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Expected New Skills for Each Class in Dragon Nest SEA [Level 60 Cap Update]

Last night, I was wondering of what would be the new skills for each class of Dragon Nest SEA when the level 60 Cap update comes out. Well, as we all know, the developer haven't said anything yet concerning this matter but, if we speculate that SEA will follow what DN KR has done on their level 60 Cap update, then we should have the Ex versions of some skills of each class.

Yup! your heard me, Ex versions!. This only means that its not new active skills but a bunch of passive skills which will enhance the damage, range or even add some fancy animation on the current 2nd job skills of each class. Some are pretty awesome though but some.... Well, it's for you to judge. :) So, if DN SEA will have the same level 60 skill set as DN KR, then we will see and use the following skills at the update:

Dragon Nest: Gladiator Level 60 Ex Skill - Hacking Stance EX Hacking Stance EX: Strengthen Hacking Stance, with increased the AOE. Increase 30% damage. Press "Special Attack" button to execute a 360  degree spinning slash, float enemy and cancel the stance.


Dragon Nest: Moonlord Level 60 Ex Skill - Crescent Cleave EX Crescent Cleave EX: Strengthen Cresecent Cleave, with reduced casting time. After releasing 5 wave, press "normal attack" again to project 2 more sword wave. Increase 30% magical damage.

Dragon Nest: Barbarian Level 60 Ex Skill - Circle Swing EX Circle Swing EX: Strengthen Circle Swing. After the initial attack, press "Normal Attack" button to execute an additonal heavy hit to float enemy. Increase 30% dmg.


Dragon Nest: Destroyer Level 60 Ex Skill - Ring Bombs Ex Ring Bomb Ex: Strengthen Circle Bomber. Add additional small shockwave to knockback enemy and induce large explosion to float enemy. Each shockwave gives additional 20% dmg.


Dragon Nest: Sniper Level 60 Ex Skill - Siege Stance EX Siege Stance EX: Strengthen Siege Stance. Press "normal attack" to shoot a large AOE arrow shot. Press "Special Attack" button to shoot multiple arrows in a large fan-shaped AOE. "Normal attack" gives additional 20% dmg. "Special attack"only deal 15% of usual damage per arrow (7 arrows in total). NOTE: Not as good as first described. What happen to the 3 arrows in one shot? And wide angle shot is 7x15% = 105% only.


Dragon Nest: Artillery Level 60 Ex Skill - Swift Shot EX Swift Shot EX: Strengthen Swift Shot. Increase the amount (6 arrows->8arrows) and density of arrows. Press "normal attack" to jump backwards and shoot 3 piercing arrow forward. Each piercing arrow triggered by "normal attack" is 50% dmg.


Dragon Nest: Tempest Level 60 Ex Skill - Double Somersault Kick EX Double Somersault Kick EX: Strengthen Somersault Dance. When kicking enemy in air, a tornado will be formed around the caster and float surrounding enemies. Increase 30% dmg.


Dragon Nest: Wind Walker Level 60 Ex Skill - Blooming Kick EX Blooming Kick EX: Strengthen Blooming Kick. Press "Special Attack" button to execute an additional hit which will float enemy. After that, "Eagle Dive" and "Air Pounce" can be chained to it. Increase 30% dmg.


Dragon Nest: Seleana Level 60 Ex Skill - Fire Wall EX Fire Wall EX: Strengthen Firewall. After the initial attack, press "Normal Attack" button to throw flame forward. Increase 60% dmg (full hit dmg).


Dragon Nest: Elestra Level 60 Ex Skill - Glacial Spike EX Glacial Spike EX: Strengthen Freezing Spike. Create 2 ice wall every 2 meter. After a certain duration, the ice wall will explode and deal damage to the surrounding. Increase 50% dmg (full hit dmg) NOTE: No freeze effect.


Dragon Nest: Masjesty Level 60 Ex Skill - Blackhole EX Blackhole EX: Strengthen Blackhole. Slightly increase the suction speed and AOE. A large explosion will be triggered and deal damage to the surrounding targets. Increase 30% dmg.


