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Best Adept Skill Build in Dragon Nest [T4]

If you are an avid reader of this blog, then you already know that I'm more of an Engineer class than an Alchemist class. Well, my perspective have changed when I have tried to use an Adept as my newest character in the game.

Without a doubt, Adept are really solid in PVP plays. They are on top of the chart when it comes to one-on-one matches or even, team matches with other players as they can dish out major damage over time. When compared to Saleana, I think that Adept has a slight advantage in dealing damage per seconds as their skills are way more faster in terms of cooldown. And, if an Adept is in the hands of a skillful player, then probably it will wreck havoc in the Arenas. Aside from being great in terms of PVP, Adept can also be a valuable asset in dungeon/nest raids. They are probably a good replacement for damager-type heroes such as Saleana as they are a class which is great in dealing damage to monsters.

The only downside of being an Adept is that, you are very squishy. Which only means that when you get hit by a powerful attack, expect that it will inflict huge damage to your character. However, don't be so bothered by this fact as you can equip your character with powerful gears and heraldries to lessen the damage you take from enemies. So, taking all these things in consideration, I have created a skill build for the Adept class in Dragon Nest SEA which can inflict the highest damage per seconds on the enemy. In short, this build focuses on getting the DPS skills of Adept and disregarding most of its supportive skills. So, let's cut to the chase and on to my Best Adept Skill Build in Dragon Nest SEA.

I will show you my current skill build for Adept at level 50 Cap. Here it is:

Academic Skill Tree
Alchemist Skill Tree
Adept Skill Tree
Academic Skill Tree

Quick Shot- The shots are faster with the use of Kabala and it can be a good asset for Alchemist. However, increasing this skill further may not be that beneficial as the damage increment is not that significant and you will get stuck for a few seconds on its animation.

Napalm Bomb- Leave this skill to 1 also. Alchemist won't use this skill often as it uses the physical attack power.

Stun Grenade- I will give you the choice to level this skill further or to just leave it to 1. IN my case however, I level this skill high not for the damage but for the probability to stun an opponent. I usually can start a chaining combo when the stun of this skill has been activated. This skill could be a good asset in PVP.

Summon Alfredo- The worst thing you would do as an Alchemist is getting Alfredo. It would be a bad idea to invest SP on this robot as an Adept as Alfredo has no skills that can provoker nor damage the enemies. He will just attack normally as they are no skills available for him when you are playing an Alchemist class.

Alfredo Recall- Do not invest SP on this skill either.

Auto Dispenser- Get this skill. The dispenser might come in handy in dungeons and nest. It doesn't cost any SP anyway.

Air Shot- Don't add any SP on this skill. Level 1 is enough as you don't need the damage of this skill. The only thing you need is its ability to put opponents on the ground. In short, only use this skill for utility purposes in PVP.

Wax- A very useful skill to have in both PVE and PVP. Not only that it increases your movement speed (and party), but it can also slip your enemy allowing you to lock down on them and start a chaining combo. Max this skill no matter what.

Force Out- It may be a good idea to get this skill as it uses the magic attack side but, I suggest not to get this. I prefer not getting this skill as the range is too short. Besides, I don't want to push away enemies. Instead, I want to get close at them and combo them until they die.

Bubble Bubble- The 1 seconds immovable status can let you escape in times of trouble. However, the 3 seconds immovable status is way more beneficial. I prefer to level up this skill to the point where I get the 3 seconds immovable status. Unlike Elemental Lord's Glacial Spike or Force User's Time Stop, there is no way a player can escape (by rapidly pressing left and right directional button) this skill when it hits them. A very effective locking skill in PVP. The only thing you should do is to perfectly aim and time this skill so it will hit a player.

Important Notes: At close range and with multiple targets close together, I usually aim this skill to the opponent at the center as there will be additional bubbles that will burst out near the affected target and immobilize those who are close at him.

Aerial Evasion- I prefer to max this skill as an Adept. It's very useful to have especially in PVP.

