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Cabal 2: Not Just Bikes, But Also Mounts!

Hello there guys! I have another update about the upcoming sequel of Cabal. This time around, I am pleased to report that we won't be doing that long walk journey from point to point with the help of the newest system of Cabal Online 2, the Mount System!

What are these Mounts?
Mounts are animals in order to increase characters movement speed for travelling around terrains. Every mount is unique with different movement speed increase, much faster than character movement speed, so you can save time travelling around. At the moment, there are 4 confirmed mounts and 1 vehicle. In 1st OBT you could get 2 mounts - Sand Beetle and Orstrich.

*Ostrich is the only mount which you can get it easilly, with low cost and level req. *Other mounts can be purchased only if you have enough honor points which can be earned from BattleField.

Some of the featured Mounts of Cabal Online 2 includes:

Name: Ostrich
Requirements: Level 12
Movement Speed: 140 (40% more movement speed)
Cost: 100,000 Alz
How to Obtain: Cabarete Island - Merchandise Store (Grocer)

Name: Sand Beetle
Requirements: Level 20
Movement Speed: 170 (70% more movement speed)
Cost: 1'000'000 Alz / 10'000 Honor Points
How to Obtain: Freii Hills - Ryan Store (Equipment)

Name: Leopard
Requirements: Level 12
Movement Speed: 170 (70% more movement speed)
Cost: Unknown
How to Obtain: Unknown

Also, there is a mystery mount in the game called Sand Lion. I have no details about it yet but if it comes, I will post it here. In addition to mounts, of course, we still get to ride the Astral Bike. However, I haven't got any image nor details about its features.

How to Ride a Mount?

After you purchase your mount, it will automatically appear in your inventory. Right-click it, then open your Character Menu (C) and chose Mounts Tab ( 2nd from top ). Your mounts appears there. You will see mount icon, which drag to your skill bar and press it to activate. 

The mount system is just one of the features in Cabal Online 2 that we should look forward in using. There are many more features that are still unknown and only the developer knows about it. So, stay tuned as we will keep you updated with the latest news on Cabal Online 2: The Neoforce Era. For now, go check out a video which shows how you get the first mount in Cabal 2:

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