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How To Level Up Fast in C9 Online

Hello Web Junkies! For some time now, I have been playing C9 Online and, I think I have enough experience and knowledge to share to you a leveling guide for C9 Online.

Take note that I have only adapted this leveling guide from Tartarus, a member of mmosite forum, as I think that this is the best way to level up fast in C9 Online. And in fact, it has served me well!

However, I am still looking for better ways to grind and level up in C9 Online. If you have your very own leveling strategy, please do share to us by going to the "Submit Tips" section located on the navigation bar of the homepage of this blog. Or, you can simply go to the comment box section of this page and post share to us your very own leveling strategy.

Now, let us go to the leveling guide for C9 Online.

Level 1-12
Right after finishing your newbie quest, go to the village and look for NPCs which will give you quests. It is strongly suggested that you do take all the available quests before diving into dungeons to save time in walking. Once you have all available quests, go to the portal and look for the dungeons which will finish your quests. The idea is pretty standard, if you are:
  • Level 1: Get appropriate quests and go to level 1-4 dungeons
  • Level 4: Get Level 4 quests and go to Level 4-7 dungeons
  • Level 8: Get level 8 and up quests and go to Level 8-10 dungeons
  • Level 10: Get level 10 and up quests and go to Level 10-13 dungeons

But here's the trick in leveling faster: It is best that you enter a dungeon in higher modes for more experience yield and for more valuable loots that you can use or sell afterwards. However, do take note that you must also consider if you can finish the dungeon in that certain mode or not.

Additional Details: Do note that dungeon modes on C9 Online ranges from Normal, Difficult, Expert and then Master. Normally, you will start off on Normal Mode and then once you finish it, other modes for that dungeon will be unlock.

Level 12-18
At level 12, you will learn new skills and, it's time to move also to higher a difficulty dungeon(s). The most advisable dungeon to dive in at this current level it at the Sea Waste Dungeons. In this dungeon, you will be protecting the Holy Water and kill the mobs around it.

Based on experience, first timers have hard times finishing this dungeon as it's not easy killing mobs while defending the Holy Water. And in most cases, players tend to go in a party of four and do master runs in this dungeon until thy reached level 18. However, if you do have good gears already and you think you are skillful enough to finish it alone, then go solo in expert mode until you reach level 18 and then, change dungeon, preferably on Enchanted Forest Dungeon.

Level 18-25
Dive into the Level 18 dungeon (Enchanted Forest dungeon) when you have reached level 18. If you go solo, try enter it on difficult level if you are an average player, while expert if you have experience doing this dungeon and you already have good items.

Important Note: Don't rush into buying items as what Tartarus had advised. It's because at level 20, you will then have a chance of looting level 20 items with good options for free.

Once you have reached level 20, pause from grinding and go to your respective trainer to change to your second job advancement. Why? It is because from here forward, the dungeons will be tough and grindy and, you will definitely need your second job skills to clear them. After you change job, go to the most recommended dungeon for level 20 grinding: The Dead Temple Dungeon. As mentioned before, you will have a chance in looting level 20 equips in this dungeon so, it is highly recommended to enter in this dungeon in difficult or even in expert mode if you are going solo, while master mode if your with some friends or guild mates.

Bonus Tip: You can also get blue items in this dungeon. I don't know if this happens to you but, once I lured the Skeleton King boss in a small room located at the boss fight,  I often get blue items. Well, even it's pure luck, it's worth a try as ther is no harm in trying.

When you are level 25, finish the remaining quest in the first continent and after that, go to the second continent.

Additional Tips: So far the dungeons mentioned above are more faster to finish than the other dungeons. It was tested by Tartarus and of course, yours truly. Also for faster leveling, try to get PVP quests as this will also give you a lot of EXP.

Level 25-35 
Congratulations! You have arrived to the second continent of C9 Online!. Even if you are in a new town however, the leveling process is still the same: Accept all quests available and enter the dungeon where you can finish it.

For level 25, go to level 25 dungeons adn do it in difficult mode if solo but, i'ts more suggested to find a team of four  and do the level 25 dungeon in master mode. Take note that dungeons from her forward will be hard  to finish when you are in solo mode, especially when you are a newbie.

Once you have reached level 27, it's time to go to level 27 dungeons... Obviously :D. And of course, do remember to do all quests at this current level.

When you reached level 29, you have two choices: it's either you grind at level 29 dungeons in master mode (with party) if you can finish it or, go back to grinding in level 27 dungeons in master mode (party of 2 or 3) if the 29 dungeon is too hard for you. Do take note however that you will get lesser EXP when you go to level 27 dungeon at this current level but the run will be more faster.

When you are level 31, you will be getting less EXP than before. And also, the dungeons will be hard to finish. In fact, you will be entering the same dungeon for a couple of times just to level up for one level. In addition, there are less quest like looking for something or someone or even finding a puppy but, you must do this quests as you need as much EXP as possible to level up faster in this current level.

At level 33, you will need to enter level 33 dungeons. Nothing has change and as a matter of fact, the leveling process at level 31 will be the same.

Level 35-48
When you reached level 35, it's time to change your gears. You must ensure that your gears will be good for the level 35 and up dungeons. If you think you can go solo, then I strongly suggest that you go to level 35 dungeons in expert mode, and level up while hunting good equips.

Additional Tip: During level 35, a quest which will task you to go to level 35 dungeon and kill the boss. Do this quest as it will benefit you a lot, both in loots and EXP.

Once you have reached level 26, enter level 36 dungeons in expert mode (the very least). Don't forget to accept some quests.

Level 38-42
From here on, you will receive very small amount of EXP from both quests and grinding a dungeon. In fact, this is where the real grinding begins! Just do dungeons in expert mode if you can and don't even forget to do your quests even if it will only give you small amount of EXP!

Important Note: In these levels, you will definitely get bored as the grinding is very tough and long. It is best that you go with your friends or guild mates and do master runs in dungeons which suits your level.

Instead of complaining because of the very grindy leveling, take this opportunity to find good items for your character.

After reaching level 42, go pack your stuff and proceed to the 3rd continent!