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Best Crusader Skill Build in Dragon Nest [T4]

Hi guys! Welcome to another Dragon Nest SEA guide. This time around, I will be sharing what I dubbed as the best Crusader skill build in the game. Crusader don't really excites me at the beginning. In fact, I have preferred creating a Guardian than a Crusader. But, after playing with it for awhile, I begun loving this class a lot!

There is no denying the fact that it's really fun pounding your opponent with a humongous hammer! Not only that, based on experience playing with this class, I think they are more powerful in terms of dealing damage compared to Guardian, as mos of the skills for Guardian has been nerfed, thanks a lot to the T4 skill tree :). 

Anyway, let's not go deeper to that discussion and go back to our main topic. Before anything else, I would like to say that this skill build will be more of a DPS Crusader skill build. Based on experience and extensive research, a Tank Crusader would be bad as we don't have the skills which makes Guardian what they are. Also, if we go hybrid and stick with a Semi DPS Semi Tank build, it would make those damager skills do less damage and, we will not be able to tank as efficient as what I have said earlier, we have no skills like the Guardian which makes them a tough tank (Autoblock Ex and Guardian Force). Believe me, I have spend 3 skill reset for this class to find out the most viable skill build and at the very end, I was satisfied with a DPS Crusader skill build. 

Level 40 Skill Build for Crusader in Dragon Nest:
Cleric Skill Tree
Priest Skill Tree
Current Level 50 Skill Build for Crusader in Dragon Nest:

Cleric Skill Tree
Paladin Skill Tree
Crusader Skill Tree
Cleric Skill Tree

Shield Blow- Not much of a good skill so I prefer leaving this skill as it is.

Divine Combo- You might want to reserve a slot for this skill in your hotkey as a Guardian, as it will definitely come in handy in PVP when your other skills are not yet available. You have the choice to max this skill for highest damage output or just leave it to 1 (preferable).

Charge Bolt- It won't hurt to add some SP on this skill for additional active attacking skills. In addition to that, this skill uses the magical attack side so it would not be a problem getting this skill as a Crusader.

Holy Bolt- You have the choice to get this skill or not. If you think you need the 1 second binding, then go and get this skill. However, take note that this skill is close to being useless in PVE as it can bind small mobs only.

Lightning Strike- One of the skill that is very useful in PVP as it can launch a target into the air. However, just leave it to 1 as you need as much SP as possible for this build.

Block- I personally level this to 4. Remember that my build is more of a DPS build and not of a Tank as I have said earlier, Crusader isn't really build for extreme tankiness, which Guardian are highly capable of doing. However, if you do have extra SP left, do spend it here.

Heal- Level it to 8. An option to heal yourself and allies when you're in danger isn't a bad idea. Plus, it would be wise to spend SP on this skill to complete the SP requirement.

Low Kick

Holy Kick

Dive Kick

Sliding Knee Kick

- If you're planning to roll a Kick Build Crusader. Then you can allocate 1 SP on each skills. Almost every pro players who turned out to be a Paladin in Dragon Nest SEA has these skill on their build. Based on experience, it's fun to have these skills on your build as you will have the option to chain combos (especially for Guardian) and mostly, these skills makes a Paladin more agile in the battlefield.

Sliding Step- As always, I strongly suggest that you max this skill. 

Aerial Evasion- Max this skill or just leave it to 1. Most of the time, Guardian will stand still on the ground, with the help of their blocking skills leaving Aerial Evasion close to being useless in both PVE and PVP.

Toughness- Max this skill. For a priest like Inquisitor, this may not be very useful as they are more on range attacks. However, Paladin are more of a in-your-face class which only means that most of their skills are melee or short range. So, it would be viable to get more reduction in damage when your in front row of the battle. Also, in my Saint skill build, I prefer not getting this one by the way.

Physical Mastery

Mental Mastery

Mind Conquer

- Max these skills to suffice the SP requirement and as well as boost your defense, HP, MP and MP recovery respectively.

Aura Restoration- Get this skill as it don't require any SP and it can be very helpful sometimes in both PVP and PVE.

Paladin Skill Tree

Holy Relic- I have doubt at first whether to level it to 11 or just leave it to 6. But, after a few research and experience using the skills, I decided to level it to 11. The damage of this skill is really good, especially when you get the Ex version as it will add extra range (AOE) and damage to the skill. Plus, did you know that this skill has a superb super armor breaking capability?

Sacred Hammering- For my DPS crusader, I prefer maxing this skill. The extra magical damage is very useful for Crusader plus, the ability to make an infinity combo (by pressing normal attack when hammer is on) while your powerful skills are off cooldown is very helpful.

Lightning Zap- As a Crusader, I have no doubt in my mind that I should max out this skill. The damage is very powerful and it has a chance to electrocute enemies which results to disruption of their skill casting sometimes and also, if an enemy has been electrocuted, there will be a chance that he/she can transfer the electrocution effect to other enemies when they are close at her/him.

