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Best Priest Skill Build in Ragnarok 2 Online

In this page, I will be sharing some Priest skill builds for Ragnarok Online 2 which I think are the best so far. They are namely Full Support Priest and a Battle Priest.

Full Support Priest is the most standard build for this class. In this build, we will try to maximize all the healing skills and all those support skills which are needed in Raids. In short, this build is more inclined towards PvE.

On the other hand, a Battle Priest will be more of a Hybrid Priest. We will try to get the most needed healing/supportive skills and, we will try to get those most powerful attacking skills of a Priest and even try to max them out. So basically, you will become a Priest which can heal and dish out damage with this build.

But before we proceed to seeing these two Priest skill builds, let us know first the different skills of a Priest. Let's describe each skills and try to determine which skills will suit the two builds.

Acolyte Skill Tree

Holy Light- A spammable skill which has decent magic attack when leveled up high. Plus, when you use Asperio on this skill, your next 3 Holy Lights will be critical hits. I suggest you level this skill high even if you are a support Priest as you need to do damage to the enemy.

Lex Devina- You may call this skill as your finishing blow as a Priest. At level 2, when your opponent's HP is at 20%, your Lex Devina skill will land a critical hit. While at level 3, the target will also receive critical hits while their HP is at 20% and then, you will acquire 3 Holy Waters when they die with this skill. Personally, I just level this skill to 1 as a DPS Priest while I don't get this skill as a Full Support. Why? It's because this skill is unreliable sometimes especially when you are a newbie in the game and don't know yet when will the life of an enemy becomes 20%. Instead of becoming an asset, it will just be a hustle to your part if you do choose to level this skill high.

Oratio- A damage over time skill which deals a percentage of your magic attack as damage every 2 seconds for 20 seconds. A DPS Priest could benefit from this skill as they can ensure that they can inflict constant damage to the enemy but, I strongly suggest not to level this skill high. The damage increment per level is only 1% and I think it would be a waste of points spending until Level 5 just to get the 12% DoT.

Judex- As a Battle Priest, just level this skill to 1 as you don't need this skill for the damage but for the stun effect once paired with Asperio.

Blessing- The superb buff of an Acolyte which grants 15% bonus HP at max level. Best that you max this skill whether you become a Battle or a Full Support.

Increase AGI- A buff which gives 40% bonus movement speed to all allies (including you). At max level it will last for 14 seconds and you can use it every 180 seconds which is pretty long. Personally, I prefer not to level this skill further than 1 because of the very long cool down and short duration.

Resurrection- Revives a fallen ally. For a Support, this skill is needed to be max as you need to shorten the reuse time of this skill. While for a Hybrid, just leave it to 1 for prerequisite.

Aqua Benedicta- Hybrid or Support, you need this skill to restore your SP by a certain percentage for free and, for the Holy Waters it can grant you instantly (which we need for Asperio skill).

Asperio- Also, this skill must be in your build and you should max this skill whether you become a Battle Priest or a Full Support Priest. Take note that this skill can give bonus effect to your holy attacks and healing skills which is why you need to max it to lower the reuse time so you can use it often as possible.

Heal- This is why everyone calls you the main healer in Ragnarok Online 2. This skill enables you to heal a target by an amount of your magical attack power. It has no cool down which means you can spam it all the time when it is needed. When paired with Asperio, your next 3 Heals will be critical hits which means that it will restore more of the target's HP. Battle Priest or Full Support Priest, I strongly suggest that you max this skill.

Renovatio- This skill is known for its heal over time ability. It will heal a target every 2 seconds for 12 seconds with an amount of your magical attack power as HP. Also, this skill must be max whether you become a Hybrid or a Support. Take note that this skill has no cool down and has instant casting time which means that it may become a permanent buff for you which will heal you over time.

Meditatio- This skill is really complex. It gives you more critical chance when you have extra number of Accuracy (or we know as Hit rate), which exceeds 100%. The complexity of this skill starts with the 100% Hit rate as I don't know yet if it's attainable in the game and, based on research, this skill give less critical chance in reality than what we see in paper. To know more about this skill, you can see the Meditation explanation posted on this blog later. Suggest to just level it to 1 for prerequisite if you are rolling a Support Priest.

Bonus Tip: If you are about to go with a Battle Priest, then I suggest to max this skill and try the bonus critical chance yourself. However, I am not sure yet if it will be beneficial for you.

Highness Heal- This is your mini-AOE heal as it can heal you and two other member with massive amount of HP. For a Support Priest I strongly suggest that you max this skill while just level it high (up to 3 utmost) for Hybrids.

Additional Details: USE THIS SKILL WISELY. Don't just spam this skill when it's off cool down. Instead, only use this when multiple raid members are heavily damage. In addition, in situations where the team has been wounded badly by the enemy, use Asperio before this skill to increase the healing percentage.

