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Best Shooting Star Skill Build in Dragon Nest [T4]

If you are an avid follower of my blog, then you may know by now that I favor Gearmaster than Shooting Star due to some reasons. However, after I have personally tried Shooting Star, my views towards this class has been totally renewed.

And here I am now, sharing to you my skill build for a Shooting Star in Dragon Nest SEA. But before anything else, I would just like to recommend ONE THING to players before they want to go with Shooting Star. The very important piece of advice that I want to give you is that to manage Alfredo well. ALWAYS take a peek on what your trusty robot is doing and, recall him to the right location and at the right moment. That's it!

Now, let's proceed to the Best Skill Build for Shooting Star in Dragon Nest SEA.

Academic Skill Tree

In this skill tree, I have followed what I did on my Gearmaster. Well, probably there won't be any big difference (just slight) in the skills you will get in the Academic skill tree if you are going either Shooting Star or Gearmaster. And besides, I did get the most needed skills only on the Academic skill tree and level them to the point where they will be more effective and of course, suffice the SP requirements on the Academic skill tree. The only thing I have adjusted is the distribution of the SP on the Physical, Mental Mastery and Alfredo.

If you have already seen my Gearmaster skill build, then I suggest that you skip this part and proceed directly to the Engineer skill tree but, for those who haven't seen it yet, I have copied and paste it below so that you won't go to another page. Feel Free to take a look at it below:

First, here is my current level 50 skill build for Shooting Star in Dragon Nest SEA:

Academic Skill Tree
Engineer Skill Tree
Shooting Star Skill Tree
Triple Shot- Leave it to level 1. It has a 5 secs cooldown which can often be spam. However, I suggest that you leave it at 1 as in terms of PVP, this skill may put you in bad position. When this skill is used, your character will be stuck in a shooting animation for at least over a second with no way to move or cancel the casting of the skill. So in the end, it's better to use this skill wisely than to spam it madly.

Air Shot- Leave it at level 1. This skill is amazing in PVP. In times when you need extra time for your opponent to be on his back, then this is the skill you want to use. We all know that Engineer are gifted with skills to lock down (such as gravity grenade) enemies before deploying their towers and ducks. But the fact is, every character in the game has their own dodge skill which they can use to escape. That is why you need Air Shot as your extra lock down skill.

Napalm Bomb- Leave it to level 1. This skill is a bit tricky to use. You'll need to aim on the feet of the enemy to trigger the splash damage. The initial damage hasn't got that decent fire power so that's why you need the splash damage. However, it doesn't do a whole lot of damage (neither initial and splash damage) and the worst part is, it's really hard to aim. So, I prefer using this skill when the opponent is on the ground or, I rather not put it on my hotkey.

Stun Grenade- Due to the skill revamped in Dragon Nest SEA, this skill is a must to be maxed. The stun chance increases as it levels up and most importantly, the damage increment has become very significant. However, it may not be as good as before as the stun chance is only 50% at max level but the fact is, it can still stun people and now, it can do good damage to enemies. Currently, I have just leveled this skill to the point where I get 40% stun chance as I need the SP to level the most needed skills in the Engineer skill tree.

Wax- One of the must have skill of an Academic. Max this skill. You must have the 50% speedbuff and the 24% slip chance. At numbers, that maybe small but in reality, it happens almost everytime. This skill can and will slip Elemental Lord using Flame Road and even Paladins using their Block skill.

Force Out- Don't spend SP on this skill. The range of this skill is very short and it's hard to aim. Plus, you don't want this skill as a Gearmaster as it's a magical skill (uses magic attack power).

Summon Alfredo- Max this skill. At level 3, it will give Alfredo x6 of the players vitality which is very essential while using the Damage Transition buff. 

Important Note: Before you decide to have Alfredo as an asset, I strongly suggest that from now on, you must ALWAYS be observant of what Alfredo is doing. Proper management of this big bad robot is a must when you decide to get his skill tree.

