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Best Knight Skill Build in Ragnarok Online 2

In every MMORPG that I have played, a Knight's role is to be at the front line of battle, tanking a group of enemies and protecting his squishy party members :). And in Ragnarok Online 2, there's no difference! If you will scrutinize every skill of a Knight in Ragnarok Online 2, you will notice that he focuses more on defense and survivability. 

With these things in mind, I have created a skill build for a Knight in Ragnarok Online 2 which will epitomize his tanking greatness! 

I can say that this build will definitely work pretty well in my playing style. As a matter of fact, I am day dreaming now that this build will let me join parties with ease and loot a lot of great items :D. 

So, let's cut to the long intro and let's see my Best Knight Skill Build in Ragnarok Online 2.

Note: The skill build you will see below may change without further notice. As of now, this is just the skill build for the current level cap of Ragnarok Online 2. When the level cap is increase or when there will be changes in the skills of this class, rest assure that we will update this page.
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Special Thanks to: ro2skillsim.com for making a detailed Skill Simulator for Ragnarok Online 2.

Knight Skill Build Explanation

Swordsman Skills

Head Crush- This is one of my main rotation skill that is why I decided to max this one. The damage is pretty decent at max level and it has a relatively short cooldown which makes it a very good everyday skill. Plus, the bleeding effect (damage over time) every 2 seconds for 20 seconds is really awesome. And lastly, this skill can let you acquire Aura which is very needed to cast your powerful skills. That is why I highly recommend to max this skill.

Magnum Break- In description, this may be a good skill to have as it literally sends 3 shockwave and hits up to 3 enemies (obviously, DUH :D) far from you. The only problem is, you won't use this skill often as a Knight. The only purpose of this skill if you decide to get it though is for kiting enemies or luring them towards you. But, there's a better skill for that called Shield Boomerang so I prefer leaving this skill to 0.

Battle Manual- So far, I can consider this skill as close to being useless. Just imagine a Knight specializing on raw damage (STR) rather than critical hits (AGI), and getting this skill which will only give a measly 0.4% critical chance. Not cool isn't it? I suggest not getting this skill.

Provoke- Just put 1 level on this skill. Why not max it for shorter cooldown? In reality, once you have lured one monster, it will only focus its attack on you and not on your party members. If by chance the monster has targeted one of your ally, then you can lure it again using this skill (or Wide Provoke) as the 20 seconds cooldown is enough based on experience.

Wide Provoke- Just put 1 level on this skill. This skill is for mass luring. Mostly, I cast this skill after the Shield Fortress or any defensive buff, and when there are lots of mobs surrounding the party. You lure the monster, then the rest of your party will kill them. Great for clearing mobs in short!

Max Aura Blade or Aura Armor?
I have doubts on maxing this Aura Armor at first as the Aura Blade skill is more enticing for me for the extra damage. Remember that when you use Aura Armor, your Aura Blade will be gone and vice versa, and that is why it's very hard for you to decide which skill to max and to leave in prerequisite. However, I have decided at the end maxing out this skill and leaving Aura Blade to level 1. Why? It is because this skill is more useful in party plays than adding damage to your character. Take note that Aura Armor will decrease the damage you taken, will increase your HP, plus it will add a bonus threat level which means more luring capability. And besides, in terms of damage, I can increase it with gears and proper allocation of stat points. So that is why I have decided to max Aura Armor than the skill that can gran 10% bonus damage.

Bash- One of my favorite skill in Swordsman. It has no cooldown, can grant you the Aura you need and has decent damage. Because of this skill, I can ensure that I have the Aura I need to cast the powerful spells of my character. Max this skill no matter what.

Battle Order- There is no way that you would just let this skill pass by. It's a buff which will increse your strength and the strength of your party members by 10% for 30 long minutes. You may say that 10% is pretty low but the fact is, this amount in the game is pretty significant. Believe me!

Aura Strike- Probably a significant skill for Swordsman. This skill has decent damage but the most significant part of this skill is the additional damage you will inflict to the enemy. Say for example, you have 3 Aura Charges and you max this skill. Take note that the skill does 7% extra damage for every Aura Charges you have. So, you will inflict 24% based damage (max) plus 21% extra damage from this skill. Don't forget that this skill has 0 cooldown. Just imagine the damage you can inflict to the enemy(s) when you have Aura Charges everytime!

