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Best Wizard Skill Build in Ragnarok 2 Online

Wizard are known in Ragnarok 2 Online for their flashiness. They have skills which are pleasing to they eye and in fact, this is what lure players to playing Wizards.

But how about the actual gameplay of a Wizard?
To tell you honestly, this class is pretty boring especially when you are at the early stage of leveling. In addition, if you are a Wizard, expect that you will always be spamming the Fire Bolt and Fireball skills every time which sometimes will make you bored to death. And lastly, the mobility of a Wizard is close to non-existing. Without the teleport skill, they are the worst class in terms of movement.

So, are Wizards really bad for me?
Well, not really. They are not a bad class, just boring in the early game :D. Their strength comstes from the most boring part which is spamming Fire Flower+Fire Bolt+Fireball. In the process, you will inflict damage per seconds to the target until it dies.

So basically, if you want a class which has good DPS and flashy skills, then Wizard is the class for you.

To help you become a great Wizard, I will share to you a skill build which I find the best so far for Wizards in Ragnarok 2 Online.

First, let's discuss the skills of this class and determine what to get and what to neglect.

Magician Skill Tree

Cold Bolt- Hit an enemy with a bolt of ice which damages him and puts him in frozen state which decreases his movement speed by a certain percentage. The damage of this skill is decent and the additional effect makes it even better. In early levels, you will definitely find this skill great but, once your level is high, this skill will be outdamage and in fact, outclassed by Fire skills. That is why I strongly suggest to just level it to 1 for prerequisite.

Frost Driver- Puts an enemy to freezing state which causes him not to move for a couple of seconds. Plus, when you hit your target with a lightning skill when he's in frozen state, he will take double damage. Like Cold Bolt, this skill will be outclassed by the DPS of Fire skills. The DPS will be more superior than the Double damage effect and, you won't be using Ice+Lightning combo very often when you are a high level Wizard. Just level it to 1 for prerequisite.

Water Arms- You may call this as a buff skill which decreases incoming attacks and increases HP/SP recovery by a certain percentage. A measly 10% damage reduction won't do any good to you and your party especially when we know that their are tank skills which is more beneficial than this one. Let the tanker be the one to cast the tank skill and do your part as a DPS class. Level this skill to 1 however, to get Frost Nova which basically a life saver skill for you.

Lightning Bolt- Just like what I have said before, Ice+Lightning combo will do you no good at high levels. So, I strongly suggest just to level this skill to for prerequisite purposes.

Thunder Storm- A mini-AOE lightning skill which hits up to 3 enemies within an area. Just level this skill to 1 for prerequisite as the damage isn't that significant and there are Fire skills that has wider AOE and more damage than this one.

Wind Arms- The ability of this skill to increase the casting rate of your skills is pretty useful if it weren't for the "Only one are skill can be active at a time" rule for Wizard skills. If you do max this skill, you will be sacrificing Fire Arms which increases your magical attack power and will inflict damage over time (DoT) effect to the enemy. Personally, I don't want to sacrifice damage over casting speed, especially when I know that there are still skills in the Wizard tree that could increase my casting speed without sacrificing that much damage. So I prefer to just level this skill to 1 for prerequisite.

Fire Bolt- As I have said before, this is your primary skill as a Wizard. The damage is pretty decent at max level, it has no cool down and has a satisfactory casting speed which makes it a very good skill to spam and do damage. Max this skill no matter what.

Fireball- Like Fire Bolt, this skill must be max too. The burst damage is pretty significant and, it also adds 30% burning effect to the enemy which means more DoT.

Fire Bolt Mastery- The chance to make the next Fire Bolt an instant cast may be a good asset for you if it wasn't for the measly 15% chance at max level. Personally, I just level this skill to 2 for the 10% chance. Even though it's pretty small, it may play a big part in giving more damage per seconds to an enemy. If you think your better off with the 15% chance, then you can max this skill and sacrifice the points meant on Fire Explosion.

Fire Arms- When this skill is active, it induces additional magic attack power to the user and gives a chance to inflict burn status effect to the enemy when using Fire Bolt. Personally, I love this skill and I have this at max level. The additional damage and as well as the burn effect will make sure that I will inflict more and constant damage to the enemy.

Wizard Skill Tree

Blast Arms- When you have decided to use this skill, the currently used Arms will explode and creates certain bonuses for you, depending on which Arm you used. For me, I prefer to max this skill. Why? It's because the bonus effect is pretty good to just pass by. In my skill build, I have decided to get all hands as in extreme cases, they will be useful with the help of this skill. For example, when you need HP and SP, you can use Water Arms and cast this skill for the 50% HP and SP recovery. In cases where you want to stack madness fast or just want to increase your casting speed, you can use Wind Arms and then use this skill or, if you need more fire power, cast Fire Arms and then cast this skill for the 20% more magic power. Overall, this is a pretty nifty skill to have as a Wizard.