Alfredo Recall- If you have decided to get Alfredo, then don't forget to get this skill. Sometimes, Alfredo will go to places you don't want him to and worst, he will be stuck into that certain location. That is why, you'll need this skill to teleport him immediately in front of you. Also, recalling Alfredo can be a great PVP tactic. For example, when your enemy is in front of you and, Alfredo has casted his Hurricane, then you can recall him in front of you to continue his psycho whirlwind-ing on the enemy in front of you.

Bubble Bubble- Max this skill to level 5 if you want to go with PVP build. It can disable a target for 3 secs leaving him/her vulnerable to any of your next attack. The best part is, this skill ignores super armor and the block/parry skills which makes it a very dependable skill as it can disable Merc's which has casted their Iron Skin buff or casting their Whirlwind (cannot disable when skill is already in action), EL who casted Flame Road and even SM and Cleric who casted their Parry and Block skills respectively.

How to use: This skill must be properly use to be more effective. I suggest that you aim for the feet of your target as usually when it hit's the ground, it will spread a small invisible splash in a small area which will hit everything around the location.

Aerial Evasion- In my own preference, I have just put level 1 on this skill as often times, I can get out when being juggled using the Air Bomb (second Aerial Evasion skill).

Dodge- This skill must be max. Gearmaster and Shooting Star rely much on this evasion skill and there's no way you can survive without this one.

Air Bomb- Level up to 1 or don't get it. If you're a PVP fanatic, this skill might come in handy. It allows you to leap a little higher above the ground and, it can knock back opponents when it hit. However, if you're purely a PVE type, then I suggest not to get this skill.

Circle Bomb- Get this skill. PVE or PVP, you should max this skill. It's your only way to get up after hitting the ground. Normally, people would say that this is really a useful skill just in terms of PVP only but, only a few know that this is really helpful in dungeons, especially on difficult ones wherein you'll encounter monsters which has a very high stun rate.

Physical Mastery- This is where you put your spare SP to increase your Health Points.

 Mental Mastery- This is where you put your spare SP to increase your Mana Points.

Mind Conquer- This is where you put your spare SP to increase your Mana Regeneration Rate.

Engineer Skill Tree

Ping Pong Bomb- Without a doubt, this is one of the skills you have to level up high when going Shooting Star. In my case, I level it up to 11 as the damage peaks at this level and, I get to have the 12% extra damage each remaining time the ball hits the enemy.

Important Note: Do take note that the damage increases after the initial (first) hit. Which only means that the damage after the first hit is more powerful. In addition, the Ping Pong Ball can hit certain objects like Priest's Relics, Force User's Force Mirror, fellow Engineer's ducks, towers and even Alfredo, etc.

Mine Thrower- Not much of a useful skill for SS (even as a Gearmaster). You only need to get this skill for prerequisite. It may look good in paper as it can literally rain bombs but the fact is, the bombs are a bit scattered and when it hits the ground, smaller targets will take less damage from this skill.

Biochemical Missile- May at level 4. Great Damage, good critical and ALL resistance debuff and has capability to break super armor. What more can you ask for a skill?

Bonus Tip: Here is one tip I will share to you and you will only see this on this blog. If you have notice that after the missile hits the ground, a green smoke pops up and surround the air, and will last for a couple of seconds. Use this smoke to your advantage especially in PVP. What I do is, I use the smoke as a cover up so when I have a melee opponent, I deploy towers in the middle of the smoke and cast wax (works very well if enemy is rushing towards you) while if I face a long range opponent, I use it as a cover so I can close in to them quickly and unknowingly. In short, use the smoke as an element of surprise!

Rocket Jump- Level 1 for utility. I use this skill for mobility and escaping out of danger. Very useful skill especially if you know how and when to use it.

Alfredo Stomp- I personally level this skill to 1. In my opinion, the provoke is more important than the damage of this skill.

