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Best Artillery Skill Build in Dragon Nest [T4]

If we talk about Artillery, we then refer to large caliber-guns used in warfare like tanks and heavy artillery. Well, the Artillery in Dragon Nest is the same! The only difference is that, DN's Artillery hides in the form of a sweet and timid Archer!

This class is said to be very efficient in PVP and with this fact in mind, I have decided to put up a skill build for Artillery which can be considered as an All-Around Artillery skill build, which is more inclined towards PVP. Why? It's because I don't really want to focus on just PVP or PVE for the fact that it's kind of boring that way. What I want is a build which I can have fun in both PVP and PVE. It's more fun this way believe me! :)

So, without further ado, here's my Best Artillery skill build in Dragon Nest SEA:

Current Level 50 Skill Build for Artillery:
Archer Skill Tree
Bowmaster Skill Tree
Artillery Skill Tree
Archer Skill Tree

Twin Shot- For a Tempest or a Windwalker, this skill may not be good for they are more of a melee class who loves to kick. But for a Bowmaster, this will be your main harassment skill. It's a range skill with short cooldown, good damage , fast casting animation and most of all, has the ability to knockback opponents. I personally max this skill.

Important Notes: In terms of PVP, using this skill often will result to higher chances of knocking back opponents. If it fails though, it flinches them but not to often.

Piercing Shot- I prefer not including this skill on my build. Yes, it piercing effect is enticing but, due to its long casting animation, I rather not get this skill because it will definitely make me vulnerable in tight spots. In addition, I prefer having the stronger version of this skill in the form of Charged Shot which is more beneficial for me.

Multi Shot- We all know that Artillery are magical-sided and it contradicts to what the characteristic of this skill, which is a physical sided attack. But, I suggest to get this skill for utility purposes. In most cases, especially in PVP, I often run to rushing Warriors. We all know that their Dash skill has iframes and this is the perfect skill to break that at close range. I level this skill to 1 for utility purposes in PVP.

Magic Arrow- The damage isn't that significant but, it's flinching ability makes it a very good asset in PVP. Get this skill if you are very serious in PVP.

Willow Kick- We all know how good this skill is for a Tempest and Windwalker. But, many would say that this skill is useless for a BM. Well, they are wrong. This skill isn't useless at all as a BM as it can be your escape skill when the other evasion skills are off cooldown. This skill has invincibility frames which only means that you won't take damage while this skill is in action. However, I don't suggest leveling this skill high. Level 1 is enough for utility.

Wise of the Owl- In paper, this would be a wonderful skill to have. But the reality is, Archer class (especially Snipers) is AGI-based which only means that they can reach the highest critical with ease. That is why I prefer not getting this skill. 

Additional Notes: Players of DN SEA today will try to reach the max critical and as a matter of fact, almost all has max crit now due to the serious drop of prices.

Rage of the Owl- A free buff which increases your critical percentage? Why not!

Tumble- Max this skill no matter what. We all know that Bowmasters are squishy and we need this skill to get some distance from the enemies.

Urgency Kick- In my build, I prefer to max this skill as it's very useful for me in both PVP and PVE. It's a very effective skill to use when you have been flinch by the enemy.

Aerial Evasion- Also, this skill needs to be max so that its cooldown will be lowered. 

High Spin Kick- A similar skill to the Holy Kick of Paladin. It gives this class a more powerful kick after Low Spin Kick. In my opinion, this skill has no use for a BM and that is why I did not include this in my build.

Moon Kick- This skill will allow you to descend quickly on the ground. Personally, I believe that this skill isn't needed also by a BM. I prefer being on the air with Triangle Shot+Aerial Chain Shot to do more damage than to do an ACS+Moon Kick which gives less damage. Besides, you will not often use this skill (if you consider getting this) as it's a melee skill which will contradict a BM's characteristic.

Somersault Kick- Sometimes, I have fun and I benefit from this skill in PVP as it can launch stunned enemies into the air. However, when I begun to find my range as a Artillery, this skill has become useless. In fact, this skill isn't included in my skill build now.

Physical Mastery- An increase in HP is very helpful to squishy characters like Bowmasters. Max this skill.

Mental Mastery- I have also max this skill. The initial idea was to leave this skill to 1 and max the next one but, at level 50 cap, you will be short on the SP requirements as you can't fully max Twin Shot yet. So, I decided to max this skill anyway.

Mind Conquer- Max this skill.This will allow you to recover your MP faster. Very useful in long Nest and PVP. Max this skill.

Pin Wheel- This is your "get up skill" (aside from rolling) when you have been knocked down by the enemy. I prefer to have this skill in my build.

