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Best Warrior Skill Build in C9 Online

In this page, I will share to you a skill guide for Warrior in C9 Online which will help you craft your very own skill build. I am planning myself to roll out a Warrior skill build which is both good for PvP and PvE.

Why not just become a PvP-oriented or a PvE-oriented Warrior in C9 Online?
IMO, Warriors don't just specialize in just one aspect of the game as they can adapt in any situation. Warriors are adept class that could fit on both PvP and PvE. This is why they are great to be your starting character in the game.

So with this kind build, I will just be a good PvE and a good PvP player?
Well, not really. This skill guide will be just your key to determining the most needed skills of a Warrior and help you become an adept class. The rest is all up to you. With the help of this guide and with your skillfull control of your character, I ensure you that you will be great in both PvP and PvE.

So now, let's proceed to describing first the different skills of a Warriorand determining which is more needed and which are not.

Action Skills

Bash I- One of your primary skills. The damage of this skill is pretty decent once leveled up high and it can ground your enemies. Best that you level this skill high or even max it.

Upper Swing I- This skill can be used as a filler in your combo. Take note that this skill can send the opponent flying into the air and, you can smash them again right after that. Just put 1 SP on this skill however as it's only intended as filler skill and not a damager.

Watermill Slash- It could be your end combo skill. The damage isn't decent enough however which makes me think twice before getting this skill. If you think you have use for this, then go level it to 1 for utility or if you don't, just leave this skill.

Ignition- Increase your attack power for the cost of lowering your defense. The increase on physical attack isn't noticeable at low level (but the decrease in defense is) and, I will not sacrifice my defense as I need this as a Warrior. Take note that Warriors are melee class which only means that we must have high defense to withstand any enemy barrage before we can close in to some targets sometimes. I suggest not to put SP on this skill.

Thrust Kick- A very nifty skill to have as a Warrior. Hits an opponent with a sudden and violent kick, followed with a flying kick which will send them backwards. The damage is decent when leveled up high and it will give us Warrior a temporary super armor. I suggest to level this skill high.

Blaze Slash- Your seconds skill which puts enemies to the ground. This skill has fast casting speed and hits hard which is why I strongly suggest to level it high.

Important Note: You need level 5 Bash I to get this skill.

Soul Spirit- One of the three charge skills of a Warrior. Land a fast attack while quickly moving forward which deal huge damage and, you will become invincible while in motion. Best that you level this skill high as a Warrior.

Lion's Roar- Release all adrenaline in a powerful shout which will daze nearby enemies for a couple of seconds and deal damage to them. But the most wicked feature of this skill is that no defense can block this attack which only means that this will always hit its mark! Best that you max this skill.

Important Note: The damage dealt by this skill to close targets is more significant than to those enemies far away from you.

Round Swing I- A powerful spin attack which knock back enemies. In addition, it will give you a temporary super armor while casting this skill. Personally, I prefer using this as an end combo than Watermill Slash as it has high damage and gives you super armor. If you want this on your build, then I suggest to level this skill high but if not, then leave this skill to level 0.

Blades Crash- Yet another charge skill. It gives you an invincibility frame while your activating this skill and you will have a temporary super armor during movement. The damage dealt to a target is pretty high which makes it a pretty desirable skill to max as a Warrior.

Additional details: Aside from explosive physical damage, this skill also deals fire magic damage to the enemy.

Expert Bash- Prioritize on maxing this skill no matter what. This is your main DPS skill as a Warrior. The skill does 5 hits with different decent damage dealt to the enemy and, it will give you invincibility during the period your are using this skill.

Command Skills

Evasive Dash- Avoiding enemy attacks isn't really the doings of a Warrior. They love to rush on enemies and while rushing, they become invincible sometimes or sometimes, will give them super armor. So, that is why I prefer to just leave this skill as it was.

Dash Attack- Gives you the ability to attack during dash. I prefer not getting this skill as I have the charge skills to do that.