Air Bomb- In my case, I have invested SP on this skill. It's really helpful in terms of PVP especially, when you are up against Acrobats and Warriors. If you can notice, Academics jumps really high when you press normal attack and when you cast Air Bomb. This skill can give you additional Air Time which you can use to avoid enemy attacks when your Dodge skill is off cooldown.

Dodge- As always, I suggest to max this skill to lower its cooldown.

Circle Bomb- Get this skill especially when you are going PVP. It will let you get back up instantly after being knocked down by an enemy.

Physical Mastery- Max this skill to increase your max HP and complete the SP requirement.

Mental Mastery- Max this skill to increase your max MP and complete the SP requirement.

Mind Conquer- Max this skill to increase your mana regeneration a bit because Adept skills drains mana really fast.

Autodispenser- A free skill for all Academic which will grant you a
Alchemist Skill Tree

Magma Punch- Going as an Adept, you must level this skill high. The damage is pretty decent at high level and with its Ex version, it's pretty amazing. In addition to that, it has a 7 seconds cooldown which means it can be spammed. I personally level this skill to 11.

Additional Detals: It can launch your target in the air when this skill hits them and most of all, a burn status will be applied to them.

Magma Wall- A very nifty skill to have. Not only that it does huge damage to enemies, but the pillars can also act as a shield for you. In addition to that, it can launch an enemy into the air once they have been hit by one of the pillar or there inside the range of the skill.

Magma Wave- One of the epic skill of an Adept. The burst AOE damage of this skill is extremely high that I often got kills in PVP with this one. I often deal 10,000 damage with to players in PVP with this skill alone. In addition, the cooldown of this skill is pretty fast for a level 32 skill and it adds a burn status to those targets that has been hit by this skill. And lastly, I really love this skill because you can aim it in different direction right after the casting animation. A very good skill to have which leaves me no choice but to max it. The only problem I have with this skill is when you will cast it, it wil lag a bit. :)

Elemental Bubble Charging- When you cast an Ice or Fire skill, you will gain EXTRA Alchemist bubble which is pretty valuable in this build. I got to have this skill because of the fact that it can be a big factor in my DPS build for Adept.

Cocktail- I have maxed out this skill. The reason why I did this is because Iwant to gain the extra damage and cooldown reduction buff. Just think of this:

High % boost in agility and intelligence= more critical and magic power respectively.
High % boost in cooldown reduction= you can combo more often.

Important Notes: I just want to remind you that this skill consumes Alchemic Bubbles. You might want to check the description of the skill to know more about this.

Icing Punch- Perfectly paired with Magma Punch. Right after Magma Punch, you can then cast this skill by pressing normal attack or, you can use this after Dodge. In my case, I just level this skill to 1 as the damage increment is not that significant. I only use this skill to link combos and to counter-attack.

Icing Mass- You can either level this skill high or just leave it to 1. If you want more damage and duration of slow on this skill, then I suggest to level it to 6.

Ice Palm- Not much of a good skill as the ice hand has a slow movement speed. I personally leave this skill to 1.

How to use: Usually, I use this skill when I have slowed an enemy with my Icing Mass or, right after they have slipped into my wax. If an enemy is hit by this hand, it will slow them and also, it has a chance to stun them.

Eureka- If you think the increase in intelligence and as well as the damage reduction is useful to you, then go get this skill but before doing that, take a look at this:

When you have 10 bubbles, you will gain 10% increase in intelligence and you will gain 15% magical and physical damage reduction. If you think that's significant then do get this skill but if not, skip it.

Additional Details: You can gain a maximum amount of 10 Alchemic Bubbles.

Summon Slime- The choice is yours. You can get this skill or you can just skip it. In most cases, slimes are good companions as they are more like the ducks of Engineers. But before getting this skill, take note that in PVP battles, players can easily outrun slimes as they are slow in movement speed. In addition to that, you could be in danger when you are facing a Shooting Star as they can aim for your slime and cast Pingpong bomb. However, if you can use your slime well, then there is no harm just getting 1 level for it.

