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How Magical Breeze (Artillery Skill) Works [Dragon Nest]

In this page, you will learn how the Magical Breeze skill of Artillery works in Dragon Nest. Take note that this article was originally created by chaose5 and I have just copied it here on my blog so that my readers will not have hard time searching for it on Google. 

Important Notes: The percentage increase in damage may be different on our version, Dragon Nest SEA. Just take note on the basic calculation and concept of this skill and not the numbers presented on this guide.

Here is the explanation of the level 45 skill buff for Artillery (Magical Breeze):
Magical Breeze of Artillery (LV45 buff skill) is one the most complicated buff in dragon nest, in terms of damage calculation mechanics. 

For those who have no idea what is it at all, here is the skill description:

Magical Breeze lv1
Increase your magical attack, and convert all damage to magical damage. Duration 10sec. 30% damage increase. (lv2 = 31%) 

Discussion about the mechanics of the dmg calculation are can found in the appendix.

This post aims to reveal a well-guarded secret on the true power of artillery (credits to 1v1逆天 from duowan)

While the buff of Magical Breeze is still active, cast a physical skill.
When the buff expires, the physical skills which is still being cast, will be forced to have 100% skill amp (no additional dmg).

For example, assume you cast magical breeze, and when the buff duration is left with 3 sec, you cast arrow rain

Arrow Rain (original): ( 38%+208 ) x 43
Final Rain: 100% x 43

* final rain is the name given arrow rain boosted through such trick.
* arrow rain shoot 43 arrows, the arrows deals 2 type dmg: touch dmg = 0.1 x board dmg, explosive dmg = 0.9 x board dmg ]

You will see roughly a 2.4 times increase of damage by doing Final Rain.

A few notes on the characteristic of this trick:
* dmg is calculated based on phy attack
* dmg can be boost further by the bow mastery passive (8%)
* dmg can be boost through skill heraldry (20%)
* dmg cannot be boost through skill lvl, meaning lvl1 arrow rain and lvl 7 arrow rain similarly have 100% amp, once this trick is applied
* dmg cannot be boost through lvling of magical freeze, meaning lvl1 and lv2 magical breeze makes no difference.

Comparison of Final Rain with other top lv40 ultimate

Normal arrow rain: 38%+8% , assume only 80 hits (40xboard dmg), total dmg = 1840% ; cd 45sec.
Final Rain: 100%+8%, assume only 80 hits (40x board dmg), total dmg 4320%; cd 45sec

[ additional 8% is from bow mastery ]

Flame Vortex of elemental lord: 4000%; cd 150sec
Infinity Edge of sword master: 6000% ; cd 125sec
Demolition of Engineer: 5600%; cd 125sec

You can also perform this trick to Aerial Chain Shot, however you will need to cast it when the buff duration is 1 sec left. Final Aerial Shot will do 4x damage as compared to normal aerial shot. The calculation is done similarly.

How does magical breeze work? 
The following info again is provided by 1v1逆天 from Duowan. Do note that the mechanism and effect described here might change with recent update. 

Do physical skills become magical skill after casting Magical Breeze? 
* After casting magical breeze, physical skill is ACTUALLY NOT converted to magical skill, as opposed to the skill description. ( not even sure if this is a bug =.= ) 
* Armor Break of paladin, which give additional damage to physical damage, still magnifies the physical skill of artillery with magical breeze. On the other hand, Mirror of force user give no mag damage boost for the physical skill of artillery with magical breeze. 

Then what Magical Breeze actually does? 
It calculate BOTH phy and mag skill damage according to the formula below: 

Skill without damage inc heraldry 
Damage = ( Phy Attack + 1.3 * Mag Attack ) * ( Bow Mastery + Priest buff +Skill Amp) + Skill Add. Dmg. - Phy Attack * Skill Amp 

Skill without 20% damage inc heraldry 
Damage = [ ( Phy Attack + 1.3 * Mag Attack ) * ( Bow Mastery + Priest buff + Skill Amp) + Skill Add. Dmg. - Phy Attack * Skill Amp ] * (1+15.38%) 

[other multiplier such as crit and defence dmg reduction are not applied in the above equation ] Lets use an example to demonstrate the calculation: 

Phy attack = 5000 
Mag attack = 4000 

Arrow Rain lv7 : 38%+208 Without any buff, bow master or magical breeze, arrow rain lv7 deal: 
Damage = 5000 * 0.38 + 208 = 2108 

Will physical attack affect the phy/mag skill dmg under magical breeze? 
The answer is yes, provided that you have bow mastery and/or priest buff. 

For a comparison, 

Magical breeze only: 
Damage = (5000+1.3*4000) * 0.38+208 - 5000*0.38 = 1.3*4000*0.38+208 = 2184 

Note that the raw physical attack (bold) get cancel out in the calculation process. In other words, without the bow mastery and/or priest buff, magical breeze calculate skill damage based on MAG ATTACK ONLY and give additional 30% damage increase to it. 

Also note that because the low mag. attack, the effective damage increase is only from 2108 to 2184 (1%). 

Effect of Bow Mastery Passive 
Bow mastery: 8% 

Damage with bow mastery, without magical breeze 
Damage = 5000 * (0.08+0.38 )+208 = 2508 

Now with magical breeze and bow mastery 
Damage = (5000+1.3*4000) * (0.08+0.38)+208 - 5000*0.38 = 3000 
Damage increase significantly from 2508 to 3000 (20%) ! 

Effect of Bow Mastery Passive & Priest Buff 
Bow mastery: 8% 
Priest Buff : 22% 

Damage with bow mastery and priest buff, without magical breeze 
Damage = 5000 * (0.08+0.22+0.38 )+208 = 3608 

Now with magical breeze and bow master + priest buff 
Damage = (5000+1.3*4000) * (0.08+0.22+0.38)+208 - 5000*0.38 = 5244 
Damage increase tremendously from 3608 to 5244 (45%) ! 

Note that PART of the raw phy attack (bold) get cancel out too. However, part of the physical attack, specifically the part which are boosted by priest buff and/or bow mastery passive, are included in the damage calculation. Mercenary buff also is applied in the same way but due to the complexity, it will not be shown here. 

Important note regarding this example: 
The dmg % increase will definitely vary with different skills. Arrow rain has small skill amp% and therefore will show amazing damage increase under priest buff and bow mastery passive. Skills with higher skill amp % will definitely show lower effective damage increase.

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