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Best Dark Summoner Skill Build in Dragon Nest [T4]

The era of Kali is coming soon in Dragon Nest SEA. And, one way of helping those beginners on Kali class is to share a skill build guide to them.

In this page, we will be discussing all about Dark Summoner, one of the Kali Job Advancement which more towards magical attacks. Dark Summoner isn't that hard to use as what they say. In fact, many Dark Summoner newbie can be a pain in the arse of any class in Dragon Nest for the reason that they have variety of skills which is instant cast, high damage and most of all, can kill almost every class in the game. Kali is one painful class if you know the right skill build and you know the right way to use her skills.

I know that you are eager to learn what are the best skills of a Dark Summoner so I will cut this introduction and go forth to guiding you with my recommended skill build for Dark Summoner in Dragon Nest.

First, the PvP build...

Kali Skill Tree
Screamer Skill Tree
Dark Summoner Skill Tree

So far, I can say that this PvP skill build for Dark Summoner is the best build I ever go with this class. It gives out the most damage than other builds and, I strongly recommend this on PvP fanatics.

For this build, the skill heraldry plates that I would like to recommend will be

  • Phantom Claw 20%- Damage Increased. 
  • Rampage Claw 20%- Damage Increased. 
  • Blitz Claw- Cool Down decrease by 12%
  • Revenge Hand Cool Down decrease by 12%

Now, let see my PvE skill build for Dark Summoner...

Kali Skill Tree
Screamer Skill Tree
Dark Summoner Skill Tree
As you can see, I decided not to take negative ghost as at full level, I find no use of this skill at all.

Spirit Blow is at level 1. Why? It is because sometimes, you need to break objects on the nest and some of them has high SA. You really need this skill to hasten that task of breaking an object.

Soul Wind is at high level because so far, I can say that it has the highest DPS output compared to other skills in the Kali skill tree (if you are going PvE that is).

And at the Screamer tree.... Well, I think it is pretty obvious why to pick this skill. What we want here is to do the most damage with skills like Soul Gate and Beast Spirit, while providing that certainty that we will inflict constant damage to the enemy, by having those skills which has CURSE effect.

Kali Skill Tree

The only thing you need to bear in mind in this skill tree is to fullfill the 45 SP requirement. Well, that doesn't mean that you should invest SP on every skill as randomly. I strongly suggest that you get this skills in the Kali skill tree:

Despair Needle- Get this skill especially if you are a hardcore PvP kind of player. The damage of this skill isn't really that significant. What you need from this skill is its utility. Take note that this skill can skill can trap the hit enemies inside the needles for a certain time (last longer if they have no escape mechanism) and, it can even hit enemies on the ground which is basically good to chain your combos.

Negative Ghost- Why level this skill and not Despair Needle? Well, basically for its debuff. At level 6, it will impose a debuff which makes the enemy NOT attack you for 7 seconds. It's some sort of silence or you may even call it as an aggro diffuser, which can be used on those annoying enemies that can interrupt some of your skill casting. BUT, here is the big catch with this skill. The useful of it will be very little when you are at full level an going Nest raids. In fact, you wouldn't even bother casting this skill. Yes it is an aggro diffuser but, it can only negate the aggro of small mobs. mini bosses and large bosses aren't affected with this one and at full level, I think it's not that beneficial to you anymore.

Phantom Guard- A great buff skill for party, which can be a very good asset in Nest raid. You can't see the full potential of this skill when your MP is still low as it will drain a lot of it in just a few seconds. But, if you have already geared up your Dark Summoner (with 100k+ MP and good MP regeneration), you won't notice your MP decreasing. Instead, you will see how useful the super armor and the MP instead of damage conversion it gives you and your party while this buff is on. Lastly, you can use a skill plate which will increase the duration of this buff as instead of 23 seconds, it will be 27.6 seconds which makes it almost a permanent buff.

HP Mastery, MP Mastery, Mind Conquer- This class is pretty squishy that is why we need the extra HP we can get and, MP is really valuable for a Dark Summoner. Just look back the previous skill and see how important it is for this class.

Aerial Evasion, Spinning Step, Dummy Ghost- Max these skill for evasive purposes.

Ghost Kick, Hand of Slave- If you are a PvP fanatic, go get these skill. Ghost Kick for positioning while Hands of Slave for getting up quickly after being downed.

Screamer Skill Tree

In this tree, they say that the following skill are great for a Dark Summoner, and you should level these skill high or even max it.

