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Best Spirit Dancer Skill Build in Dragon Nest [T4]

In this page, we will be discussing about Spirit Dancer in Dragon Nest. More specifically, we will determine what are the skills which are best for this class and of course, we will try to create a skill build for Spirit Dancer.

First, let's know what is a Spirit Dancer. Basically, this is the other job advancement you can get when you decided to become a Dancer. This class is easier to play than Blade Dancer. Unlike BD, this class has the advantage in terms of AOE and mid range skills. The AOE is decent as you you have more chance on hitting the target than Blade Dancer who needs to be accurate on their every move. This class tends to use her "Spirit Guardians" like the Praetor, which is essentially is a mid-range skills. To make the story short, they are more like Elemental Lords.

Also, Spirit Dancer skills has way more faster cooldown than the Blade Dancer skill. However, the only downside in playing this class lies on her skill also. Her skills has this thing called small pause which can leave her vulnerable some times to counter attack. All of her skills require a small "pause" before executing the strongest hit. You may usually see her attack pausing for awhile before casting the first hit of a skill or, see her pause at the middle part of the skill casting.

Now that you know what is a Spirit Dancer in Dragon Nest, let's then proceed to determining the skills that you should prioritize for this class. My final level 50 Spirit Dancer Skil Build in Dragon Nest SEA is...
Kali Skill Tree
Dancer Skill Tree
Spirit Dancer Skill Tree
Why to get (or max) and why to "not get" skills?

Kali Skill Tree

Soul Wind- There's nothing special about this skill. It can't be of any good use and the damage isn't that significant especially for a Dancer which uses the physical attack damage. Best that you leave this skill as it is.

Despair Needle- You can use this skill as a part of your combo (but it's OPTIONAL and not a MUST). When you cast this skill, you will shoot black thorns out from the floor which last for 5 seconds. Based from experience, for that duration, small enemies (including players) inside the area of the thorns will be stuck there for awhile if they don't have escape mechanism that is. You can level this skill to 1 for utility purposes or as a part of your combo.

Important Note: This DOT skill can hit grounded enemies and it's best use that way to extend your combo (proceed to pick up skill after this in PvP).

Negative Ghost- This skill is purely for PvE purposes. It doesn't give out that oh so powerful damage but, what it gives is the ability to lessen or negate the aggro of mobs. Meaning, if you will acst this skill, mobs surrounding you will lost the will to attack you for a certain period of time. At level 6, it will give you a longer duration of the anti-aggro effect which is quite useful especially on situations where a crowd is hounding you to death. In terms of PvP, skip it as it doesn't work on players.

Important Note: At early levels, this skill is quite useful especially in grinding. However, once you are at max level, the usefulness of this skill will no longer be useful to you (especially when you become a Dancer). This skill doesn't affect large bosses in Nest and if you are worried of the fact that a crowd will surround you, well, worry nor more as at high levels, you will have skills which can clear them out easily. The final verdict for this skill is: level it to 6 at early levels and then reset and don't get it if you are already at max level.

Phantom Guard- I have a change of heart with this skill. At first, I find no use of this skill for Dancer but only for Screamer. I had been thinking twice on maxing this skill because of the high MP consumption. However, at max level,this skill is really special. The damage reduction in the cost of your MP is just the icing on the cake of this skill. What really shines from this skill IMO is its ability to give you high super armor. Some Dancer and as well as Screamer skills has low SA and can easily be interrupted by enemy attack. You can avoid that by using this skill. The damage reduction by the way is really helpful in both PvE and PvP especially on hard Nest.

Important Note: This skill does consume mana fast especially when you are being hit so hard by the enemy. I strongly suggest that you just use this skill when you really need it: Boss Fights or even at situations when you think you really need it.

Spirit of Genie- A one skick and very IMBA buff. Just imagine a buff which works like a mini Divine Avatar. It grants you 80% more STR, INT, VIT and AGI. And, do remember that this doesn't cost any SP so get this skill no matter what.

Sting Breeze- As a Dancer, the main purpose of this skill to to juggle enemy to the air. However, once you hit high levels, you will notice that you have great skills that do more damage and as well as juggle the enemy. This skill will be outclassed at high level and you will definitely not include it on your hotkey. Just leave it as it is.

Fancy Turn- I find no use for this skill at high levels. Which is why I just leave this skill at its current level.

Spirit Blow- So far, I can say that this is the skill that you must prioritize on getting or even leveling high, especially when you are going as a Dancer. (Level 1 for Screamer for utility by the way). The damage is pretty decent at high level but that's not what makes this skill special. Spirit Blow is main use to break skills which has high super armor. It has decent damage and super armor breaking capability... Is it not obvious that you should get this skill no matter what?

Aerial Evasion- Well, we don't need to discuss why we need this skill and its important on every class in Dragon Nest. Max this skill.

