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Traxex Drow Ranger DOTA 2 Guide and Strategy

Hello guys! Welcome to the very first DOTA guide in Web Junkies Blog. In this page, we will be discussing one of the most popular heroes of DOTA, Traxex also known as Drow Ranger.

Traxex is best known for her damage and there's no doubt about that. With her passive skills which grants her damage and attack speed plus, with her slow and silence, she can kill almost any hero in DOTA. And, with the perfect items, skills distribution per level and strategy, I'm pretty sure that you'll love Traxex like everyone does.

So now, let's cut to the chase and on to learning how to play Traxex in DOTA 2.

First thing that you must know is what is the role of Traxex in a team. Basically, this AGI female elf can be the main carry of a team. If you can farm well, gank well and know how to cooperate with your team, then at the end of the game, they will be thanking you for carrying them to victory.

First, let's determine each skills of Traxex and learn what is the use of each skills and of course, how and when will we use it.

Frost Arrow- I call this skill sometimes as a Devil's gift. You will have the benefit of slowing your enemies for 50% that will last for 1.5 seconds in enemy heroes but, the trade off is this skill has the "orb effect". Basically, this hinder Drow Ranger from using some of the best carry items in the game. Instead of those items, we will try to use items that will increas eher damage and attack speed to make up for this.

Note: However, this doesn't mean that you can't use those best carry items which has orb effect. In late games, most player go with Satanic (one of the best carry items) as a Drow Ranger because they prefer the life steal first and then they will only activate Frost Arrow when the enemy is escaping.

Silence- INT heroes really hate Traxex because of this skill. Well, the very long silence duration (especially at max level) and as well as its AoE makes it a great skill for ganking clashing and of course escaping. And, squishy heroes like INT who relies solely on active skills will definitely have problems with this one as it hinders them to cast their skills (obviously :D). In additiona, this skill is the main reason why Traxex is picked in a team. You need this to disable every possible skill(s) that could be the cause of wiping out the whole team, especially in clashing.

Trueshot- In the late game, this skill truly shine as it gives Traxex a great boos in damage (especially with you at full level and have your core items). Normally in mid-game, this skill will give you 50 additional damage while if you have your luxury items, possibly it will give you 100-200 additional damage. And when you have Shadow Blade, you can constantly roam and gank heroes in any lane and make them fail. Take note that with this item, Traxex can dish out 150 damage per shot before you can get the second point to your ultimate (level 11).

Marksmanship- Drow Ranger's Ultimate which gives her the damage she need to make an enemy hit the ground in no time. Not only damage, but the attack speed also as this skill boost her AGI and when I say boost, I mean A LOT!

Stat- Personally, I put 1 point on stat before leveling to 6 as it gives me that extra HP, damage and mana which will give a bit of an edge over my opponent.

Basically, my skill distribution per level will be like this:
Level 1- Stat
Level 2- Frost Arrow
Level 3- Frost Arrow
Level 4- Silence
Level 5- Frost Arrow
Level 6- Marksmanship
Level 7- Frost Arrow
Level 8- Silence
Level 9- Silence
Level 10- Trueshot
Level 11- Marksmanship
Level 12- Silence
Level 13- Trueshot
Level 14-Trueshot
Level 15- Stat
Level 16-Marksmanship
Level 17- Trueshot
Level 18- Stat
Level 19- Stat
Level 20- Stat
Level 21- Stat
Level 22- Stat
Level 23- Stat
Level 24- Stat
Level 25- Stat


Starting Items
When the game starts, I recommend that you have these items on your slot:

1. 3 Slippers of Agility- Basically, we need this for the extra damage. In early game, our key role is to harass enemy heroes and with a bit of damage we receive from three Slippers of Agility well, we can ensure that we can be a good harasser at the early game.

2. 1 Healing Salve or 3 Tango- Basically for healing purposes at times when we really need it.

3. 1 Iron Branch- Well, it's like what I have explained on the stat: a bit of addition to attributes (STR, AGI, INT), gives you a bit of an edge on battle.

Core Items

Upon reaching the mid level of the game, I strongly suggest that you get these items as follows:

1. Power Threads- Why not Phase Boots? The main reason is that Power Threads give more benefit to you as Drow Ranger. Take note that it grants extra damage and attack speed to your hero which basically a great combo to your ultimate Marksmanship. Yes, Phase Boots has the ability to grant sudden burst of speed and damage but, it lacks the attack speed. This item plus the Marksmanship skill is what allows Drow Ranger into building straight to her core items as fast as possible.

2. Shadow Blade- One of the ultimate ganking item in DOTA 2. Well, who doesn't love Shadow Blade? It does give you the invisibility, damage and bonus movement that you need to both gank well and escape from a hard situation. This is a perfect item for Drow Ranger as it gives him the advantage to both position and surprise her opponents in gank situations.

3. Crystalys- A very good item to have as Drow Ranger and works perfect to those opponents who has Vanguard as an item. Take note that this item gives you a critical chance which at mid game if you have manage to get this skill, enemies will be devastated as it will take away a huge chunk of their life even if they have Vanguard or high armor value.

