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Inferno Barbarian Item Set Build in Diablo 3 [Recommended]

Here is the fact: Barbarian in Diablo 3 are gear dependent class. If you have no decent set for your Barbarian, you will surely die every time, especially in the Inferno mode. But, with the right gears/sets, you will definitely be indestructible!

In the page, you will know some gears which are recommended for Diablo 3 Barbarian in Inferno Mode. This guide will feature not too expensive, medium quality gears for Barbarian or what we often called as Poor Man's Gears and also, luxury items for barbarians. So, without further ado, here is the recommended items/gears set for a Barbarian in Diablo 3, which is currently in Inferno mode.

Poor Man's Gears Set for Diablo 3 Barbarian
The following gears are the most advisable for those who are new level 60s and without decent gears yet.
  • 1H: Skysplitter or Rare 1H – Don't worry about the DPS instead, make sure that you will get defensive stats, critical percentage and regeneration.
  • Shield: Ivory Tower – Not that expensive and has great chance to block enemy attacks. In addition, it has a regeneration stat too.
  • Helm: Lots of options, Rares are probably the best value. Just be sure to have it socket with a 12%+ Life from Amethysts.
  • Shoulders: Don't settle for legendary as it's too expensive. Instead, go for rare! For a total steal though, try to pick up Barter Town Pads. Cheap, and totally reasonable at level 60 depending on the stats. Good patch that will carry you until Vile Ward.
  • Torso: Solid Rare – All the Legendary/Set items are too expensive and not that great. Stick with RARE first!
  • Wrists: Promise of Glory – Ton of Strength and cheap Crit % 
  • Hands: Gladiator Gauntlets or Stone Gauntlets – The former is amazing for the CC reduction and HUGE Crit, the latter is way cheaper with CC procs, no durability loss (this will add up), and lots of Strength.
  • Waist: Koturr’s Brace – Total steal, Block % is huge. Other belts work fine, this is a good deal though. Other options are 2-piecing Inna’s Blessing with pants (see below), String of Ears, or Angel Hair Braid. Thunder God’s Vigor, if spawned with Frenzy bonus AND a good random, could be amazing too.
  • Legs: Rare, none of the legendaries/sets are that great. For a neat workaround, Inna’s Glory (Monk pants) are fairly decent for you, find a well spawned one and it’s probably as good as a Rare, and you can 2-piece it for a ton of Dex, which is Dodge %.
  • Feet: Rare or eventually Immortal King’s Boots. None of the legendaries are good for you.
  • Amulet: Kymbo’s Gold is cheap and very good, you can find steals at Flavor of Time too. Level 60s legendary/set items are pretty overpriced for now and arguably not that great. Take the cheaper option.
  • Rings: Infinite options, try to get the Legacy of Nighttime Whispers 2-piece ring set for the Regen/stats/Magic Find, but for cheaper options that are still great: Bul-Kathos Wedding Band, Eternal Union, and even dipping down to Justice Lantern is viable.
Luxury Gears Set for Diablo 3 Barbarian
  • Helm of Command – Block chance, best helm etc. 
  • Stormshield – Best shield in the game, amazing block % 
  • Vile Ward – Best shoulders for you, Regen etc. 
  • Hellcat Waistguard/Lamentation – Life Regen, huge stats, etc etc. 
  • Azurewrath or A+ Skysplitter – Best weapons I think, the unique stats are going to beat out random rares in the long run, esp if you aren’t reaching for the highest DPS ever. 
  • Immortal Kings – Probably one of the highest grade sets in Diablo 3 but, you need to find the right pieces at the right prices. This seems like a pipe dream for most people, but with enough gold, you will definitely own this set. All the pieces seem great if spawned right. 
  • Blackthorne’s – Great if a piece drops for you, buying it all from scratch seems pricey. On the upside, your alts can use it due to the stat spread. You can get this set if you are lucky enough at the Auction House :).
  • Endless Journey/Legacy of Nighttime Whispers – One of my favorite set because of its tons of attribute bonuses. Very expensive though but for a Diablo 3 addict, owning this set would not be impossible :).
Bonus Tips on Barbarian Gears: 
  • Block % matters, use this formula: [Block Chance (.17 for 17%, for example)] x [(Min Block + Max Block) / 2]. This is, averaged out, how much damage mitigated per hit. What looked like a mild shield upgrade at level 60 was actually around 400 dmg/hit due to a high block chance. 
  • Life Regen is the most underrated stat. The mobs that matter are champs, and you’ll mostly be CC’ing/kiting, so being able to heal large % of your max HP during extended fights is a game-changer and keeps you alive. 
  • Strength is good, but don’t bend over backwards to get it or aim for 2k Strength. You’ll never out damage a Demon Hunter or Wizard, so don’t sacrifice your survival to close that gap. I crit for 15k or so. Geared Demon Hunters crit for 50-100k. Just be the tank, if you want to be DPS god get a 2H and lollerskate around Act 4 Hell.
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