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Best Assassin Skill Build in C9 Online

Combo PvP Specialist: These are the words which best describe an Assassin in C9 Online. They are swift, agile and most of all, they love to combo their opponent to death. In fact, in the hands of a pro player, Assassins are unstoppable and could own every class in the game.

To help you become a pro Assassin, I will share to you a guide which focuses on determining which skills are necessary for this class and which are not that useful. Also, we all know that Assassins in C9 Online is a combo-oriented class and that being said, I think it's more appropriate to put up a guide which a bit inclined towards PvP, as combos are more use in this mode.

Basically, we will invest more points on those skills which can do a lot of damage and also, skills which can link combos or what we called as filler skills and combo starters. Now, let's proceed to the guide.

In short, this will be a PvP Assassin Skill Build and, a Combo guide to those future Assassins in C9 Online.

First thing we will discuss are the skills of an Assassin and determine which are the ones we should get or max out for our build.

Action Skills

Lift Kick- A powerful spin kick which sends a target flying to the air. This skill is perfect in terms of starting an Aerial Combo which Assassins do for a living :D. Its launching height (the height of the target when juggled in the air) increases per level as well as the damage. However, the increment isn't that significant and the original flying height is pretty sufficient and that is why it is best to level it to just 1.

Combo: Lift kick + Grab throw + ... Down heel kick + lift kick + Swallow + ... etc.

Chain Strike- A rapid attack with double energy blades which increases its range while your in dungeons/ The damage increment per level isn't that significant for me and I found no use for this as a combo-oriented Assassin. That is why I have decided to not get this skill.

Bomber Shot- Fires an explosive arrow. One of my favorite skills as an Assassin. I find great use for this skill when I am facing a range opponent. Take note that this skill doesn't only deal huge damage, but it also can dazed enemies which means that it can disable casting of skills (perfect for disabling range attacks). Plus at higher level, it can deal decent burn damage to enemies which can reach to 5,000 HP per burn (tested in dungeons only). I highly recommend to max this skill.

Combo: Bomber shot + shadow wire +&hellip

Ankle Cutter- Yet another awesome skill to have when you are a combo-oriented assassin in C9. It does decent damage and once an enemy is hit by this skill, their movement speed will reduce for a couple of seconds. I suggest to level this skill high.

Additional Notes: Ankle Cutter can launch an enemy a bit high when they are lying on the ground. This is a great pick up skill you can use while enemy is helplessly lying on the ground, so you can follow up with a Halfmoon Kick or any other skill that can be chain with this skill.

Combo: Ankle Cutter 1hit + Half-moon Kick +… or Ankle cutter 2hit + Shadow Dash grab +&hellip

Shadow Point- A buff which increases your critical chance by a certain percentage for a minute (duration cut in half in PvP). I am not really a fan of buff crit buff when it comes to an Assassin in C9 Online. Instead of this, I prefer getting those active skills or a buff which deals additional damage per hit. I prefer not getting this skill in my build.

Justice Wave- This skill allows you to send powerful energy waves towards nearby enemies. In terms of PvP, it is very useful against Scout traps and Elementalist's Minor. In addition, it's damage is pretty decent when leveled up high. However, I don't suggest prioritizing on leveling this skill high first and just put 1 SP on it at the moment. If you have spare SP though, put it on this skill.

Poison Dart- Fire a poisonous needle to the enemy which inflicts decent damage, a 0.5 paralysis and a certain percentage of movement speed reduction. Yet another skill that could disable enemy casting and works perfectly against range attackers. In PvP, when the enemy is out of escape skill, you can use this to him (chain it to your combo). At the moment, just level it to 1 but if you have spare SP, put some on this skill until you achieve your desired level.

Additional Details: This skill can be use while you are in the air.