4. Manta Style- Aside from Shadow Blade, this is the other core item that you must have. Take note that each Illusion of Manta Style can have the bonus of both Trueshot and Marksmanship which only means that they can inflict good damage to the enemy. Not to mention that this item can give you the extra HP/MP and even more Agility you need to outclass any enemy hero. And lastly, Manta Style could serve as a way to defend as it can disjoint any projectile in the game if you time it correctly.

Important Note: The Illusion can't deal critical damage. I don't know if it's a bug or just a fake animation which tend enemies believing that you deal so much damage that the only way to survive is to run far away from you.

Luxury Items
Basically, these items are for late games:

1. Butterfly- More damage, attack speed and extra evasion would totally make you unstoppable at late game. This is the item which will make you an ultimate carry at late game.

2. Assault Cuirass- Basically, I have this item at late game for the attack speed and as well as the defense it gives me. In late game, everyone has their luxury items and it could make their damage hurt a lot. In addition, it has this ability to decrease the armor of nearby enemies which is really perfect for more damage inflicted to them.

3. Daedalus- Can't get enough of critical? Then upgrade it with more and see how the life of your opponent turn to zero in a couple of seconds.

Situational Items

1. Wraith Band- In early game, when you are dying to often, I suggest that you do get Wraith Band. This is the item you must get if you are doing poorly to help you farm a bit fast and make up for the gold and time you spend dying and walking from fountain to lane.

2. Satanic- In situations that you need life steal more than ever, then I suggest that you get Satanic. In times when the battle is toe-to-toe, you need the life steal to outsurvive an opponent, especially those heroes which are carry also. Just like I have said, even Traxex has this orb effect, this doesn't mean that you can't use items which has orb effect. Just say for example, if the enemy is up close then use Satanic first and once he/she runs, then that's the time to use Frost Arrow.

3. Black King Bar- In cases wherein the opposing team has numbers in terms of skillers, then I suggest that you go for BKB. This will allow you to free hit without worrying of being stop by various skills like stuns and silence.

4. Monkey King Bar- True Strike baby which basically means more pure raw damage! Plus it gives a mini-stun to enemies for a certain probability.


Early Game Strategy
Personally, I don't want to solo at mid as Traxex. I prefer having a partner at top lane preferably with stun or slow skills. Your goal at first is to last hit enemy creeps, deny your own creeps, harass any enemy heroes that you are facing and focus mainly on completing your very first core item which is Power Threads. However, if you are harassing, I suggest to not be to over-aggressive. Just harass when the opportunity presents itself. Oh yeah! here's another strategy: If you are near your tower, attack the enemy hero and the creeps will be aggro. Once they have been aggro, go to the tower and take your time aiming and killing those creeps which has low life and after that, thank your tower! :D. In addition of you can pull those creeps near your top tower, then do so. And lastly, don't waste your mana Autocasting your Frost Arrow.

Mid-Game Strategy
At mid-game, you must have both Power Threads and Shadow Blade. This will be your main key in successful ganking. And also, don't forget your silence. Your goal at mid game is to gank gank gank and gank some more! However, be wise in ganking. Don't gank if some enemy heroes are not present on the map and don't gank alone if you can't take enemies down (like STR heroes or heroes which has escape abilities). If there isn't no ganking opportunity, just farm a bit more and of course, this is the time to take advantage of your damage and push enemy towers. You have Shadow Blade to escape by the way so now is the time to take those towers down! 

Another advice that I can give is that using wards. If your support don't ward that often, then buy some and put some! Anyway, you can now farm fast and wards are pretty cheap for you. In addition, avoid your fountain as much as possible, going back to home can consume a lot of time. Just follow this rotation: GANK then FARM AT LANE THEN FARM AT JUNGLE AND VICE VERSA. 

Important Notes in Ganking: If you are ganking, prepare first to autocast your frost arrow and of course, always use first Silence so that an enemy has little to none chance of escaping.

Late Game Strategy
When the game gets really long, then you should have at least Manta Style and as well as Daedylus in your side. In this stage of the game, DON'T SOLO as you will be raped very often especially when the opponent decide to have a Gem of Truesight. Your goal here is to be with your team as often as possible and pushing enemy towers and barracks. In clashing, I stronly suggest that you make use of your silence very often and wisely. This will be your main key to winning a clash. And of course, take position to a spot where you can freely hit enemy heroes and don't just sit on a tight spot where they can hit you. Frost Arrow should be always autocast in team fights but, don't try to initiate a clash for goodness sake. Let the heroes that has a better initiating skill do the bidding and follow it up with your silence and then, go pawn those bit****!

Bonus Tip in Mid-game and Late game: ALWAYS BRING A TOWN PORTAL!

So there you have it, this is my personal build and strategy while playing as Traxex in DOTA 2. If you have suggestions or you have your very own build and strategy, feel free to share your thoughts on the comment box below.