Return Spin- You will find this skill useful in PvP as a Dancer, especially when you have high stun rate. What it does is, when you stun an opponent and then cast this skill, you will launch them to the air while you will somersault backwards. Once you have successfully hit the enemy player with this move, you can then follow it up with Deadly Drill or simply Turning Step then Mist Step. In short, it is a good combo connector and I know... It's more fun to combo as a Dancer :D.

Ghost Kick- A great skill to have especially in PvP. You need this skill to be safe after you use Twinkle Spin as when you have finished turning and kicking on the air, you will be very vulnerable when you land on the ground especially when you just hit air on the aerial part. Ghost Kick will be your safety precaution aside from Deadly Drill when you have finished performing Twinkle Spin.

Slave Hand- Your quickest way to get up after being grounded. Get this skill.

Turning Step- Max this skill for evasive and mobility purposes.

Dummy Ghost- Once you have been staggered by an enemy, use this skill. What it does is it lets you escape that state and then, you will leave a ghost talisman which will aggro a bit enemies and after a few seconds, it will explode. Personally, I max this skill as it proves to be useful in both PvE and PvP.

Physical Mastery/Mental Mastery/Mind Conquer- Max these passive to increase your HP, MP and MP recovery respectively.

Dancer Skill Tree

Graze Dance- Level 1 for prerequisite as a Spirit Dancer. You will need to level Illusion Dance instead of this.

Sweet Circle- Level 1 for prerequisite. The casting animation of this skill is pretty long if you decided to stick with the whole casting. Plus, it don't give that much damage to the enemy. Like Graze Dance, I just break cancel this to activate Breeze Call instantly.

Breeze Call Dance- Just 1 please. You must prioritize Illusion Dance as a Spirit Dancer than this one.

Breeze Call- Get this skill not only for prerequisite but for its ability to increase the critical of your Blade Dancer skill and, the ability to break cancel certain skill. With this abilities, you will be more flexible in battle you can cancel skills like Sweet Circle and avoid being countered. Plus, did I mention that this skill is a great combo connector? It does have this suction ability to pull enemy close to you and make them pay for getting in your face!

Twinkle Spin- This skill makes you invincible once you are turning and twisting on the air. Also, in view with the level 60 cap, Blade Dancer might be getting the Ex version of this skill which fixes the landing part of it. Which is why it's a very good idea to max it out now if you are going BD. However for a Spirit Dancer, you will not often use this especially at level 60 cap. You will only use this skill in times were you need to remove the aerial evasion of the enemy in PvP. Personally, I just level this skill to 1 for that purpose.

Deadly Drill- Some say that this skill isn't that good as you will have hard times in making the whole damage of this skill hit especially in PvP. Well, this is the very hard part of being a Dancer: Making every skill hit the enemy. You need to practice the aiming part to flawlessly execute all your combo. Based in experience, the last hit of this skill does the most damage to the enemy and, do remember that you have the control to inflict the last hit f this skill by pressing the "Normal Attack Button". PvP or PvE, the damage is decent which is why I have decided to level this skill high. In addition to the damage, this skill has various uses like being a great combo connector, chasing and escaping skill and as well as a good positioning skill.

Elegant Storm- Level this skill high. It can deal decent damage to the enemy and so far, I can say that this skill is one of your skill that does the most damage to the enemy. If there's one piece of advice I can give you, that would be to use this skill wisely. Based on experience, this skill can be cancel by certain attacks, especially those attacks with high SA break.

Inner Fire- You can take this ultimate as a Spirit Dancer but it is optional which basically means "IT DEPENDS ON YOUR PREFERENCE. This ultimate is more safe and more powerful in terms of damage than Storm of Ewiniar. SoF leaves you vulnerable when you transform as when you just hit air, the opponent will just go to your back and will strike at the right moment. Inner Fire is different as you are invincible while it is active. The only problem is, this skill in uncontrollable. You will just move in a straight path which only means that you need perfect aim on the target first to hit him with this.

Bonus Tip: If you decide to get this ultimate, then sacrifice some points on either Sufi Dancer or Abolisher.

Sinia Turn- This skill is great in closing in to targets and a great initiation skill for your combo. The damage is decent but, I don't recommend on leveling it to more than 1. You can't use this skill often as you need to cast first Turning Step. Remember that Turning Step has various uses and not only intended for just using Sinia Turn. Level 1 is sufficient.

Mist Step- Personally I love this skill. It gives a Dancer more mobility and flexibility in battle. It gives you that additional option to both chase and escape and, it can be a great initiation skill in PvP. At a distance, you can cast this skill and press normal or special attack button (depending on your preference), to attack with your weapon and follow up with another skill or launch the target to the air respectively.

Stalker- The skill reminds me of Tracking Arrows of Bowmasters. The only difference is that, instead of arrows, a ghost will track the enemy down. It has this explosion once it hits the target and stagger them for awhile. As a Blade Dancer it isn't recommended to level this skill high. Just 6 to get its Ex version as the damage and as well as the wide explosion.