Bowmaster Skill Tree

Charged Shot- For a Sniper this will be a very good skill to max as they will have the Ex version, which will grant extra damage, range, flashy animation and most of all, decrease in casting animation ( which results to faster casting of this skill). But for an Artillery, I suggest not to do so as you will not get this things. Even if you have an action speed to plate to decrease its casting time, you won't have the benefit of the AOE and the additional damage.

Aerial Chain Shot- I have get decided Charged Shot for this skill. The damage is good even if you are a magical-sided class. At first, I have decided to go in pure magical build but due to the fact that most of the time I am waiting for the skills to cooldown, I decided to get physical attacks which have damage and short cooldowns like this skill.

Important Notes: This skill can be use only if the character is airborne. Perfect to cast right after Triangle Shot. However, be guided that ACS won't be activated when you have been juggled into the air by the enemy. In addition, you need to make sure that all arrows lands on the target so that it will acquire the full damage.

Siege Stance- Honestly speaking, I am not a fan of this skill and I'm pretty sure that many BMs too. It may sound good when you hear that this skill can let you become a mini-turret where you can pivot around your position and shoot arrows which can launch enemies into the air. But in reality, this skill has more cons than pros. The pros will be its launching capability but the cons are: it has slow fire rate, bad damage output and put you in a fix location for along time. Will all these cons, I have decided to finally get rid of this skill in my current build.

Arrow Shower- In my current skill build, I have decided to skip this one. Yes, it has potential on dealing big damage but in return, you will need to stay in a fix location. Another thing is, this skill has a fix range which onl means, you will need to aim and ensure that the target stay on that location. Honestly, that is very hard to do! Overall, you can release 43 arrows with this skill but based on experience, I don't really hit the target with all the arrow, especially fast moving targets. 

Additional Notes: You can cancel this skill by using your Tumble skill.

Arrow Barrage (Ultimate for Sniper)- The skill is similar to Arrow Shower but more fancier and you can pivot while using this skill. In addition to that, it grants high super-armor while its in action. It is a MUST get this skill as a Sniper because its the prerequisite for Critical Break and for Artillery, you have the option to get it or not;

Additional Notes: If the full Arrow Barrage hits the enemy, which is achievable by the way, it will pushed them back about 8 meters away allowing you the space you need to dish out damage while being out from range of your target.

Scope Arrow- Max this skill as an Artillery as the damage is significant if you will level this further. Upon impact, the arrow will split to 6 which has significant damage, granting a total of 7 hits. I prefer leveling this skill high. And it's a pretty 

Additional Notes: Based on experience, the initial arrow can't hit down targets but, the 6 fragmented arrows can.

Rapid Shot- I got one word for this skill: AWKWARD. It has a slow animation speed, mediocre damage and awkward aiming. Based on experience, your character will tilt her body slightly to the left, and the arrows are aimed slightly to the right of the reticule. However, it has a mini AOE burst per arrow upon impact, making it a good skill to use on knocked down opponents, plus it's a very good skill to have as an Artillery because it uses the magical attack power of your class. With extensive training, I am pretty sure you will get the aim and that is why I suggest you level this skill high.

Swift Shot- This skill is somehow interesting. If a player can hit all 6 arrows to the target, it will deal great DPS. However, you need to get close to the target to successfully do that which is very awkward for a range class. I only use this skill for utility purposes rather than including it to my skill rotation as it can be a good skill to get out in scenes where you are surrounded by the enemies and most of all, it can save you from annoying skills like Time Stop as this skill has a short invincibility frame.

Tracking Arrow- The trademark skill of a Bowmaster. This skill can hit target really hard, has superb super-armor breaking capabilities and most of all, it requires minimal aiming as the arrows literally tracks down a target. This skill will launch a total of 8 arrows and, each arrows does 2 hits upon impact and has a mini AOE after impact. I personally max this skill.

Additional details: Tracking Arrows requires a valid target. You must ensure that you are near your desired target so that he/she will acquire the damage of this skill. In addition to this, you must ensure that you have clearance on both left and right side so that all arrows will fly and will land on the target.

Revolution Ballista (Ultimate for Artillery)- MUST HAVE! Personally, I value the usefulness of this skill when the enemies are in group and close together. This skill can knock back enemies in the direction of travel of travel up to 4.5 meters away, and then it deals a wide AOE (about 5 meters) damage to all enemies within the area. 

Spiritual Excel- This skill is a self-buff which increases both their intelligence and agility. With its low cooldown and long duration, this skill can be casted indefinitely. However, I don't get this skill as in my opinion, the percentage of damage boost isn't that great (but it's not bad either) and I prefer putting the SP intended for this skill to those active skills.