Priest Skill Tree

Crescent- This is one of the skill which is why I decided not to max Oratio. It is yet another DoT skill which means you will inflict constant damage to the enemy. However, don't put too much SP on this skill. Instead, just level it to 1 for prerequisite as a Battle Priest as their are more DoT skills that could aid you do more constant damage to the enemy and, because of the SP shortage.

Adoramus- Yet another DoT skill. When Adoramus, Oratio and Crescent are combined, it will do decent damage over time to an enemy. However, don't level this skill high. Instead just leave it to 1 as a Battle Priest for the same reason as the other DoT skills.

Magnus Exorcimus- Just put 1 SP on this skill as a Hybrid Priest for prerequisite. This may be a good nuke skill because of its large AOE but the fact is, the damage dealt by this skill isn't that decent enough to clear even just average mobs in a dungeon. So, I have decided to leave it to 1.

Additional Note: When this skill is paired with Asperio, it will then activate the effect of Oratio right after the skill hits an enemy.

Genesis Ray- One of the best offensive skill as a Hybrid Priest. The damage is pretty high especially at max level. Best that you max this skill for the highest damage output as a Battle Priest.

Additional Note: When paired with Asperio, the casting time will be neglected making it an instant cast skill.

Gloria- This passive skill gives you the chance that the next time you will cast Heal or Holy Light, it will be instant (meaning no casting time). The chance is only 15% at max level which is pretty low. So I decided to leave it to level 1 for prerequisite. And besides, the 1 seconds casting time of both skills don't really bother me as a Priest.

Recovery- Removes all negative status effect received by player(s). Every level increases the number of players you can help recover from any debuffs. Personally, I just add 3 points on this skill. Why? It's because there's no dungeon yet which is too IMBA on debuffs and to think of it, Heal is pretty sufficient in the current dungeon for survivability. I will only max this skill if there are debuffs which will inflict instant death to players when it reaches 0. LOL... Giving ideas to developers :D.

Suffragium-A buff which increases the casting speed of your skills would be a great asset if it weren't for the 10% only bonus casting speed. The fact is, you have 2 skills that has more than 2 seconds casting time namely Resurrection and Sacrament and, these are situational skills which means you only need this when it's really needed. Also, if you are bothered with the 2 seconds casting of your Genesis Ray, don't worry about that as Asperio can fix that problem (remember the instant cast ability that Asperio can give to this skill?). Plus, if casting speed do matter, still, 10% increase in casting speed isn't that noticeable. For a more clear explanation, just take a loot at these calculations:

10% increase in casting speed = also means we will deduct 10% to the casting speed of a skill.

So basically:
Sacrament: 4s cool down - 4s(10%)= 3.6 seconds
Resurrection: 3s cool down - 3s(10%)= 2.7 seconds

Seeing the above calculation, would you still max this skill? I think not.

Angelus- At max level, it will increase 9% of your defense for 10 seconds which is reusable every 120 seconds. The percentage is pretty low, the duration is pretty short and the cool down is pretty long which makes it a bad skill to max. When it comes to superb tanking skills in Nest raids, better trust the skill of tankers than this one. I suggest to get this skill just to get Archangel.

Archangel- Your key to dishing out more magic damage to the enemy. For 30 seconds, it will increase your magic attack power by 25% at max level. Max this skill if you are planning to roll out a Battle Priest.

Sacrament- This skill will decrease the damage of your offensive skills by 10% to give a bonus 10% to your healing skills. As a Support, you need this skill as there are certain times when the party will be needing a large amount of heal.

Coluseo Heal- This skill is really useful in raids, especially for tankers. Take note that Tank will receive more damage than the rest of the party and sometimes, their HP will drop significantly and they need an instant complete restoration of their HP. However, since that this scenario happens just sometimes, I suggest that you just level it to 1 as a Support as it is a situational skill.

Assumptio- A better skill than Angelus. More of a tank skill as it reduces the damage taken by a party by 40% for 10 seconds. Max this skill if your are planing to go full support as this will be beneficial especially when all tank skills are on cool down and you need a damage reduction skill in the moment.

Sanctuary- You can level this skill high as a Full Support Priest. It is a heal over time skill which uses a large percentage of your magical attack as healing power. In addition, this skill has a large area of effect which makes it a great healing skill to have. The only downside is its long cool down which makes it yet another "use it when it's really needed skill" or what we call as situational skill.

Now, let's see the two builds...

Full Support Priest Skill Build in Ragnarok Online 2:

Battle Priest Skill Build in Ragnarok Online 2:

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For feedbacks regarding these two build, please do share your thoughts on the comment box below.