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Best Smasher Skill Build in Dragon Nest [T4]

If Majesty is said to be great in team plays and good at PVP. then her counterpart, the Smasher, is extremely efficient in PVP and a reliable class in PVE. This class is known for her dominance in PVP and I think it would be wise to create a skill build for a Smasher which is more inclined toward PVP aspect, with a bit of PVE goodness of course so that we will not miss out the fun of dungeons and nests raids.

If you will follow my build, you will then max out some skills from the Majesty skill tree, get some time-stopping skills and max out also some skills in the Smasher skill tree. This build will ensure that you will inflict maximum damage over time and also, be efficient in soloing dungeons. In addition to that, this build will make sure that in PVP, you will have the most devastating combo of a Smasher: Time Stop +  Laser Cutter. :) So, without further ado, here is my best skill build for Smasher in Dragon Nest SEA:

Note: Please be reminded that this skill build is for the level 50 Cap only. It will change when the level 60 cap will come out.

Current Level 50 Skill Build:

Sorceress Skill Tree
Force User Skill Tree
Smasher Skill Tree
Sorceress Skill Tree

Flame Burst- Not much of a needed skill as a Majesty so I prefer not leveling this skill. Majesty rely mainly on dark magic attacks making this skill obviously worthless as its a fire magic skill.

Glacial Spike- It's a great skill for Saleana and Elestra but somehow, just good for Majesty and Smasher. When you are a Majesty, you might as well get the 20% freeze probability as when you freeze the enemy, they will gain 30% more damage to the next skill you have casted. Well, it's not that big as the 100% damage boost for Elestra as they can stack freeze status more often than Majesty but the fact is, 30% more damage can be a big help on both PVE and PVP. The choice is yours if you want to get the 20% freeze or ignore this skill. In my case, I did level this until I get the 20% probability as I'm a bit of a PVP lover. :)

Void Blast- This may be a good skill to level up as a Majesty. The damage is good when leveled up further and the range is a bit good too. However, you will be short of SP if you have increase Glacial Spike until the you will get the 20% freeze probability. If you do think that Glacial Spike is not that useful for you though, then you might as well add the SP to suffice the SP requirement to get your Force User skills, to this skill. In my case, I did not get this skill.

Shockwave- Put 1 SP for utility. This is the skill that will save you from close range attackers which are hounding you while your other skills are off cooldown.

Wheeling Staff- Don't add SP on this skill as it uses the physical attack power of your class.

Poison Missile- Put 6 SP on this skill for the 3 poison pool. A very good skill to have especially in PVP as it can literally make your opponent look silly when they step or hit by the poison. In addition, it's a great skill to invest SP as it uses dark attribute which only means that can gain more damage from this skill.

Important Notes: the damage isn't that great however. It's only good as we all know that it will reduce its damage to 50% after 10 hits. That is why I keep this skill to only level 6.

Counter Spell- Get this skill. It allows you to get back up quickly while doing damage and pushing enemy away (a bit), after you have been knocked down to the ground.

Charged Missile- In my opinion, it's really not wise to invest SP on this skill. The long rage attack is not worth the SP as you'll jeopardize your normal attack from being spammed. In addition, the damage isn't that significant when increase making this skill really bad.

Aerial Evasion- Max this skill to avoid being juggled in the air often times by the enemy.

Blink- Max this skill for mobility and evasion purposes.

Escape- Max this skill. This skill is really useful for Majesty in both PVP and PVE as it can let you escape enemy attacks even if you have been paralyzed.

Hammer Strike and Poor Kick- These skill are really not good to invest SP on as it uses the physical attack power of Majesty.

Mana Flow- Get this skill. It doesn't require any SP.

Physical Mastery- An additional Health pool would be useful as we all know that Majesty has a lot pool of HP. Max this skill.

Mental Mastery- Additional MP would be useful for Majesty as she often use a lot of skills.

Mind Conquer- Max this skill. Mana Regeneration is essential to your class as you will definitely drain a lot of mana fast by using your active skills.

Force User Skill Tree

Gravity Ball- I put 11 SP on this skill. So far, I have no doubt about leveling this skill high. The damage at level 11 is quite impressive and most of all, the skill has a very low cooldown which makes it one of the top DPS skills of Force Users. Plus, it's a dark magic skills which only means that you will have more damage using this skill when you have high Dark Magic attribute.

Triple Orbs- At first, I was thinking twice about leveling this skill high. Based on experience, it's really hard to make this skill hit when you are a first timer but, as days past playing with my Smasher, I then realized that this skill is pretty wicked. All it takes it proper set up (with the help of your Time Stop), accuracy and timing and you will definitely love this skill. The damage of this skill is also competitive and the suction effect makes it even better as you can make your opponent still as long as the worm hole(s) is in the field. I prefer leveling it at 6 as the damage is really superb at this level.

Black Hole- Put 1 SP for prerequisite and for utility. I advice not to max this skill as its damage isn't that significant at all and more worst, when you cast this skill at the wrong place at the wrong time, it could lead to death.