Combo: Double Jump + Dart + Shadow Dash grab + … Shatter kick + Dart + Wire + &hellip

Multi Shot- Shoot multiple arrows over a wide area. A very great combo starter. You can use this as you first skill followed by Shadow Dash (Grab) and then followed by another damage skill like Eagle Kick and so on. I did level this skill high for more arrows thrown to enemies (meaning more damage) and for a more chance of pierce attack which reduces the delay.

Combo: Multi-shot + Shadow Dash (grab) + space F (eagle kick) +&hellip

Vital Thrust- A flashy and powerful attack to the target's heart which causes bleeding effect. One of the skills which I often use in my combos, which serves as a damage output skill for me. Personally, I max this skill.

Combo: Grab throw + turn slash + Vital thrust + &hellip

Hide- One of the most common skill we usually see from an Assassin in any game. Well, we could not call ourself Assassins if we can't conceal ourself from our enemies and surprise them with deadly attacks right? Not only that it allows you to hide from an enemy, but it also grants a percent bonus movement speed and, your Vital Thrust skill deals 200% more damage when it is use first after the hidden state. For this skill, I prefer to level it to 1 as the movement speed increase increment per level isn't that significant and the additional damage to Vital Thrust doesn't change.

Combo: Hide + bomber shot or cloak + shadow dash or Hide + Vital Thrust

Shadow Decoy- This skill will allow you to evade a frontal attack of an enemy and then, you can move fast while invincible in either front, back, left or right. Once you have successfully activated this skill, you will have a 0.5 second invincibility frame (in evasion part) which will allow you to cast catching skills like Wire Web or back-off skills which can knock back enemies a bit if you are in a bad spot. I suggest that you level this skill to 1 for utility.

Additional Details: Right after this skill, you can use Shadow Buster if you have included it in your skill build.

Down Heel Kick- Yet another damage output skill in your combo. Performs a kick which launches enemy to the air and slam back down with a heel kick. While performing this skill, you will gain invincibility which means that you won't take any damage. As I have said, this is one of your damage output skill in a combo which only means that you should max this one out.

Important Note: Even though this skill has iframe, use it wisely as if it mess, you will be easily countered by an enemy. Do remember that this skill has a long animation and, if you just hit air using this skill, your opponent will just wait until you perform the heel kick and then he can do his counterattack.

Combo: Grab throw + turn slash + Vital Thrust + Down Heel Kick + Lift kick + &hellip

Shadow Wire- It serves as a hook which will pull enemy closer to you. Personally, my level for this skill is 7 as at this level, I find the range and the speed of the hook most efficient for me. You may use this skill as a combo starter and can be link in many ways with your other skills.

Important Note: This skill is only good for those opponents who are on the ground. That is why you need Wire Web so you could hook standing opponents.

Combo: Bomber shot + shadow wire + … Force Bomb + wire + … Shadow Bomber + wire +… Cutter x2 + wire+ … etc.

Flying Shatter Kick- Dash forward and kick the enemy viciously. In the process, you will be gaining super armor which means that this skill will not be interrupted. You may use it as a combo starter and it can also be a life saver skill. In times when you are in tight spot and the enemy is hounding you, you can use this skill and activate its push back effect and obtain some distance from your attacker. Personally, I level this skill high.

Combo: Multi-shot + Shadow Dash (grab) + space F (eagle kick) +&hellip

Turn Slash- Spin and perform a sweeping cut which pulls in enemy closer to you and do decent damage. This skill grants a temporary super armor to the caster. It can be chain with other skills like Grab Throw and, it can also break enemy charge. The only thing you need to do is to time it well. I suggest you level this skill high.

Poison Enchant- Instead of investing points on the buff which increases critical chance, I prefer spending it on here. This is what makes an Assassin combo deadly as it gives a fixed damage on each hit. Max this skill no matter what as it will be the source of your damage.

Shadow Move- In my description of an Assassin, I have said that this class is swift and agile. Well, this is one of the skill which makes them like that as it increases the movement speed for a certain period of time. Personally, I level this skill to 6 for the most efficient boos in movement.