Bonus Tip: Make sure that you cast this skill when there is no blockage or side walls. Often times when you cast this skill and the opponent is hiding on the wall, the Ghost will try to go through the wall (which he can't) and explode in that wall. But it depends on your preference.

Dusk Hunter- This is a range skill which lets you summon the Dusk Hunter to attack the enemy with an arrow shot. Like any Spirit Dancer skill, this has this pause time or I often called as recovery frames which will make the skill interruptible. Personally, I just level this skill to 1 for prerequisite.

Illusion Dance- Some say that this skill is better left at level 1 but I say that it should be at 6 at least. You usually don't need this to be a damager skill but as a enhancement skill for your Spirit Dancer skills. Take note that once in Spirit enhancement state, this gives your Spirit Dancer damage reduction and as well as little HP recovery but the most amazing feat of this skill is it enhances the Final Damage of your skill by 50% (PvE) 25% (PvP) utmost atm. Just imagine the damage it will cause when hitting an enemy with General Dunblade or even Storm of Ewiniar wit this buff on.

Illusion Gaze- Get this skill not only for prerequisite but also for utility and enhancement for your Spirit Dance skills. You can activate it after you cast a Spirit Dance skill and once you activate it, this will give you an increase on the Spirit Dance skill's attack speed which basically fixes that recovery time or that pause time for a bit. If you can notice, once you successfully have the effect of this skill then you cast General Dunblade, you will see a faster action speed of the skill.

Abolisher- So far, this skill is the only skill on the Spirit Dancer which has no pause based on using it. It does deal good damage to the enemy and, it can be a good combo connector as you can launch the enemy into the air and then once they land, you can follow it up with another skill. Also, in view with the level 60 cap, we might get the Ex version of this skill and based from what I have seen and heard, the upgraded version is really great because not only the damage is increased but also the frontal AOE and range.

Sufi Dancer- If you hit a large target with one Sufi Dancer then you won't see the magnifique of this skill but, if you hit it with four, then you will definitely see that this skill have decent damage in PvE. This skill does great damage on huge bosses and if you are planning to be a PvE Dancer, then go and level this skill high.

General Dunblade- You can either level it high or max this skill. It does 3 hits and the most significant damage that the enemy will receive is at the last hit. Make that last hit count before deciding to "break cancel" it.

Storm of Ewiniar- The ultimate you must take if you are going Spirit Dancer. There isn't that much of an special feat for this skill except for its fancy and deals good damage to the enemies in front, and puts them on place until the tornado subsides.

Ecstatic Dance- This skill does help a Dancer! The damage boost is quite decent as it's added on every hit of your skill (normal attack button to summon ghouls) and the heal is really good especially if you are going solo on dungeons (special attack button to summon orc). In my personal point of view, I think that a Dancer must have this skill at max level especially if you are a PvE fanatic.

Ecstatic Dance Part 2- Pure PvE and as well as Hybrid may take this skill, The damage boost will be very helpful for your party. Period.

Ecstatic Dance Part 3- Also, this skill is quite useful for PvE. What it does is give you an increas of your Max HP and, gives you a percentage increase on your HP recovery (this effect is like Priest's Aura Restoration). You can max this skill if you are going serious PvE.

Spirit Dancer Skill Tree

Wide Stinger- I think level 1 will be enough for this skill. Based from what I have heard,lvl 1 and 6 are only different in terms of damage. You may cancel half-way for this skill and still receive the 90% crit buff for "General Dun Blade" and "Praetor". The AoE is pretty wide but, it's slow and this skill is one of those where the Spirit Dancer will pause for awhile.

Praetor- This has the highest damage output of all Spirit Dancer skills. When you cast this skill, you will summon a Fire guardian which will slam the ground 3 times and deal insane damage on enemies. The last hit may also stun the opponents (similar to Rampage Claw of Screamer) However, this skill have 2 small "pauses" during the animation and in PvP, players can avoid the damage by jumping on the ground. So PAY ATTENTION TO THESE FACTS!

Stalker Ex- When you decided to get this skill, the ghost's explosion will become really big. Damage is also improved. However, it's still a slow casting skill, hard to chain with any other skills. May be handy to blow up surrounding mobs for escaping purpose. The ghost travels very slowly and usually picks up the wrong opponent to suicide attack. But still, it is still good in PvP, especially one on one as it will interrupt or distract the enemy.

So there you have it. This is my Final Spirit Dancer Skill Build in Dragon Nest SEA [T4] at level 50 cap. Heraldries and hotkey allocation will be included in this page later and of course, the recommended item for Spirit Dancer.

If you are looking for the level 70 Spirit Dancer skill build, then go click the link below:

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For suggestions regarding this Spirit Dancer Skill Build, please do share it on the comment box below. I would love to hear what are your thoughts about this guide and what can you suggest to make this skill build better.