Summon Comet- Max this skill. One of your damager skill as a Smasher and there is no way you don't want to max out this skill. 

Gravity Ascension- In my case, I did not get this skill. It leaves you vulnerable for a few seconds you are casting this skill as you will stay still while you are using this skill. In addition, I'm pretty sure you won't use this often as it will cause a lot of trouble than help for you, especially in PVP.

Teleport- Put 1 Sp on this skill. Why not max out? Well, the thing is, you need the SP meant to level this skill to other useful Majesty skills. Instead of maxing out this skill, you can lessen its cooldown by getting a 20% cooldown reduction for this skill which is more recommended than spending lots of SP on this skill. 

Gravity Sphere- Don't put SP on this skill. Although it has dark attribute, Void Wave is more useful than this skill as it only attacks enemies at front.

Void Wave- Put 1 SP on this skill. I prefer getting this skill than Gravity Sphere. It has a fairly wide AOE that can hit nearby enemies, push them away (a bit), and also has a chance of stunning them. 

Time Stop- If you have seen my Majesty skill guide, then you probably should know that I just level this to 2 as a Majesty. But for a Smasher, I max out this skill for the purpose of stalling more time for the Laser Cutter. As we all know, it take some time to cast laser cutter and the ray of light's movement is slow so it would be wise to max Time Stop for this matter.

Time Dodge- For PVP fanatics, this skill might come in handy. When you have been staggered by an enemy attacks, you can then press the normal enemy dish out a wave of light which stops enemy for 1.5 seconds at level 1. It is good for utility in PVP as the 1.5 seconds is really crucial especially when you are low in HP and you need to get out as fast as you can. Well, at the end, it's really your choice to get this skill or not. In my case, I level this skill to 2.

Beyond Time- Without a doubt, you should max this skill. It enables your character to accelerate time, decreasing all your skill cooldown and as well as your party. This skill makes Force User really useful in dungeons and nests and also, it is very effective in PVP.

Gravity Trap- Put 1 SP or don't get this skill. If you use this skill wisely, then you will probably find it very useful. It can slow enemy movement as long as this skill is on the field which can make them an easy target.

Mana Surge- Still, I did not get this skill as a Smasher. At max level and with perfect potentials (with MP recovery 15.00%), this skill will be useless.

Linear Ray- Level 6 for prerequisite or level it further. Its a skill with good damage.With its Ex version, you will have the option to charge this skill and do more damage to the enemies.

Force Shield- Put 1 Sp on this skill for prerequisite. If the damage absorption and the additional magic attack where a bit higher, then I would have suggested to max this skill. However, it's not and it's a passive skill which only means it depends on CHANCE to cast this skill.

Nine Tail Laser- Other players don't like this skill as it's really hard to hit enemies with the full damage. But for me, it's really quite a great skill. All you need is proper set up. In my case (at PVP), I often make the full hits of this skill counts when then enemy has been trap in my poison missile or Gravity Trap. The damage is really superb when it hits and especially when it is at level 6.

Force Mirror- I prefer adding 1 SP on this skill. I suggest not to max this skill as oppose to what everyone is saying. The only thing you need on this skill is the ability to block attacks (frontal) and the 15% increase in magic damage. Most of the time, I don't cast this skill especially in PVP, ESPECIALLY, when I go against Gearmaster or Shooting Star. Often times, they can target the Force Mirror and with their Pingpong Bomb which can then bounce to us. USE THIS SKILL WISELY!

Spectrum Shower- I prefer leveling it to 6 as the damage peeks at this level. The damage is insanely good but, you should make sure that you properly use this skill. 

Important Notes: Spectrum Shower doesn't hit melee enemies. So, I suggest that you should practice using the skill and determine the right range to cast it to acquire the full benefit of this skill.

Ultimate Skill
As a Smasher, I suggest that you get one ultimate and that is Eraser. Having dual Ultimate would be a waste of time as the two shares the same cooldown.

Smasher Skills

Arcane- Get this skill. It may be useful for your class at it increases your magical attack power for the cause of faster MP consumption. However, it's not that great as the percentage increase in Magic Power isn't that high. But still, you need to get this skill for prerequisite.

Linear Ray Ex- Get this skill. It increases the damage of your Linear Ray skill. If you do get this skill, you will have the option to charge your Linear Ray. Each charge will gain you a certain amount of percentage increase in the damage dealt on enemies with this skill.

Laser Cutter- My most favorite skill as a Smasher. The damage is really superb. In fact, it is one of the skill in Dragon Nest SEA which inflicts the most damage per seconds to the enemy. This skill is paired perfectly with Time Stop. If you practice and manage to perfect the Time Stop+Laser Cutter combo, then you will absolutely dominate the Arenas.

As usual, I will show you my current skill plate for my Smasher. You can check it out below later.

Skill Plates:
Gravity Ball- 20% increase damage
Laser Cutter- 20% increase damage
Time Stop- 10% decrease cooldown
Summon Comet- 20% increase damage

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