Important Note: Do remember that the cool down of this skill is very long. So, I strongly suggest that you use ut only when it's really needed like in extreme cases I have mentioned above.

Fire Flower- This is the very first skill I use before spamming Fire Bolt and Fireball. What this skill does is inflict burn effect to the enemy every 2 seconds for 30 seconds. The DoT isn't that great as Fireball's DoT and the DoT you can inflict when Fire Arms is active but, what this skill have is long duration of the DoT and, it's instant cast and has no cool down. So obviously, you can ensure that you can inflict constant damage to the enemy with this skill and that is why I have decided to max it out.

Important Note: When a Wizard cast Fire Flower and then another Wizard decided to cast the same skill, the effect will be overridden which obviously means that you will be stacking DoT all over again.

Dragonology- A no-brainer must max skill. This skill is your key to getting invited into parties. The 10% boost in INT is a must have for you and your other magical friends to increase both your damage and healing skills (priest and other healers).

Pyromaniac- A skill which effect can only be felt by those who are using it :D. Why did I say this? Because in paper, you will say that this passive skill don't make that much impact to the casting speed of a Wizard. Remember that once you cast either Fire Bolt or Fireball, you will gain madness points which can be stackable up to 100. Each points increases 0.1% of your casting rate which basically means that you'll have a max of 10% boost. Well, 10% is really unnoticeable in 2 seconds casting time. However in reality, this skill can be beneficial. It's your key for fast recasting of Fireball which pay off more (does more DPS) than your other Fire skill.s Get this skill and better yet, MAX IT!

Fire Explosion- Personally I have this skill at level 1. Why? It's because of two main reason: one is that I like the flashiness of this skill and I find the damage decent even at level 1. However, proper utilization is needed to make this skill a good skill to have. Take note that you will need to make the 5 strokes of Fire hit the enemy and, you will need to use the 100 stack madness. Well, even if it has a downside, I still love the damage and especially the flashy Fire animation. That is why I still have this skill :D.

Side Note: You can skip this skill if you want and use the points to the skill you think is most deserving for that.

Inferno- You can say that this is one of the ultimate of a Wizard. This skill summons as cone of fire in front of you with a range of 7.00 meters and hits up to 10 enemies with the amount of your MATK as Fire damage. In addition, the Fire Flower effect will be activated and the enemy will receive burn damage in accordance to the level of your Fire Flower. This skill is instant cast but the only downside is, it is reusable every 30 seconds which is quite long.

Meteor Storm- This is your other ultimate. This skill will summon a meteor from the sky and hits up to 10 enemies in the TARGET AREA with an amount of your MATK as Fire damage. However, this skill doesn't produce madness points and, it doesn't have the Fire Flower effect that Inferno has and lastly, it has a 1 seconds casting time. But the advantage of this skill over Inferno is that it has a fairly wide AOE, has decent burst damage and no cool down.

Choosing Between Inferno and Meteor Storm
Just get 1 ultimate. I will let you decide which one you will pick. The only thing that you should bear in mind is see and examine which is more useful for you: if you think the Fire flower effect or should I say the chance for more DoT is helpful then for Inferno but, if you prefer wide AOE and decent burst damage with no cool down, then go with Meteor Storm.

Frost Nova- All enemies hit by this skill will receive cold damage and will be put in freezing state which disallows them to move for 6 seconds. Personally, I have leveled this skill to 1 for use in extreme cases. Normally, I just use this skill for crowd control and escape purposes.

Ice Wall- You may call this skill as your life saver skill. This skill will encase you in an Ice Barrier which defend you from any damage for 10 seconds. The only downside is, you will be unable to move and you can't cast any skill while this skill is active. I prefer to max this skill to shorten the cool down.

How to use: I usually use this skill in extreme cases where a boss will inflict huge damage to the party and any healing skills are not yet available. Also, this skill can be use where enemies are surrounding you: cast this skill then Frost Nova then Teleport your arse to a safe location!

Teleport- Like I have said before, without this skill, Wizards movement is close to non-existing. It is a must for every Wizard to max this skill no matter what.

Levitation- This skill will increase your walking speed by 30% (at max level) for 4 seconds after using Teleport. If it was a permanent buff or just longer buff (duration) and it increases the movement speed instead of just walking, then I would have max this skill. But it's not. That is why I prefer not to have this skill in my build.

Now, let's proceed to the skill build for Wizard in Ragnarok 2 Online which I dubbed as the best :D.
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For feedbacks and suggestions regarding my Wizard skill build in Ragnarok Online 2, share your thoughts on the comment box below.