Flank Attack- This skill may save you in horrible situations like being cornered by an enemy. This skill let you perform a powerful attack while moving left or right. Just put 1 SP on this skill for utility purposes if you think this will become one of your asset.

Bash II- A transitional skill after Bash I which give more powerful attack. Even though it hits hard than Bash I, I still just leave it to 1 and decide to put the SP meant for this on Bash III.

Bash III- I suggest that you level this skill high but don't max it. It's more powerful than Bash I and Bash II and has the ability to knock enemies to the ground. But, due to SP shortage, you will surely not max out this skill. Just level it to your preferred level.

Charge Attack- Rapidly charge forward with your shield front facing. It can block most enemy attack while in the state of charging. If you think charging while blocking will be great for you, then I suggest to get level 1 for this skill but don't max it as the damage isn't that significant.

Grab Strike- The prerequisite of Grab Swing. This skill has the ability to grab and hit the enemy with three headbutt attacks. You only need this skill for the grabbing effect in PvP and if you are a serious PvP player, then I suggest to level this skill to 1.

Grab Swing- A skill which you can use after Grab strike. Just put 1 SP on this skill for combo purposes if you are going PvP build.

Bash IV- This skill is mainly use for enemies on the air. As a Warrior, you will not usually use this skill as you will be more on grounding and pounding your enemies. Don't invest points on this skill.

Press Kick-  A powerful kick that knocks opponents back. The damage is pretty decent when leveled up high plus, it has a 40% chance to break enemy guards. If you want to increase its damage and the chance to break enemy guard, then I suggest to level this skill high.

Press Kick II- Perform another kick after Press Kick, which has decent damage and also, has the ability to break enemy guard. Like Press Kick, if you want to increase the damage and the chance to break enemy guard, then I suggest to level this skill high.

Charge Hammer- Jump during charge attack and suddenly hit the ground with massive force which will launch nearby enemies to the air. The flying effect is pretty nifty for us Warrior plus the damage is pretty significant when leveled up high. I strongly suggest to max this skill.

Round Swing II- An additional attack after Round Swing I. It has decent damage and has the super armor ability too. However, I suggest not to get this skill as if you get Round Swing I, that is pretty sufficient as your  end combo or even as a utility skill.

Back End Thrust- Temporary makes you invincible after attacking an enemy with this skill and, the enemy hit by this skill will be dazed for 0.8 second. Just put 3 SP on this skill if you decide to use this as a utility, as the damage increment per level isn't that significant.

Back End Upper- Perform an invincible attack during a Back End Attack which will launch enemy to the air. Suggested to level this skill to 1 for utility purposes only.

Back End Tactician- Throws your enemy into the air with an extra attack after Back End Thrust. This skill can cancel a Back End Attack with Shift while charging. Just add 1 SP for utility if you decided to get Back End Attack, for PvP purposes.

Shield Bash- A basic attack which uses the shield to attack enemies. This skill will do 3 hits on the enemy and each hit has the chance to stun them. Don't add any SP on this skill as you will rarely use this as a Warrior and because of the fact that it isn't mad for damage but only for utility.

Grab Crash- Usually, players would say that this skill is a must have as it lets you jump into the enemy during dash which closes the gap between you and your target. But for me, I prefer not getting this skill as the three charge skills are pretty sufficient for me to close gap while dealing damage.

Chain Blaze Crasher- If you think that the extra attack after Blaze Crasher, and the shifting of direction and additional charging range would be helpful, then put 1 SP on this skill. But if not, then I suggest to just leave it.

Important Note: This skill is not suggested to use in small PVP maps such as the Island Map as you will surely overlap and go right to the sea.

Charge Break- Perfectly paired with Charge Hammer. It gives you the ability to cancel a Charge Attack and perform a spin attack. It dishes out 3 hits to the enemy, and each hit has a decent damage when leveled up high. If you think that it will play a big role in your Warrior, then I suggest to level this skill high.