Important Notes: The buff doesn't work well in PVP Compensation ON.

Sylph's Aid- This buff increases your attack speed and moving speed plus, your attack by a certain percentage for a fixed time. Personally, I benefit from this skill as its effects are really useful in both PVP and PVE. Plus, it can be casted indefinitely like Spiritual Excel. JUST BE SURE TO CAST IT ON THE RIGHT MOMENT!

Bulls Eye- This skill is highly debated. Many would say that it's not worth maxing this skill as the increase in both physical damage and magical damage isn't that helpful at all but for me, I think they missed out on something really special about this skill. Take note that this skill reduces the defense and as well as the damage of range skills and, do remember that almost every powerful skills are magic-based and RANGED skills. I personally maxed this skill.

Ankle Shot- This skill is great especially in PVP. Other than Stunning Shot, this is the only skill that can also stop enemies movement and ensuring that you will inflict a ton of hurt to them. In addition to that, the quick casting, short cooldown and decent damage makes it a skill to have as a Artillery. I suggest that you max this skill. 

Important Notes: The enemy can cast their skill while unable to move when hit by this skill.

Stunning Shot- A perfect skill for PVP as it can literally stun the enemy for a 100% chance. Not only that, this skill doesn't only works on single target. Instead, it can hit multiple enemies as its more of an AOE skill. However, I don't suggest that you max this skill as the damage increase isn't that significant and there will be no increase in stun rate and duration if you do so.

Fake Shot- Considered as another evasion skill of BM. Upon casting, an arrow is fired, while the player will step backwards, thus widening the gap between you and your target. I suggest that you level this skill to 1 for utility purposes. 

Triangle Shot- What really amaze me with this skill is its versatility. Not only that its use to chain with ACS, but it can also be used as an escape skill and mobility skill as well. In addition to these things, Triangle Shot has a long invincibility frames which makes it more desirable. However, despite all these pros, I still suggest that you just level this to 1 as it will not do any good if you level it further.

Longbow Mastery- If you prefer using Longbow, then I suggest that you max this skill to increase your range and damage.

Crossbow Mastery- But if you prefer using Crossbow, it's best that you skip Longbow Mastery and max out this skill to increase your damage and range.

Artillery Skill Tree

Magical Breeze- For 10 seconds, all your skill damages are calculated with both physical and magical damage. This skill is rather complicated, that is why if you want to know more information about this one, I suggest you read the thread from the link below later.

How Magical Breeze Works?

In a nutshell, your final damage dealt out is the rough summation of your physical and magical damage. I am a huge fan of damage boosting skills so I prefer getting it anyway.

Update: With the most recent update in Dragon Nest, this skill has been changed drastically. Now, it will increase the magic attack strength for 10 seconds and most of all, all the damage dealt to the enemies changes to magical damage for 180 seconds.

Detonating Arrow- Get this skill. This skill fires an arrow which has a fuse on it, which will explode after 3.5 seconds. Upon explosion, it will deal an AOE damage in enemies within 3.5 meters radius. You will definitely love this skill!

Scope Arrow Ex- The description of this skill is pretty enticing but the fact is, it's a pretty lousy skill for me.  When the main arrow of Scope Arrow contacts the enemy, it'll split into 6 more arrows, giving a stable damage of 7A arrows.

With EX, once the main arrow contacts the enemy there will be a small explosion, two scenarios:

Scenario 1: Enemy moves position due to the explosion, but the arrow only splits 0.5 secs after contact, so part of the arrows will be lost.
Scenario 2: Enemy size is small, the arrow splits 0.5 secs later behind the enemy, so all the arrows are lost!! 

Total Board Damage: Scope Arrow EX 1489%+22850 > Scope Arrow 1145%+17577
Maxed Scope Arrow Board Damage (lvl 12): 327%+5022
The skill description says additional 30% damage actually means 327% * 30% + 5022 * 30%, which is only 8% of the Total Board Damage for Scope Arrow. It definitely isn't going to be the wonderful 30% damage, in order to increase damage by 8% are you really willing to sacrifice the 1162%+17828?

But anyways, despite of this fact, we still need to get this skill as there will be no room for additional SP to level some Bowmaster skill and, in the Archer skill tree, the only choice is Magic Arrow which I don't recommend to level further as we only need that skill for its flinching  ability in PVP.

Heraldy Skill Plates for Artillery (Recommended):
  • Tracking Arrow- 20% increased in damage
  • Twin Shot- 20% increased in damage
  • Aerial Chain Shot- 20% increased in damage
  • Ankle Shot- 12% decreased in cooldown or; 
  • Scope Arrow- 20% increased in damage
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