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Best Inquisitor Skill Build in Dragon Nest [T4]

Are you planning to go with Inquisitor? Haven't maxed out any skill yet as you're afraid to mess your skill tree? Need a guide? Well, you're very lucky as I have a great skill build for Inquisitor that I want to share to you. For a month now, I've been playing with my level 50 Inquisitor and so far, I'm really enjoying him in both PVP and PVE. Thanks to my great skill build!

My skill build focuses on a high DPS Attacker Inquisitor. I maxed out all the skills which has high DPS and get Binding Relic as means of crowd controlling and for PVP utility also. In fact, I think this is the best skill build you can go with when you're planning to create an Inquisitor. So, let's cut to the chase and go see my best skill build for Inquisitor in Dragon Nest SEA

Must Read: Before you take a peek on my Inquisitor Skill Build Guide, I strongly suggest not to max a skill yet on the Cleric Skill Tree, until you've reached level 50. The most common mistakes of Dragon Nest SEA players is they pumped up their skill at low levels which make them skipped certain skills that are needed for their respective character. In the end, it's vry important to be patient before deciding which skill you should max to the full extent.

First, check out below my skill build for my Inquisitor. Here it is:

Level 40 Skill Build for Inquisitor in Dragon Nest:
Cleric Skill Tree
Priest Skill Tree
Level 50 Skill Build for Inquisitor in Dragon Nest:
Cleric Skill Tree
Priest Skill Tree
Inquisitor Skill Tree
Cleric Skill Tree

Shield Blow- Leave it to level 1. You don't want to spend SP on this skill as it uses the physical attack power of a Cleric and the damage increment isn't that great when leveled up further.

Lightning Strike- Leave it to level 1. Might be good in juggling the enemy into the air in PVP but often times, you won't casts this skill as an Inquisitor.

Divine Combo- With the skill revamped in DN SEA, Divine Combo has 1 point already assigned on it. Don't level it any further though as it uses the physical attack power of a Cleric.

Charge Bolt- Don't get this skill or level it high if you want. This skill does decent damage if at least two bolts hits a single target. However, it's not great as you need to get close to an opponent to actually do a decent damage. I put my spare SP on this skill.

Holy Bolt- Might as well get this skill for more PVP action. The 1 second bind might come in handy in PVP as it works well with the Binding Relic.

Block- With the skill revamped, this is now a good skill to be max out in the Cleric Skill Tree. An amazing defensive skill as it can allow you to block almost every enemy attack with your shield. Must have skill for a Cleric.However, when going Inquisitor you only need low level from this skill as often times, opponents get distracted by your lightning (their skill will be cancelled often times). So, I suggest to level it up until you got the 5 blocks.

Heal- Max this skill. Thanks to the skill revamped, we can now max this skill without thinking twice. As we know, there is a certain SP requirement on the Cleric skill tree so that we can get the skills on the Priest skill tree. So, this is one of the skill you want to max as it will give Inquisitors the maximum capability of surviving both Nests and PVP arenas.

Counter Blow- Get this skill. Sometimes, it's better to get up immediately and do damage than to roll out of trouble especially, when enemies are surrounding you closely.

Sliding Step- Max this skill. This is your only evasion skill and you must have this no matter what.

Aerial Evasion- Max this skill as it can save you from being juggled over and over again in the air.
Holy Kick, Sliding Knee Kick, Low Kick, - If this was a Crusader or Guardian skill build guide, I would have said to include this skill. However, it's not and when you're an Inquisitor, these skills are deemed useless.

Dive Kick- Dive kick is not a crusader skill or a guardian skill, it's something we do right after aerial evade to land where we want to. If you want to be continuously bounced because people can predict where you land, then go right ahead and forgo that skill.

Toughness, Physical Mastery, Mental Mastery, Mind Conquer- Due to the skill revamped, I highly recommend that you must max out all these passive skills except for Toughness. Cleric are really great in terms of physical defense and I think its more wise to spend the SP meant for this to those with attacking power.

Aura Restoration- No SP required? Increases 30% of max HP heal from skills and items? Why not! Go get this skill.

Priest Skill Tree

Lightning Bolt- Max this skill at level 12. You want this skill to be maxed out as a zappy Inquisitor for the reason that it is one of the main skills you'll be using and, with a little help of the Inquisitor's Shock Transition, this skill can do insane damage when it hits an enemy.

Mind Breaker- Put 1 Sp for prerequisite. Aside from it pushes enemy back, you only need this skill for prerequisite as its damage increment when leveled up isn't that significant.

Chain Lightning- Level this skill high for the increase number of lightning transfer and damage. Chain Lightning can give you a high chance to make Detonate hit an enemy as it gives Inquisitor a very high chance of electrocuting them. And also, it dishes out decent damage when leveled up further.

Detonate- Level this skill high. At level 40 Cap, I can't even confidently tell others to max this skill as often times, this skill doesn't do damage to enemies as the electrocution rate of the skills of Priests wasn't that high at that state. However, at level 50 Cap, the Shock Transition arrives giving Inquisitor the greatest shocking potential! In addition, due to skill revamped, the damage increment has gone insanely high which leaves you no choice but to max this skill.

Wand Mastery- Here's a highly debated skill. I have done a couple of research and experimentation about this one and, I have found out that it doesn't even add to the magic attack of your skill. Instead, it will only add to the magic (lightning) attack of your normal attack. By that, I prefer skipping this skill. In addition, the skill only takes effect on the heal percentage of your heal and heal relic skill. In my case, I maxed this skill as I have leveled both the healing skills high. It works perfectly for me in both PVP and PVE.