Phantom Claw- Basically your bread and butter skill as a Dark Summoner. It can dish out good damage to the enemy and this will be one of your main skill used in your combo rotation.

Chain Claw- Yet another great skill as a Dark Summoner. It gives good damage and can launch enemy into the air. Basically, it works like the Magma Punch of an Alchemist.

Phantom's Rage- I will put the rest of my SP here. Why? Because this skill is like Moonlord's Moon Blade Dance. It gives good damage and at the same time, you can cast this skill unharmed.

Rampage Claw- From seeing this skill personally and from what I have heard from my friends in Dragon Nest China, I can say that this skill is the most reliable source of DPS for a Screamer. It's an instant cast skill which deals great damage to the enemy and, don't forget that it will give you the chance to stun the enemy for a certain probability. It makes it a perfect skill for PvP.

Increase Soul- Like Phantom Guard, you won't see this skill's full potential at low level due to very fast consumption of HP. However at high level, you will see a very huge increase of your magical attack when using this skill for the cost of HP. Well, if you think that you have enough magic power anyway, you can skip this skill and add the sp meant for this skill to those which can dish out more damage.

Important Note: Great to stacked with Spirit of Genie.

Stigma of Curse- PvP fanatics level this skill high not to be as a DPS skill, but for the increase of the duration of the debuff that will be given by this skill. They will say that 10 seconds is pretty useful so that your Puppet can both damage and distract your enemy well but for me, 8.5 seconds is enough. Anyway, it has a 10 second cooldown which you can use anytime you want. Just remember that when you attack a "Branded" target again with this skill, it will cancel the current effect.

Summon Puppet- If you are playing HON then you would probably say that "Oh! It's like Puppet Master's SS". Yes, it's like Puppet Masters ultimate! Whatever the puppet's linked to deals the same dmg. Its like a voodo doll. In pvp everyone hates you for this but in PvE its probably what gets you in parties as you only need to "Brand" a target and once "Brand, the party only needs to attack the puppet. Obviously, I want that puppet on the field as always so I prefer to max it.

Beast Spirit- In PvP, this skill is pretty hard to land and I think it's best that you just level this skill to 1 if you are going pure PvP build. However in PvE, you can max this skill as it can deal a lot of damage at high level and, don't forget that its debuff which is 50% of the damage dealt, is applied to it every 2 secs for 12 secs. 

Go for Phantom's Avenger and not Dragon's Soul

I have asked my friends from Dragon Nest China about the two Screamer Ultimate and this is what they have to say about it: "GO FOR PHANTOM'S AVENGER ALL THE WAY". This ultimate gives a good damage to the enemy but that's not the fun part. After you have done the ritual of becoming possessed by the spirit (dealing AOE damage to the enemy), you can now become invincible: your movement speed will increase, your skill cooldown will decrease and the damage dealt to you will decrease. If you think about it, this will be the skill you get if you mix paladin's divine avatar with acrobat's spirit boost :D.

The other skills that I haven't mentioned in this tree will be left at level 1. You only need some of these for utiity, in activating the "Branded" and "Cursed" status, and some for plain prerequisites. While others are left at 0 because I feel that they won't be that useful for me

Dark Summoner Skill Tree

Sadism Pleasure- Not only does this skill gives you additional dark elemental damage but once you have activated this skill, you will also get to heal your HP for every attack you made. Well, in paper, the percentage heal per attack is pretty low but think of this, if your character will be dealing 100k+ damage utmost every hit, think about the percentage it can heal you? It's like you casted the healing relic of a priest o the field when this buff is active. And oh yes, this is a party buff.

Chaos Formation- Well, I have nothing to say about this skill but it's one of your main DPS skill. The only difference of this skill with your other DPS skill is that it has a very wide AOE which makes it perfect for group PvP or even on clearing mobs in Nests.

Phantom Claw Ex- Basically the upgraded version of your Phantom Claw. What it does is, it gives your Phantom Claw 30% more damage and the 3rd and 4th hit will have a knockback effect.

So there you have it guys! This is my final PvP and PvE skill build for Dark Summoner in Dragon Nest T4... For those readers that think that they are taken for granted as I don't reply to their comments below lately. Well, I would like to apologize. Blogging isn't my day job you know.

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Thanks for your continuous support and, for comments and suggestion, feel free to write a few words on the comment box below.