Shadow Buster- Plant a powerful bomb and set it off as desired. You can manually detonate it or once its life span expires, it will detonate automatically. I just put 1 SP on this skill as in PvP, the mines will serve as a distraction to the opponent as surely, they will be more cautious in the battlefield (takes away their aggressiveness).

Shadow Bomber- Detonate a powerful explosion and then safely teleport in a location. This skill also has the ability to break enemy charge and close range skills. In addition, it grants a half a second invincibility frame and you can relocate to a safe spot. Use this skill when an enemy charges at you or he used evasive dash and come back to strike you. And lastly, the damage is pretty decent which makes it a pretty desirable skill to max.

How to Use: The most efficient way of using this skill is by casting Shadow Bomber and then moving back (pressing S) then cast wire followed by other skills or, cast Shadow Bomber then don't move (you will jump to the air) then cast Eagle Kick.

Additional Details: Enemy can't guard this attack.

Combo: Shadow Bomber + pressing S to move back + wire + … or Shadow bomber + do not click any direction will let you jump up + Eagle kick + &hellip

Force Bomb- Attack enemies with a wave of energy and explosion. Works the same way with Shadow Bomber but, the long cool down makes it a bad skill. In the past, I found no use for this skill but now, and extra defensive retaliation wouldn't hurt and I have decided to put 1 level for this skill for the utility and for some damage in both PvP and PvE.

Combo: Force Bomb + wire + &hellip

Command Skills

Evasive Dash- Temporarily Evades an enemy attack. Level 1 is pretty sufficient for this skill.

Kneeling Kick- A great pick up skill as it can hit an enemy lying flat on the ground. Best to level it to 5 for utility and as a prerequisite for Ankle Cutter.

Additional Details: If opponent is standing while you use this skill, they will be dazed for a few awhile.\

Evasive Maneuver- This skill allows you to dodge an attack and makes you invincible during the period. Put 1 SP on this skill for utility.

Evasive Attack- Once you have performed Evasive Maneuver, you can then retaliate and cast this skill. Put 1 SP on this skill also as it works in tandem with the previous skill.

Evasive Maneuver + Attack Combo: Double usage; pressing A or D and left mouse, hold it and then immediately click S + left mouse, this move will allow you to dodge twice or; Press S + left click and then press W at targets direction, quite useful when you don’t know or lack combo skill due cool down.

Jump Tactician- The additional jump can be a lot of help for us in terms of evading enemy charges (when the retaliation skill is on cool down) and, as a way of extending or starting our Aerial Combo. Get this skill.

Air Shatter Kick- Because of this skill, Flying Shatter Kick becomes a great combo starter. With the Aerial version, you have the element of surprise and positioning advantage. Get this skill.

Combo: Double Jump + Air shatter kick + Eagle kick while in air + &hellip

Wire Web- We all know that Shadow Wire only pulls a downed opponent and, we need this skill to pull standing opponents. Take this skill in your build no matter what.

Crouch- For 3 seconds, you will be able to stay in a crouch position, dodging enemy attacks and will give you 0.5 second invincibility frame which you can use to retaliate. Personally, I level this skill to 1.

Combo: Crouch + Half Moon Kick + 3xNormal attack + eagle kick +… Crouch + normal attack x1 (cancel crouch) + Shadow Dash + &hellip

Grab Throw- Grab your opponent and land a downward blow. Great skill for retaliation, combo linker and starter, and for breaking enemy guards. Perfect skill to use in terms of PvP. That is why you should learn this skill and this is the first skill that you should know how to use. However, don't level this skill high as you don't need the damage and as well as the extra throwing range. Just level it to 1.

Screw Flasher- Grab and enemy and perform a strong slam to the ground from up high. Personally, I found no use for this skill in my combo so I don't have it in my build.

Bow Tactician I- Extend the shooting range and speed of your Arrow shot. Also, it increases your arrow shot's attack power. Personally, I just leave this skill to 1 as damage of my arrow shots are pretty sufficient for me and as well as the range and the speed.