Update: In the most recent patch in Dragon Nest, I don't know if you have notice but, the percentage now adds to your magical attack. Thus giving more magic attack to Inquisitor and making it a skill to be max. Need further testing though.

Blessing of Light- Max this skill. Saint skill build or Inquisitor Skill build, there's no way I can see not to max this skill. This buff grants additional light defense and most importantly, additional light damage to the caster and his party. A very useful buff for Inquisitor as they need that additional light damage to zap their opponents more.

Protection Shell- Max this skill. In old skill build, this skill wasn't maxed out as you need to boost the offensive strength of an Inquisitor than their defensive capabilities. But with the help of the skill revamped, we can now get the maximum defensive capability of this buff without sacrificing the SP meant for offensive skills.

Striking- Max this skill. The additional magic and physical attack percentage is really helpful for you and your party. 

Grand Cross- Put 1 SP for prerequisite. Yes, it does decent damage when leveled up further but the fact is, this skill can put you in a lot of trouble if you cast it in the wrong time at the wrong place. It has very slow casting speed that you might want to cast this skill only when your opponent is on the ground (PVP).

Holy Burst- Max this skill. As an Inquisitor, you must max this skill as it one of the best skill in terms of dealing huge amount of damage to enemies. Also, it has a wide AOE and has good damage increment when leveled up. A perfect skill to combine with consecration.

Avenging Wave- Put 1 SP on this skill if you're going PVP or leave it if you're going PVE. We all know that Inquisitors loves, and are really good in one-on-one combat. That is why, putting 1 SP in this skill is a must as it may save you in times when you are staggered from a hit. More like the flash grenade skill of a Gearmaster.

First Aid- Don't Put SP on this skill. It might be good in paper but in reality, you'll have a very low chance to trigger this skill. Aside from that, the heal and damage isn't that significant so it's best to not allocate SP on this skill.

Lightning Relic- Level it to 1 for prerequisite. Inquisitors don't really need this skill. They only use this to distract opponent, aggro mobs and, for the fair chance of electrocution.

Healing Relic- I prefer leveling this skill to 6. Your goal to become a zappy Inquisitor is to maximize you light magics but, having healing capability will be a big factor in PVP and PVE. Besides, what's the purpose of being a priest when you don't have healing abilities?

Cure Relic- Put 1 SP on it. You only want this relic to be always on the field to remove negative status and not for the increase of light damage. Why not max it for more light damage? Well, it's because the zappy Inquisitor will greatly increase his chance of zapping the enemy when he gets the Shock Transition skill. So, it's better to leave this skill to 1 and allocate the other SP meant for this, to other more useful skills.

Bind Relic- Get this skill. In most cases, when you have casted Consecration on the ground, enemies will just move away from that area. So, Binding Relic will really be helpful in holding the enemies to make your AOE skills hit. Just use this skill wisely!

Ultimate Skills

Just Heavenly Judgemeny or both Ultimates?

As an Inquisitor, you really must prioritize Heavenly Judgement for its damage and light defense reduction debuff. However, it's not a bad idea having 2 ultimates for Inquisitor. Why? It's because Miracle Relic can give you a guaranteed spot in Nests Raids (like SDN) and also, it can be quite useful in PVP. Yes, the two ultimates share the same cooldown which means that you can only use one at a time but the fact is, these two ultimates has their own greatness in a certain scenario.

Heavenly Judgement can be great in times when you want to deal large amount of damage and want to reduce enemies light defense so that they will be vulnerable to your lightning skills. While Miracle Relic is great when you want to do damage and increase your physical and magical defense. 

But the fact is, at the very end, you will need all the SP you can get to maximize your light attack skills. That is why, I strongly suggest that you just get one Ultimate which is Heavenly Judgement.

Inquisitor Skill Tree

Shock Transition- Max at level 1 for highest (30%) electrocution rate. A very nifty passive skill to have. When this skill is triggered and you have casted your lightning bolt (with Ex version), it can do insane damage. In most cases, I can manage to cut the HP of average geared sorceress and academics to half when I cast lightning bolt and this skill is triggered. The best thing about this skill is, when an electrocuted enemy gets near his/her ally, that ally will get electrocuted.So basically, no one is really safe from electrocution with this skill!

How Shock Transition Works: It only procs when there is someone else near the target and it will not damage the target. It does not increase the damage by 80%, it does 80% of the damage of the HIT that proceed it. Therefore, a lightning bolt damage which deals 379 per hit will deal 80% of 379 to another target and it is not a 100% chance to electrocute that target either (thanks to one of my readers for this).

Lightning Bolt Ex- Max at level 1. You need this skill to maximize the damage and as well as have extra range for your Lightning Bolt skill.

Consecration- Max at level 1. This skill is insanely food. It lowers the light resistance of an opponent while dealing damage in the process. However, I strongly suggest that you use this skill wisely. Be sure to put the Binding Relic on the field so that the enemy can't run away from this skill. Nicely paired with Holy Burst, Heavenly Judgement and Miracle Relic.

Before ending this article, I would like to share yo you my preffered skill heraldy plate for an Inquisitor. In my opinion, having the following skill crests will definitely give you an edge on PVP and PVE:

Lightning Bolt- 20% increase damage.
Holy Burst- 20% increase damage.
Heavenly Judgement- 20% increase damage.
Detonate- 20% increase damage.

Heal- 3% additioanal heal percentage.

So there you have it. This is my preferred skill build for my Inquisitor. So far, it has rewarded me with a lot of player kills in PVP and also, I'm highly demanded at dungeons as I got the Miracle Relic. Not only that I can make the team survive in Nests, but also I can dish out a lot of damage which what I really love on Inquisitor.

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