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Which Sorceress is Better: Elemental Lord or Force User [Dragon Nest]

One of the most highly debated discussion in Dragon Nest SEA is choosing between Elemental Lord and Force User. We all know that both has their own unique characteristics that when distinguished, you will definitely have hard time figuring out what class you want to proceed especially, when you both love them. Why do I say this? It's because when we make an in-depth comparison between the two sorceress job advancement, you will learn that there are things that makes Elemental Lords stand out against Force Users and vice versa.

So, I think it's best to choose with the use of your own preference. What I mean is, it's easy to choose whether you want to be a Elemental Lord or a Force User by determining their playing style. And, if that playing style suits yours, then probably you'll go for that class. To help you do that, I have put up a post which shows my way on choosing from the two sorceress job. You will learn here the different things I put into consideration in choosing between the two class and, at the end of this post, I'm pretty sure that you will have a final decision.
Comparison Between Elemental Lord and Force User

I. General Description
Elemental Lord- Your typical magician which wields the element of fire and ice. Has very high burst damage especially when you decided to get the Fire skills of a Saleana as almost every flame magics can do massive damage to enemies at a wide area and, don't forget the additional burn status! On the other hand, taking the ice skills of an Elestra will give you crowd-controlling skills and damage amplification skills. Elemental Lords are purely damage class as they ca attain high damage output even if there gears are weak.

Force User- Users of the Dark Side :). Pretty intriguing isn't it? This is the class that has the power to shoot futuristic missiles and cast black hole-like magics. But that's not all, Force User's are master of time as they can bend the time in their surroundings, which makes them a very reliable ally in parties. And lastly, she is said to be superior in mobility because of her teleportation skill.

II. Damage Output
Elemental Lord- There is no denying the fact that Elemental Lords knows how to inflict a lot of hurt to enemies. Each of her fire skill is packed with intense heat which amplifies big amount of burst damage. Based on experience, their damage output can reach 6 to 8 digits especially when they are fully geared.

Force User- Compared to Elemental Lord's damage, the damage output of this class is way inferior. They just tickle Nest bosses and other players in PVP but, the very interesting part of the damage of Force User is not whole but bit by bit. What I'm trying to say is that their skills has multiple hits which can reach up to 18 hits. They can only achieve large damage output by casting multiple combos. So, if you like a class that has tons of digits in damage output per skill, then this is not that class for you.

III. Damage Amplification
Elemental Lord
a. Freeze Stacking- This class has this effect called "freeze stack". This effect works like this: If you have managed to freeze an enemy, you will gain a boost of 50% more damage from the next skill you will cast. EL has both Glacial Spike and Glacial Wave to do freeze status. When Glacial Spike procs and then you cast Glacial Wave, you will see two layers of ice on the enemy which means that your next damage will be amplified by 100% (limit of freeze stacking).
b. Burn Status- Not only that they have the freeze stacking that amplifies damage, they have also burn status that can deal additional damage to enemies.
Total Amplification= 100%(plus bonus Burn Status)
Force User
a. Force Mirror - Amplifies 30% of magical attack for a period of time.
b. If you have Glacial Spike= you will have 50% damage amplification every time it procs.
Total Amplification= 80% (not considering beyond time yet)

IV. Disabling Abilities
Elemental Lord- This class can disable enemies with her freeze. In addition, they can also slow enemies with their ice skills.
Force Users- In terms of disabling, this class is pretty awesome. They have two Time Stop skills (active and passive), they have slow skills and they Black Hole-like skills on the Majesty skill tree that can pin and hold enemies in a certain location for a couple of seconds.

V. Mobility
Elemental Lord- Not so good in terms of mobility. If they don't have the Flame Road skills which gives them fast movement while damaging the enemies, then there mobility would be inferior to other class (except cleric ofc).
Force User- Very good in terms of mobility. They have the teleport skills which makes them good at both evading and setting.

VI. Important to a Party
Elemental Lord- Without a doubt, Elemental Lords are needed on a party to inflict huge damage to enemies. No more, no less!
Force User- This class has more function in party plays compared to Elemental Lords. She has crowd-controlling skills and the ability to stop the time around her and, hasten the cooldown of the skills of the party. In short, Force User is most needed in a party because she is a disabling-support class in nature.

Elemental Lord- When we based it on damage, then I can say that Elemental Lord is far more superior than Force User. They own most classes in the Arena because of their superior damage but, they fall short some times to long range classes as they are short range caster (except when they cast their Fireball Ex skills) and, they have hard time closing the distance as they have very little mobility skills.
Force User- When it comes to party PVP, Force Users would be a good class but in terms of one-on-one matches, it's very hard to use them especially when you are a first timer. You need a lot of practice so that you will know when and where to use every skills and most of all, it takes a lot of accuracy making her skill hit the target.

VIII. Job Advancement
One of the things I take into consideration is determining the job advancement of each class. In this way, I can gain further knowledge on what would be the kind of character I will be using at the very end.

Elemental Lord
a. Saleana- Basically a damage-based class. Excels on fire skills which have more burst damage. This is the class which can deal 6 to 8 digits damage output.
b. Elestra- More of a damage and control class. Her ice skills makes enemies movement speed reduced significantly and also, some of them can freeze enemies. In addition to that, some of Elestra skills has Ice resistance debuff which means that you will have more damage if you use ice skills when the debuff is in effect.
Force User
a. Majesty- More of a support class. She has the ability to steal magic (copy to buffs from other enemies to be exact), more inclined on crowd-controlling skills (like Gravity Ascension which pins down enemies in place) and has disabling skills (Time Stop) which is very needed in party plays.
b. Smasher- Smasher is said to be a PVP-oriented Force User. Her dominance in the Arena is quite known in the world of Lagendia. Teleport+Time Stop+Laser Cutter=GG!

IX. Overall Gameplay
The last thing I have asked to myself is "What's more fun playing? Elemental Lord or Force User?". At first, I can't really decide. Which is why I have decided to create both class and level them to 45. At first few months, it's a no-brainer choice that I prefer Elemental Lords. She got me hooked up with her godly damaging skills but, bit-by-by, Force User stole my heart!

Elemental Lords are really fun at first because of their raw damage and who don't love seeing 6 to 8 digits damage on your screen every time you cast her most powerful skills. In addition to that, it's very easy to control and a newbie-friendly class. But, after a few months like I have said, my Force User begun to outshine my Elemental Lord.

What I love about Force User is her functionality. She maybe inferior in terms of damage compared to Elemental Lord but, her mobility, disabling skills, Beyond Time, crowd-controlling skills, paired with strategic gameplay makes me decide to pursue the Force User path, and then go Smasher all the way!

Overall, I can say that:
a. Elemental Lord has a slight advantage in PVP because of their superior damage and;
b. Force User has a slight advantage in PVE as they have more useful skill to support the party.

So, after reading my article, what do you prefer on creating: An Elemental Lord or a Force User?

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