Knight Skills

Aura Mastery- 10% chance of recovering Aura lost is enough for me (and besides, I will jeopardize other most needed skills if I max this out :D). This skill works like this: Each time you cast a skill that consumes Aura Charges, you will not lost those charges when this skill procs. So if you have 3 charges and you use a skill which consumes 3 charges, that charges will still be there will this skill procs.

Shield Charge- Very effective skill especially in PVP. Remember that a stunned (cannot cast skill nor move) enemy can't do damage to you. Not only does it stuns a target but it also closes the gap between and your target (like pesky Archers and Magicians :D). However, I suggest that you just leave it to 1 for utility purposes as there are more skills that you will need to invest a lot of SP, which is both effective in PVE and PVP.

Grand Cross- Your one and only AOE skill which has no cooldown. Pretty effective against group mobs and I have no doubt that I should max this skill.

Shield Bash- This skill will let you bash your enemy to the head with your shield, dealing damage and knocking them down for a certain period of time. I suggest that you just leave it to 1 though for utility purposes as you will be short of SP.

Concentration- The question you have to answer when you are deciding to get this skill or not is: Do you want to sacrifice your survivability for the additional 20% damage as a tank?. For me, probably not. As the main tank of the game, you will need every defense and every ounce of HP you can get to ensure that you will withstand heavy hits from the enemy. If you are concern that you can't inflict high damage as a Knight then I suggest that you change class.

Okay... Let's pause for awhile and let me share to you my experience playing different MMORPG's and what I have learned concerning this matter.

The fact is, when you are a tank, you can't outdamage a DPS class while if you are a DPS class, expect that you will be squishy or close to being one! What I am trying to imply here is that you must not step into the shoes of other classes. Instead, focus on your own strength!

Also, if you are concern that you will deal less damage as a tank to other players in the game, then don't be! In PVP matches, the strength of a tank is that they make their opponent look silly as it seems that all enemy hits just tickles them! In short, tank class in PVP are more on outwitting an enemy and not outdamaging them!

By the way, I am not mad! I am just including exclamatory signs to tell you the significant of this discussion. hehe :D.

Now that we clear things up, let's continue...

Shield Boomerang- An effective skill for kiting or luring enemies towards you. As I have said before, I prefer this skill than Magnum Break as it has more kiting effectiveness. Plus it will add a movement speed debuff to every enemies that has been hit by your shield. However, it is not advisable to max out this skill as it's best for utility only.

Shield Boomerang Mastery- This skill will give you the chance to reset the cooldown of your Shield Boomerang. Plus, once this skill procs, it will give you 1 Aura Charge. It may be a good idea to max this skill if the proc rate is higher, let say 70% or more but it's not. So that is why I suggest to just level this skill to 1 for prerequisite.

Shield Cannon- One of the toughest and coolest skill so far in the Knight skill tree. It is one of the skill which has the highest damage output in the tree and I highly recommend that you max this skill.

Aura Heal- This skill is debatable. Some say that it's needed for more survivability and they suggest to max this skill but I strongly recommend not to take their misleading statement. Do take note that the skill will heal 6% of the damage you deal to enemies, which is pretty awesome if it has no cooldown. But the fact is, it has 20 seconds cooldown which is relatively long for a life on hit skill. Instead of this, I would focus more on defense and offense and besides, I can buy strong HP pots which can heal me higher than this.

Aura Shield- One of the skill that epitomizes your tanking prowess! There is no question about this skill and it should be max out in my own honest opinion.

Shield Fortress- The best tanking skill above all tanking skills in the Knight skill tree. For 10 seconds, all the damage you take will be decreased by half but you will stay and can't move in a certain spot. That is why you need kiting and provoking skill, and I am pretty sure that I have all those things needed in my skill build :).

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So, that's all about it. For questions, clarifications, recommendations and even little appreciations :D, just spend some time going to our comment box and share some words on my post Best Knight Skill Build in Ragnarok Online 2.