Dragon Nest: Smasher Level 60 Ex Skill - Force Mirror EX Force Mirror EX: Strengthen mirror. Reduce the casting time of mirror. Deal magical damage to surrounding enemies. Each attack is 130% attack, AOE 7m. NOTE: The dmg is not bad (6 waves x 130% x 1.3 due to mag debuff) and will definitely strengthen smasher's role as a dps char. No additional dmg debuff = not as good as expected. Reduction in casting time


Dragon Nest: Guardian Level 60 Ex Skill - Divine Ascension EX Divine Ascension EX: Strengthen Divine Ascension. Convert to Light elemental attack. Upon successful guarding, the caster can counter attack and deal long range damage to further targets. Each hit 20% attack.


Dragon Nest: Crusader Level 60 Ex Skill - Lightning Zap EX Lightning Zap EX: Strengthen Lightning Charger. The AOE is changed from frontal fan-shaped to a long-ranged AOE. Frontal AOE increase to 8m. Maximum number of targets is increased to 7. An additional lightning will spread from electrocuted enemies.


Dragon Nest: Saint Level 60 Ex Skill - Cure Relic EX Cure Relic EX: Strengthen Cure Relic. When casting, cure abnormal status on the caster and knockback surrounding enemies. AOE increase to 10m. NOTE: Take NOTE that the "immunity" status is not written in the latest skill description. Hidden changes observed from official skill video - Buff refresh rate change from 3sec to 5sec. Need to verify with ingame test.


Dragon Nest: Inquisitor Level 60 Ex Skill - Chain Lightning EX Chain Lightning EX: Strengthen Chain Lightning. Deal additional lighnting damage to Shocked targets. Increase 30% dmg.


Dragon Nest: Shooting Star Level 60 Ex Skill - Mine Thrower EX Mine Thrower EX: Strengthen Mine Thrower. Launch a larger mine towards the sky. Increase explosion AOE. Increase 30% dmg.


Dragon Nest: Gear Master Level 60 Ex Skill - Mecha Siren EX Mecha Siren EX: Strengthen Mecha Siren. Increase the AOE of wave which can clear enemy's buff. Mechaduck's movement speed increase by 30% for 9sec, AOE increase 50%, Attack increase 30%. NOTE: the -20% attack debuff described in the older version of skill desc is removed as well. Duck is granted speed increase instead.


Dragon Nest: Adept Level 60 Ex Skill - Magma Wall EX Magma Wall EX: Strengthen Magma Wall. Summon an additional rows of pillars in 4 directions. The summoned pillar explode and deal damage to the frontal 4 meter AOE. Increase the damage of each pillar by 10 %. NOTE: More obstruction. Yay!


Dragon Nest: Physician Level 60 Ex Skill - Poison Charging EX Poison Charging EX: Strengthen Poison Charging. After using the skill, before landing, press "Normal Attack" to throw a poison flask on the floor to deal damage to enemy. After using this additional attack, the "evasion" skill can be used again. Increase 30% 


Dragon Nest: Dark Summoner Level 60 Ex Skill - Revenge Hand EX Revenge Hand EX: Strengthen Revenge Hand. Reduce the time for the explosion after the revenge hand pull enemy. Continuous explosion count increase by 3 times. Increase y% dmg.


Dragon Nest: Soul Eater Level 60 Ex Skill - Soul Gate EX Soul Gate EX: Strengthen Soul Gate. Summon large spirits at regular interval. The large spirits will explode and deal AOE dmg when enemies knock into them. Increase the dmg of the small spirits by 10%.


Alternate Level 60 Ex Skills:
If the above skills doesn't show up on your current Dragon Nest server, then these are the ones that should appear. I haven't got any detailed information yet about these level 55 skills but for sure, the things that will improve are its range, damage, animation and some effects.

So, after seeing all the SPECULATED NEW SKILLS for the level 60 update, what are your thoughts about it? Try to be heard below by dropping in some comments.

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