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Crusader or Guardian: Which Paladin is Better in Dragon Nest

The issue on choosing between a Guardian and a Crusader is no difference to choosing between a Saint and an Inquisitor. One class is loved by many, and the other is left unnoticed. Why? It's because one class is deemed to be more useful than the other class. To be more specific, Guardians are more preferable to use (as they say) than a Crusader as it's more needed in Nest raids and also, they are really good in PVP (both one on one matches and group matches).

So, are Crusaders really useless? The answer to that question is a big NO! They may have weakness but, they have strengths also that Guardians don't have. Now to help you compare the two paladins, I have decided to share an article which will focus on determining what is a Guardian and what is a Crusader. At the end of this post, I hope that you can decide what class advancement suits your playing style.

So without further adieu, here is my points on what is a Guardian, and what is a Crusader in Dragon Nest.
Here is the fact: Guardians are tanks while Crusaders are DPS. You see, it's that easy to differentiate the two paladin job advancement however, let's not end the discussion to that as there are more things that we should know why a Guardian is a tank and why a Crusader is said to be a DPS class.

Guardian as the Main Tank in Dragon Nest
There's no question about this fact. Guardians are considered to be the heart of a party as without them, the party will be crippled. Take note that bosses in Dragon Nest don't just do average damage to players. Instead, they have 1 hit KO skills which can instantly wiped out your group. That being said, Guardians are needed to lure bosses and take damage (as long as he can), while the other members of the party dishes out damage.

If you decide to take the path of being a Guardian, you will take the blocking and defensive skills of a Paladin and most likely, you will try to max it.

Why do we need to get or even max the defensive skills as a Guardian?
One reason why is because Divine Avatar is a requirement to get your Guardian skills and for you to be able to get DA, you need to invest points on the defensive skills as its the prerequisite.

The other reason is that as a Guardian, you are expected to get and even max the defensive skills. As I have said before, bosses in this game are extremely tough, and this being said, do you think that you and your team can survive without you maxing your defensive skills? Do remember also that as this class, you will be at the front line of battle which means that you will be absorbing huge damage than your team.

Aside from the defensive skills in the Paladin skill tree, notice that Guardian's unique skills are more on tanking. Take note that:

Autoblock Ex- Enhances Autoblock by adding the Guardian Bubble effect. When you have successfully blocked an attack using Block, Stance of Faith or even when Autoblock skill procs, you will then acquire 1 Guardian Bubble. Each bubbles will give you an bonus 2% INT and 2% STR.

How did this skill become a tanking skill?
Most players hate this skill because they expect this passive to give more chance to block and because of that, they are blinded of the fact that the Guardian bubble effect can be beneficial to them. Do remember that INT stat provides magicial defense while STR stat provided physical defense. Hence, it will reduce the damage you will take from enemies, both physical and magical.

However, the downside of this skill is that you can only stack a maximum of 10 bubbles which only means, you can only have 20% more INT and STR. I hope that the developer will increase the percentage though but in the moment, I think they will not as they have an event called GDN time attack :D.

Guardian Force- A superb tanking skill and there's no question about it. Through this skill, you will have a shield that gives as set amount of HP and decent super armor to yourself and your party members in a 5 meters radius around you. This skill will make you untouchable for 15 seconds and as long as the shield can absorb damage. Do take note that when this skill is on, freeze immobility and other bad status effect will not be efective. That is why you will become untouchable!

However, this consumes 5 bubbles to cast, which leads to this skill being unreliable sometimes as you'll need not only to wait for the cool down, but you should also acquire the 5 bubbles.

Justice Crash- This is one of the reason why many is lured to becoming a Guardian. It has fast castinge, average cool down, has high super armor breaking capability, can stun enemies and now, has the ability to crit. Talk about an awesome skill! This skill is what makes up for the rather lackluster Ex of Guardians as it acts as a safety measure against juggling, as you can easily chain Aerial Evasion with this skill.

Now I have cleared up why Guardians are tanks, let's proceed to what I dubbed as the controversial Paladin sin Dragon Nest, the Crusaders :).

Why I say controversial?
It's because of this fact: Cleric are expected to a defensive class only which Crusaders beg to differ! They specialize in attacks and have defensive capabilities also. Which is why they are called as hybrids! To make the story short, they are attacking Paladins which can have decent DPS. In a more shorter discussion, Crusaders are DPS, DPS and more DPS...

Why Crusaders are DPS class?
If you can notice at the Paladin skill tree, most of the powerful skills are towards magical side which what Crusaders are: A magically-sided Paladin. So basically, they will have more damage than a Guardian. And the second reason is, most of their skills has lower cool down than a Guardian. So obviously, a class with skills with decent damage and short cool down, makes up a DPS class. Duh.... I think everyone gamers know this... :D. But for the sake of the discussion, I will share you the different skills of Crusaders which makes them a DPS class.

Goddess Relic Ex- Basically it gives the Goddess Relic a massive AOE damage. In a more specific description, it gives 1.5x the damage and 1.5x the AOE of the Goddess Relic. And most of all, you can use this skill every 14 seconds.

Judge's Power- This buff is really insane when chained together with Divine Avatar. Do take note that your physical damage will increase in relation to your INT and your magical attack power will increase in relation to your STR. Just imagine if it is paired with DA which increases hundreds of percentage on INT and STR. Talk about overpower!

Judgment Hammer- This skill has half the cool down of Justice Crash, but deals very little damage when a target is in front of you, but  exponentially becomes more powerful in both damage and super armor breaking capabilities if it hits at the end of its range. So basically, you will need to properly use this skill to be as effective but don't worry about this as if you are using your Crusader every day, you will definitely learn how to utilize this very well.

If you notice the skills, you will then see that some of them are long range attacks. Which is another advantage of a Crusader over Guardian. They can spam skills at long range while if the battle happens to be close quarters, then they can still pose danger to the enemies because of their toughness and light skills (Electric Smite and Lightning Zap). In short, Crusaders has more versatility when it comes to damage and defense.

But even if I max my magical skills, I still have low damage. Why is that happening with my Crusader?
The answer to that is simply because you haven't build your Crusader right...yet... This character is like Inquisitors. They are not only based on magical damage but, also in light damage. So basically, you will have to have both high magical damage and of course, high light attribute, and the rest will be critical or final damage stat, depending on your liking.

What?!! Light Damage? That is very rare!
Yes indeed! Because it's very rare, this makes the items of the Crusaders really expensive. Take note that for you to be able to get the light attribute, sometimes, you will have to spend so many codes, revert codes and in short, a lot of gold to have that very high light attribute. And yes, this is why many players prefer Guardian also as they can be easily geared up with decent items, as you just need attack power, vit, crit or FD.

However, once you have finally build your Crusader right, without a doubt and I will assure you that you will be the DPS class that everyone will like in Dragon Nest. Just don't expect high damage output like Saleana does though :D.

So basically, if you are planning to be a DPS class with some defensive capabilities, then I strongly suggest you become a Crusader but, if you are more towards tanking, then proceed being a Guardian.