Sacrifice- A skill which that is best utilize by Physician but not for Adept, especially in my build. The heal percentage is pretty low and I rather level those skills needed for my DPS build than to get supportive skills for a hybrid version.

Poison Charging- Yet another skill that can be used after Dodge. A nifty skill to have as it has a suction effect in a smal radius and it can apple poison status to the enemy when it hits them. Very good skill to link combos. In my case, I just level it to 1 for utility purposes though as the damage increment isn't that significant at all.

Mixed Infection- This skill reminds me of the Biochemical Missile of Engineer. It has a decent damage when level up high and has good super-armor breaking capabilities. The only difference is, instead of the critical and all resistance debuff, Mixed infection applies poison status to the target for a period of time. I personally level this skill high.

Hypnosis- One of the best utility skill of Alchemist. It can put your opponent to sleep allowing you to escape or start your combo (in PVP). This skill is perfectly paired with Injector. If you click the special attack button right after Injector, this skill will be activated. Just level this skill to 1 however as you don't need the damage of this skill but the sleep status and, leveling it further won't give any significant decrease on its cooldown.

Injector- Get this skill. It enables you to rush forward and inject poison damage to the enemies. If you press normal attack when you arrived at the end point of the skill, it will heal a certain percentage of your HP. However in PVP plays, I usually click the special attack button to trigger Hypnosis. I put my extra SP on this skill. 

Disease- Throw a disease-carrying flask into the enemies to deal damage and poison them over time. When a target has been hit and he gets close to his allies, the poison status will also be inflicted on them. Pretty awesome skill huh? Well, it's not that awesome as the poison damage is small and the damage increment per level isn't that significant. I suggest to just level it to 1.

Poison Break- When it comes to damage and poisoning enemies, this is the most reliable skill to have. I deals huge damage especially when you have 5 bubbles to spend, which then increases the damage by 50%. The poison effect is far more superior than any poison skill of the Alchemist and the AOE is good. too. I personally max this skill.

Chemical Bubble Charging- Get this skill. Take note that some Alchemist skills consumes Alchemic bubble (like Cocktail). This skill along with Elemental Bubble Charging will ensure you that you will always have the maximum alchemic bubble, which is 10.

Ultimate Skills

A lot of players in Dragon Nest SEA decided to get the two ultimates as hey think that they can be more versatile in doing this. They think that, it's more beneficial to have Icicle Expression for close range combats and Poison Pool for range combats. Well, they might have a point on this but, in my opinion, I think it's more better to have just one ultimate skill as an Adept and that is Icicle Expression.

I say this because, one is that the two ultimate shares the same cooldown which only means that you can only use one at a time and the other reason is that instead of spending SP on the other ultimate, I rather put the SP on the damager skills of an Alchemist. Remember that this guide focuses on DPS and getting Poison Pool for me is not an option as well all know that the cooldown of ultimate skills are too slow.

Adept Skill Tree

C2H5OH- Level it to 2. Your character will throw a flask containing alcohol which then explodes upon ground impact. It deals decent damage to the enemies and most of all, it will lower their hit rate and elemental resistance for a certain period of time. This only means that you can deal more damage to them and give chance that their attacks will miss.

Magma Punch Ex- Get this skill. It will increase the AOE of your Magma Punch. Instead of just 1 Magma Hand, you will now have 3 with this skill. Aside from increasing its range, it also increases the damage of your Magma Punch.

Ice Beam- Get this skill. Deals decent damage to the enemy and has the chance to freeze enemy. However, do take note that this skill can only hit enemies in front in a straight direction. So be sure to lock your target first before casting this skill to accurately hit them, inflicting huge damage and causing high freezing status chance.

The next think you should see is my preferred skill plate for Adept. Since we all know that Adept skills has low cooldown time (except for ultimate ofc), I prefer having damage crests. So, here is my skill plates for Adept at the moment:

Magma Wave- 20% increase damage
Magma Wall- 20% increase damage
Icicle Expression- 20% increase damage
Poison Break/Ice Beam- 20% increase damage

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