How to use: In normal situation, I just autocast this skill. However, in situations like I am surrounded by mobs, I recall Alfredo and then press this skill. It is also a good asset in PVP as when you are in a very dangerous situation, you can recall Alfredo and use this skill so that you can get out from that predicament as this skill can stagger enemies, cutting their combos and allowing you to escape.

Alfredo Berserker- Other would say to max out this skill as its damage reduction for Alfredo is best paired with Damage Transition. Well, I beg to differ and just level this skill to 1. Here are my reasons:

1. The action speed, movement speed and damage of Alfredo doesn't increase when this skill is leveled up. Only the damage reduction and the duration of the buff.

2. 5% increment in damage reduction every level isn't worth investing your SP as the damage in the game, especially in PVE is pretty insane.

3. Alfredo will and can sustain huge damage without the damage reduction of this skill as he will have a large HP pool, especially when you have decided to max Alfredo, which will give him 6 times the life of your character. In addition to that, Damage Transition doesn't absorb the whole damage you have taken but only a half of it which reassure you the fact that Alfredo can withstand huge amount of damage even if the Damage Transition is "ON".

4. The cooldown to summon Alfredo is very short and I'm pretty sure that you can summon him immediately right after he dies from absorbing tremendous amount of damage from an enemy attack(s).

I think that's enough reason not to max this skill.

Damage Transition- Max out this skill. Currently, Alfredo can absorb 50% damage for you and your party which is a big help especially in dungeons and nests.

Important Note: The only downside of this skill is that there are times when Alfredo forgets to cast it, if you don't use it at the right time. As I have said earlier, always take a look on what Alfredo is doing. Don't cast this skill when his doing something else like his Hurricane or Beam. Another thing is, it's very important for you to know that Alfredo will took some time to react and cast the skill right after you press it. When his already at the field and you cast the skill, normally it would take 3-5 seconds for him to reacts and 10 seconds utmost when you have just summoned him and you cast this skill. And lastly, you must know that the skill has a certain range and you will not receive the buff while you are at air. I suggest that when you decided to cast this, stay close to Alfredo or recall him and don't jump or avoid being thrown into the air.

Alfredo Hurricane- A very epic skill. Who would not love a big bad robot swinging both his hands at machspeed and pounding enemies near at him. Plus, the damage is pretty insane if you do manage to make all hits count. The only problem is, making this skill hit the opponent.

Tips: Due to its nature being a passive skill, Alfredo can decide to cast this skill or not and sometimes, he will cast it at the wrong time and at the wrong place.That is why I keep reminding you to always keep an eye on Alfredo. What I do to make this skill hit is that, when Alfredo starts swinging his arms,  I immediately move into the target (aiming the target in the process) and then recall Alfredo as he will keep swinging his arms to the target infront of him. PROPER USAGE OF THE RECALL SKILL IS EXTREMELY NEEDED IN THIS ONE.

Confusion Explosion- I personally don't get this skill as it does so little and it cost 3 SP, which I can use to level up those most needed skills. Besides, I find Rocket Jump sufficient and more effective to use than this skill.

Gravity Grenade- Level 1 for utility. The only thing you need from this skill is its ability to gather targets into a certain location and hold them in that spot for a couple of seconds, so you can summon your towers or make Alfredo lock down on them. Damage is good when you level up this skill but I prefer using the SP intended to level this, to the skills which can dish out more damage than this one.

Gatling Gun Tower- Shooting Star or Gearmaster, this tower must be level up high. The damage increment is really great and in fact, this skill is one of the skills in the game which has great damage per seconds. I personally level this skill to 11 as the damage increment peaks at this level.

Cannon Tower- You have the choice to either level this skill to 6 or leave it to 1 if you want to get the duck skill tree until Sky Line. This tower has great damage and also has super armor breaking capabilities but, it can only fire four times while it's on the field.