Swallow's Touch- This skill will allow you to grab and throw the enemy by the head. It acts as a combo starter and extension skill, and as well as a break guard skill. Just put 1 SP on this skill for utility.

Vital Point- After Vital Thrust, you can launch an additional attack with the help of this skill. Personally, instead of adding points on this skill, I prefer not to and add those points to the skills which can be chained with Vital Thrust, which has decent damage. Also, After this skill, your combo will end there and you can't add any more to skills to link. Don't get this skill.

Charged Shot- Level 1 is pretty sufficient for this skill. Take note that this skill has 3 charges and, the 3rd charge can deal the significant damage but, the charging takes too long which will make you vulnerable to enemy attacks. You only need this skill for utility as it can disable casting and, as a part of your combo.

Combo: Lift kick + charge arrow x 1 + Swallow’s touch + &hellip

Eagle Kick- Get this skill as it's a great skill for your combo and, it can let you stay for awhile in the air.

Combo: Grab throw + jump while turning your camera 45degree to left/right and then turn immediately back on your enemy+ Eagle kick while in air + … Shadow Dash Grab + jump while pressing W + Eagle kick while in air + … Air Shatter kick + turn camera 180 degree at the start of Shatter kick+ Eagle kick while in air, this moment you should be behind your target+ … Shadow Bomber don’t move + eagle kick while in air + … Half Moon kick + 3x normal attack + eagle kick while in air + … jump/double jump+ 1x normal attack + eagle kick +&hellip

Halfmoon Kick- Dodge an enemy attack and counter with a jump kick. One of the best skill that can launch enemy to the air and start your aerial combo. It is a great combo starter and filler. Also, you can use this skill to knock back enemies and draw some distance if you are in a tight spot. Get this skill.

Combo: Crouch + Half moon kick + normal attack x 2 , turn your camera 45 degree normal attack x 1 + eagle kick while in air + &hellip

Shadow Dash- Personally, I level this skill to 7 as the 16 meter movement distance is the most efficient distance for me. This is one of the most hard to use skill in C9 as it need precision to dash right in front of your target and as an Assassin, you need to practice performing this skill as this will be your key to closing in to the enemy.

Passive Skills

Max HP Increase- Level this skill until your desired level to increase your HP.

Max MP Increase- Don't get this skill.

Critical Increase- Don't get this skill.

Attack Mastery I- Max this skill for the additional attack power and to get the Attack Mastery II.

Attack Mastery II- Level this skill high for higher physical attack and, to extend your normal combo attack to 5 hits.

Attack Mastery III- You can level this skill high or max it for another boost in attack and to extend your normal combo attack to 6 hits.

Physical Mastery I- Max this skill for the additional physical defense, and increase in movement speed which is basically makes us agile.

Physical Mastery II- Level this skill high for the bonus effect like the previous skill.

Physical Mastery III- Level this skill high also for the bonus effect like the previous skill.

Force Bomb Double- Don't get this skill. The additional flying height and Force Bomb has no use.

Now let's see my skill build.

Action Skills:

Command Skills:

 Passive Skills:

Before leaving this page, I would like to share yet another combo guide to your guys. This combo moves aren't mine but it was adapted from HeartlessOne of mmosite. These combo has served me well and I think that it will also do lots of benefits for you. Thanks by the way to HeartlessOne for sharing this to us. Here it is  guys:

Combat Experience. 

Phase 1 – Starters. 

Assassins rely heavily on combo, so a good combo is the first thing you need. Doesn’t need to be infinity combo but at least 15-20 seconds should do. Assassins have a lot of skill which can put into a combo and big variation between each combo. There really isn’t any fixed combo, come up with your own; the one you come up with is probably the best. Just keep this in mind: first 7 hits will do most impact, and after that dmg will be reduced upon each hit.

No matter how good your combo is, you will fail if you don’t know how to approach your target.
Shadow Dash ; learn to use this skill, improve your precision. This will be your best skill in every situation. 

