul Eater/Dark Summoner.
To prove the validity of this guide, you can see the video (which will be uploaded shortly) below which features KaliSwagEx performing the Kali Job Change quest. Be warned that the video you will see below is pretty noo-bish :D. There are some bloopers where I get lost on dungeons and even outside the Lotus Marsh. Imagine playing Dragon Nest for almost 3 years and still getting lost. hahaha. I think you can finish this quest a lot faster than me :D. For those who have finally become Blade Dancer/Spirit Dancer/Soul Eater/Dark Summoner, congratulations guys!

Update: My video was rejected by Youtube to it's too long. Luckily, you won't see how noob I am.hahaha. Well, the screen-ies above where taken from the videos guide so all of them was really performed by me and is truly true :D.