Ice Tower- Max out this tower. One of the best skill in the Engineer skill tree. Not only does it dishes huge damage output, it also can significantly slow an enemy that has been hit. The only problem is making those ice shards hit the target (in PVP). But, I'm pretty sure you can figure it out with the help of some of your locking skills like you gravity grenade and bubble bubble. 

Mecha Duck- There has been an argument which says that Shooting Star is better off without Mecha Ducks which I disagree. Yes, you can't control the action of the ducks and you can't use the iframes when you are an SS but, based on experience, Ducks are pretty reliable for Shooting Star. Normally, ducks will cast Mecha Shock right after you have summoned them which will give you extra time to lock down enemies in PVP. In addition to that, when an opponent got knocked down by wax in PVP and you shoot ducks to them, these feisty mechanical creatures often cast Mecha shock and sometimes, mecha siren. I personally level this skill to 1 as a Shooting Star.

How to use: in terms of PVE, I aim for a desired target and I shoot the duck. While in PVP, I just shoot ducks on my target when they are lock down or had been knocked down with my wax. I don't spam ducks on PVP as you can't benefit from its iframe like Gearmasters.

Mecha Shock- Level 1 for utility. You need the 3 seconds lightning shock of this skill and not the damage. A pretty neat skill to have especially in PVP to give you more time to lock down enemies.

Mecha Siren- I just level this skill to 1 for utility. As a Shooting Star, I only need the 6 seconds silence and the 1 buff remobval is enough for me. Besides, I don't have enough SP to level this skill further.

Mecha Bomber- If you decide to go with dual ultimate, then I suggest that you invest 1 level on this skill. A good skill to have in PVE as the damage is pretty decent. However in PVP, you will often have difficulty making this skill hit an opponent. What I do first is, I make sure that my opponent stay still in a location before I cast this skill. In addition to that, the ducks has a certain respond time before they will cast this skill. Normally, it would take 3-5 seconds for them to respond and cast this skill.

Flash Grenade- I prefer leveling this skill to 1 as it has save me in many situations, especially when my targets are close and hounding me. The stun rate of this skill is pretty decent especially when you have a high stun stat.

Ultimate Skill

Demolition only or Dual Ultimate?

Without a doubt, Sky Line is way more efficient to use than Demolition as right after you cast it, you will be stuck in a 2 seconds (rough estimate) animation and after that, you can move freely. However, Demolition will get you stuck for the entire duration of the skill. In addition to that, Sky Line has more damage output than Demolition.

With these facts, I thinks its a no brainer to choose dual ultimate as a Shooting Star than to stick with Demolition

Important Note: Once you get the Demolition Ultimate, Sky Line will then be available. 

Tips: I suggest that you don't get the duck skill tree until Sky Line when you haven't reached level 50 and got the max SP yet. 

Shooting Star Skill Tree

Splash- For more damage, I suggest to level it to 2. This skill isn't really that great as you will need to make all 5 bullet splash to hit so that the enemy can receive the whole damage. However, you need this skill to get the next one. If you think 1 SP is enough, then you may do so.

Tips: Get close to an enemy and aim for their feet.

Ping Pong Bomb Ex- The additional bounce and damage is pretty important and there is no way I see that you should not get this skill. Level it to 1.

Alfredo Beam- Another epic skill in the Alfredo skill tree. Even though its a passive skill, Alfredo often cast this skill. It can shoot 4 laser at different direction (front, left, right and back). Each laser is packed with tremendous damage. In big bosses at PVE, I can manage to hit 2 lasers which significantly lower the life of that enemy.

Tips: Be sure to place Alfredo where you want him to be when this skill will be or has been casted. PROPER RECALLING OF ALFREDO IS ALSO NEEDED ON THIS ONE.

The next thing you'll need to see is the skill plate you must have as a Shooting Star. Currently, I use the following plates which serves me very well as Shooting Star:

Ice Tower- 12% reduced cooldown
Gatling Tower- 20% more damage
Ping Pong Bomb- 20% more damage
Damage Transition- 12% reduced cooldown

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