Ankle Kick- Just leave this skill as it was, just like what we did with Shield Bash.

Back Hit Grab- The prerequisite of Air Press. Grab and throw an enemy behind you and then perform a stomp which generates a shock wave that hits all nearby enemies. This skill also has the ability to cancel enemy charge and that is why it is best at level 1 for utility purposes only.

Air Press- This skill can break jumps and can also disable enemy traps. In addition, it can deal decent damage when leveled up high so I suggest that if you have spare SP, do invest it on this skill.

Sliding Tackle- A skill which will let you evade range attacks. However, I prefer not getting this skill as most of the time, I am charging range enemies and the charge will give me high super armor and some invincibility frame. With this, do I still need to wait for the enemy to cast and dodge those range attacks with the help of Sliding Tackle?

Grab Bound- A very controversial skill. This skill will let you grab monsters which are immune to Grab skills. I don't have this skill as in PvE, I don't usually use grab skills all the time, but just in special cases. In addition to that, this has no use in PvP.

Air Watermill Slash- This skill will let you perform a Watermill Slash while on the air. Take note that Warriors don't have Aerial combos that Assassins do have plus, an Aerial Watermill Slash will have no super armor at all which only means that this skill can be easily interrupted. I strongly suggest not to invest SP on this skill.

Passive Skills

Max HP Increase- Max this skill for the additional HP. We need as much HP as a melee class.

Attack Mastery 1- Level this skill high or even max it to get the 10% bonus in physical attack power.

Defense Mastery- A no-brainer!. As a Warrior, defense will be your best asset and one way on increasing it is with this skill. Max this passive.

Max MP Increase- I don't usually invest points on this skill as I can increase my MP with good gears.

Attack Mastery II- Level this skill high to get as much increase in physical attack and get the additional hits on your basic attack combo (5 hits).

Expert Bash Triple- Get this skill to receive the three additional shot forward when using Expert Bash. However, if you find the effect of this skill not needed, then I suggest not to get it at all.

Critical Increase- An increase in critical would not hurt. In fact, it will help your Warrior so I suggest to max this skill.

Attack Mastery- Max it to get the 5% bonus physical attack and the 6th hit of your basic attack combo. However, if you think that the bonus physical attack isn't that significant and, 5 hits on your basic attack combo is sufficient, then I suggest not to get this skill at all.

Now, let's proceed to my Level 63 Skill Build for Warrior in C9 Online.

Before leaving this page, I would like to share some Combos for Warrior in C9 Online. Do note that I only adapted this skill combinations from High Mercenary D of mmosite.

Warrior is a defense and counter melee class, usually his combo skills are used after enemies falling down. Here are some combo combination: 

First Combo String:
Bash I, II, III + Blaze Slash + Normal Attack + Press Kick I, II + Normal Attack + Thrust Kick ( The Press Kick I, II which used after Blaze Slash is easy to do in combo because the kick's has wide range but, the next skill Thrust Kick is hard to catch up with the combo.

If you use Blaze Slash first, then Thrust Kick and lastly Thrust Kick, it will be more smooth, but you need to make sure that you will time the landing of your enemies after being airborne.

Second Combo String:
Lion's Roar + Normal Attack + Bash I, II, III + Normal Attack + Press Kick I, II + Normal Attack + Thrust Kick You can change Lion's Roar to Back End too.

Third Combo String:
Lion's Roar + Expert Bash + Bash I, II, III + Normal Attack + Press Kick I, II + Normal Attack + Thrust Kick

Fourth Combo String:
If Blaze Slash is on cool, you can change it to Bash I, II, III + Upper Swing + Charge Attack + Charge Hammer, or Bash I, II, III (but this one has less attack times, so it's the last choice).

For reactions and suggestions, please do share your thoughts on this guide at the comment box below.