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Ragnarok Online 2 Class Stats Info

The most common questions I get from my readers when it comes to Ragnarok Online 2 is: What stat should I max for my class? Now, to help my readers determine which stats would suit their class, I decided to put up the stat information for Ragnarok Online 2 so that they can easily access this info.

Do take note that in other server, the names of the stats may differ. Say for example, Dexterity may be called  in your server as Agility and, Luck may be called in your server as Evasion. Anyway, they have the same effect on your character. The only thing that differs is their names. 

So now, let's see the different stats in the game Ragnarok Online 2.

Strength (STR)- Increase Melee Physical Max Damage and Melee Physical Defense.
Agility (AGI)- Increase Melee Physical CRIT Chance and Melee Physical Dodge.
Intelligence (INT)- Increase Ranged Physical HIT Chance, Magic Max Damage, and Magic Defense.
Concentration (CON)- Increase Melee Physical HIT Chance, Ranged Max Damage, and Ranged Physical CRIT Chance.
There is a 5th stat that can only be increased by equipment or skills.
Luck (LUK)- Increase Melee Physical Dodge, Ranged Physical Dodge, and Magic Dodge.

Now, let's go to my recommended stats for each class in Ragnarok Online 2. Take note that these stat distribution is only based on my own opinion. And, I personally need your advice on this stat distribution. You may share your stat distribution on the comment box later.


Warrior - Str, Agi, or Vit. This depends on what you want your Warrior to end up. Warriors are considered as Sub Tanks in kRO2 so MOST if not all of them went Str / Vit / and some Agi. Which means they prioritized Str then Vit or Vit then Str then the extra stat points goes to Agi.
TIP: You can go Str, Agi for leveling then reset stat afterwards if you want to go Sub Tank.

Knight - Str and Vit. Why? Because you're the "meat shield" of the party.
TIP: It is suggested to add more Str than Vit. Why? Because you have to keep the "Aggro" on you so that the Monster / Boss won't change attack ( to your party members that is. ).


Rogue - Str, Agi, and some Vit. You can balance out the Str and Agi or even put more Str than Agi.
TIP: Never add more than 8 stat points on Vit. Why? Because it's useless to Rogues. Why again? Because it only gives a "LITTLE" amount of HP. It is really a waste of stat points to put more than 8 on it.

Assassin - It is pretty much the like Rogues which is Str, Agi, and some Vit.


Monk - Int, Agi, or Vit. This is considered as the top 1 or 2 Tank class in the game together with the Knight class. You need to max Int for this class. Why? Because of this "Spiritual Cadence". This passive skill will add 2 Attack power for each Int you add. And don't forget, Int gives block too. Your secondary stat can be Agi or Vit. Depends on what you like. Agi for Crit and Evasion or Vit for additional HP.

Priest - Int, Agi, or Vit. Adding Int is already given but why Agi? Well believe it or not Heal does crits in this game. But if you don't want to believe me then go Vit. PS: I was wondering too at first if adding Agi for crit would be good. But after reaching the cap level ( which is level 50 in kRO2) I noticed how important those crits are. Normal heals only goes 1k but crit heals go up to 2k ( I'm only wearing bapho/pve normal epic items.). So I really think Agi is really important to Priests


Ranger - Str, Agi, Vit. Why Str? Because there is no Dex here in RO2. So Str is pretty much like Dex here for Archer class. About your secondary stat, you can go Agi for crits and Evasion or Vit for additional HP. But I think most people would go for Agi than Vit though. Well it's up to you on how you build your character.

Beastmaster - Str, Agi. Str for damage and block. Then Agi for crit. NOTE: Beastmaster are considered Sub tanks too. But Warriors are better Sub tanks than them. But there are other uses for Beastmasters in the party. Like kiting the summons of the boss.

Wizard - Int, Agi. Int is already self explanatory. But why Agi? Like I said before, there's no Dex in this game and Casting speed relies on items. So the next best thing out there is Agi for crits.

Sorcerer - Int, Agi. Int is already self explanatory again same goes for Agi. NOTE: I think Sorcerer has the highest critical damage output out there. They are considered one of the important class in this game. Why? Because they are support / range damagers. They have singe and aoe heal. They also have Resurrection.