Air shatter kick + Eagle kick ; approach while in air. Q (Crouch) + SF(Half-Moon kick) ; Crouch gives you 0.5 seconds invincibility, another 0.5 for Half-Moon kick, learn to use this combo as frequent as possible. Invincible frames provide your safety, if you miss the kick you can always use air shatter kick to escape while in air. Start normal attack x2 after enemy is launched with half-moon kick, and then adjust your camera 45 degree to the left/right and then back to enemy before you deliver the 3th normal attack, and finally eagle kick to bring them down and bounce a bit. However this will only works when enemy is launched higher position than you while in air, if they are launched lower than you; use eagle kick immediately otherwise your combo will break.

Poison Dart ; learn to use while in air, improve your precision, and combine this skill with Shadow Dash. 

Eagle Kick ; learn to use while in air, very essential combo connection skill.

Phase 2 – Experienced Players. 

By the amount of time you learn your enemy’s weakness. You will be able to break enemy charges, dodge and counter attack.

Crouch ; you can dodge 90% of skills if you use it right.
Grabs ; breaks enemy guard, counter attack. Turn slash ; counter charging enemy.
Shadow Decoy ; block, relocate behind target and use Wire Web .
Shadow Bomber ; close range retaliation/counter charge. Relocate backward, use Shadow wire to pull back your target after you successful launch them. Or you can… see next phase.
Force Bomb ; close range retaliation. Use shadow wire to pull back.

Shadow Dash , perfect timing;
- When your target moving backward/forward in a straight line of moment.
- When your target moves Left/Right repeatedly; sign of luring you to use Shadow Dash, use multi shot before you use Shadow Dash in this case.
- Against Warrior/Guardian; when they use block, hit them with multi shot or single arrow, it will cause them to block, and that’s the best moment to use Shadow Dash.
- Against Blademaster; absolute best time to use this is when they scream “WATCHOUT!” (Counter stance). Works well against ground cutter x 3 as well.
- Shaman class; while they cast their skills, the moment they about to release it is the best moment to use Shadow Dash. While they block with magic shield. - Hunter class; Use shadow Dash while enemy pulling the bow and use Bomber shot/Multi shot.

Turn Slash or Turn Slash x 2 
correct usage of this skill will provide you invincible frames which you can use to avoid or break enemy skills.
- Can be used to break/avoid almost every fighter skills if used in right time. Exceptions: Back End Upper, Counter stance.
- Taoist; cannot break/avoid Dark Emotion and Electric Swing.
- Ranger; cannot break/avoid Arrow Rain.
- Elementalist; cannot break/avoid ground casted skill, such as meteor, lighting strike.
- Assassin; cannot break/avoid Shadow Bomber, Q+Halfmoon kick.
- Scout; cannot break/avoid every traps.

Grab Throw, Turn slash and arrow break guard works for all hunter classes.

Advanced skill usages. 

Secret move 1: Shadow Bomber Position relocates twice.
After you use Shadow Bomber, choose a direction to relocate (wasd), press immediately middle mouse button and the same time rotate your mouse at the exact opposite direction from your target, release middle mouse button 0.5 second before you release direction key (wasd). Hardest part should be rotating mouse at opposite direction from your target. You can chain various skills after this. Normally just Shadow Bomber, move backward + Shadow wire. But yeah, only use this when your shadow wire is on cool down.

Secret move 2: Shadow Dash direction change. 
1. Press Shift + Space to activate Shadow Dash. While dashing press middle mouse button, adjust to targets direction.
2. Release middle button after you adjust the right position.
3. Double click left mouse. To cancel middle mouse effect and grab your target.
4. Complete step 1 to 3 in less than 1 second. Done.

Secret move 3: Evasive Dash Rotation.
Works basically the same as Secret move 1, you need to adjust your camera before you use evasive dash while you stuck in a combo.

For feedbacks or suggestions, do share your thoughts about this post in the comment box below.