Electric Smite- Max this skill no matter what. This is one of your few active-attacking skills. The damage increment is good and when you have great gears, you can definitely cut a large chunk of your opponent's HP. A very lethal skill to have as a Paladin going Crusader.

How it works: This skill uses both physical and magical attack power. The initial hit when you strike your weapon on the ground has the physical damage while the lightning spread is the magic damage. 

Provoke- This skill is very useful for Guardian to become supreme tankers. But for a Crusader, I prefer skipping this skill. Remember that my build focuses on DPS and not for Tanking purposes.

Divine Breaker- Put 1 Sp on this skill. A very nifty skill to have in PVP as it can actually hit opponents on the ground. However, maxing this skill would be unwise as the increment in damage is small.

Armor Break- Max this skill. When a target gets hit by this skill, not only that he/she will receive huge damage but his/her defense will also be lowered insanely for a certain period of time. A very great skill to have overall.

Important Note: The damage as a Crusader will not be huge as this class uses the Magical side alot. I only max this skill for its debuff.

Shield Charge- You have the choice to either level this skill high or put 1 SP on this skill. This skill will allow you to close-in the gap between you and your enemy and, it can also hit enemies on the ground. The damage is also good at max level. A very well-rounded skill overall.

Autoblock- Put 1 SP on this skill for prerequisite as a Crusader.

Stance of Faith- Put 1 or 2 SP on this skill. I occasionally use this skill on PVP but almost every time in PVE. It will allow you to take a defensive stance for 12 seconds at level 2, to defend all attacks coming from the enemy. If you are attack when this skill is on, sacred power will automatically activate to attack nearbe enemies.

How to use: After you cast this skill, press and hold the Jump button to perform the defending stance. Take note that the skill is cancelled when you move your character.

Aerial Block- Put 1 SP on this skill for prerequisite.

Divine Punishment- As a Crusader, I prefer leveling this skill to 1 for prerequisite. Most people would say that this would be a good skill to have as it can reflect damage taken to enemies. However, they are clouded by that fact and forget another fact that for you to be able to reflect damage, you must also take damage. Plus, we are not Guardian who has tanking skills. Evading attacks for me would be more beneficial than maxing out this skill as a Crusader.

Iron Will- Max this skill. This what makes Paladin so darn hard to kill. It will significantly lower both physical and magical damage taken by your character. In fact, it will almost reduce 100% of enemy attacks.

Important Note: The damage reduction in PVP will be lower than in PVE.

Divine Ascension- I prefer not getting this skill as a Crusader, as this skill isn't really that useful for this class based on experience.

Divine Vengeance- Also, I have skip this skill as a Crusader just like what I did with Divine Ascension.

Elemental Aura- You have the choice to max this skill or just put 1 SP on it. This buff is really good in party especially, when you have an Elestra or Saleana. In addition, it is quite useful at SDN, especially on Serpenta as the Ice defense can save your party from being wiped out instantly.

Conviction Aura- Max this skill. The reason why I maxed out this skill is because of the light damage increase. You might want to increase the light attack of your Electric Smite to do insane damage.

Ultimate Skill

One of the most highly debated discussion when going Crusader is getting both Ultimates or just one. Well, here is my thought about this: I prefer getting two ultimates as a Crusader. Why? It's because getting Thor's Hammer is a requirement to get the Crusader skills and, it will be very useful in terms of dealing damage far from enemies reach. And, I prefer getting Divine Avatar as it will be very crucial in terms boosting my damage, my movement speed and some of my stat. In my experience using these two ultimates, I find Thor's Hammer very useful in terms of PVE as its damage is very significant and, I find using Divine Avatar in PVP very destructive: Divine Avatar + Judge Power then Judge Hammer+Electric Smite=GG!

Crusader Skill Tree

Judge's Power- A must have skill!. Perfectly paired with Divine Avatar. For some time it will increase your Magical Attack by the number of Strength you have and it will increase the Physical Attack by the number of Intelligence you have. Just Imagine how godly you are when you are on Divine Avatar state!

Judgement Hammer- A must have skill. Not only that it has superb damage, but it can also pierces through the enemy giving more damage and it can break super armor. In addition to that, for every distance the hammer travels, it will grow in size and it will add damage to it. The bigger the hammer gets, the more destructive it becomes!

Goddess Relic Ex- Get this skill to increase the range (AOE) and damage of your Holy relic. 

Before leaving this page, you might want to see first my preferred skill plates for Crusader.

Preferred Crusader Skill Plates:
Electric Smite- 20% damage increase
Holy Relic- 20% increase damage
Judgement Hammer- 20% increase damage
Divine Avatar- 20% duration increase

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