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The Super Fast Way of Becoming Rich in c9 Online

Are you new to c9 Online? Got a few coins in your stash and can't afford buying strong gears for your character? Looking for a better and faster way to earn in-game money (gold) in C9 online? Well then. You have definitely come to the right blog. I have found out some methods how to earn gold fast in C9 online and I want to share it with you. Take note that each methods has been tested and proven to work and you can use these as you please. So, are you ready to become super wealthy in Continent of the Ninth Seal? If you are, then go read the methods below.

1. Collecting Warehouse Map Pieces
You may have this already in your inventory but you don't know how to use it. In normal instances (dungeons), you will be rewarded with pearls (chests) at the end of each run and, each pearls may hold a Warehouse Map Piece. There are many Warehouse dungeons in C9 and you need to collect the right pieces of each Maps to fully recover the Full Warehouse Map. So, I suggest that you keep all the map pieces.
Here is an example of Map Pieces
Normally, it will take three map pieces to reveal a Hidden Instance Map. And, once you have gathered all the needed pieces, you can then redeem the full map from the Adventurer Introducer. Although it will cost a fee in redeeming the map but I think its worth spending the money.

In the first continent, we can go to a Hidded Instance called "Orc's Warehouse Map" which we can acquire if we have the three pieces of maps and a 5,000 gold.

So, how do we make money with this?

Once you have the full map, then go to the instance selection window and enter the Hidden Instance. Make sure that you have the map in your inventory. You can only enter the dungeon at normal difficulty and you'll only gain little amount of experience killing the mobs in the map. However, if you successfully finish the Instance, it will reward you with tons of prices. One important note while in the dungeon is to make sure that you save the NPC asking for your help as he will double the reward at the end of the instance and you can open the treasure box that is beside him for more rewards.

The treasure chest beside the NPC will reward you with high-end gears. After you have acquired these rewards, head back to town, look for a blacksmith and disassemble these gears. The higher the grade of the gears you've acquired, the higher the chance of getting good crafting materials which are expensive.

Based on my experience, I have manage to acquire 8,674 gold doing this process alone and miind you, I have done this at the early phase (level 18) of the game. So far, I consider this the easiest and fastest way to farm gold in C9 Online. However, it may take a few luck to find the pieces for the Warehouse Instance. But this method is really worth a try!

2. Dungeon Diving
This is so far the most tedious method I have ever used but the pay-off is tripled compared to the first method. The best dungeons so far that rewarded me with tons of golds are:

1. Deader Temple
This dungeon is is long and will take 10 minutes or more in normal circumstances to finish. However, it is really worth entering as the loots may become your ticket to becoming a millionaire in C9 online. In the dungeon, just make sure that you encounter a monster called "Ghoul Berwick", go first to that little room located in front of the boss (before killing it), and of course, kill the boss. The following rewards will be awarded to you if you finish these tasks:

a. Ghoul Berwick- This monster will drop a forging material called Berwicks Broken Teeth, a gold or silver box, an armor enhancement component and a random (means it maybe green or blue) accessory, a bracelet or a belt. By chance, you will acquire a black box which has a random chance of giving you a enhancement stone(s).

b. Little Room- By chance, you will acquire a black box which has a random chance of giving you enhancement stone(s).

c. Boss- If you're lucky enough, then you can acquire strong equips like like blue gears. However, the chance is very low.

2. Henko Crater
This dungeon has also rewarded me with expensive loots which I sold for more gold. At master difficulty, there is a chance that you can loot a Gnaw Master Seal which will make you rich within seconds. The chance of looting this item however is pretty low but compared to other dungeons, Henko Crater has a higher chance of giving this item.

3. Crafting
The initial investment of crafting business maybe costly, but the return on investment when you have successfully craft something rare is very high. Also, part of the business is enhancing gear. If you can successfully enhance a piece of equipment to its highest level, then sell it, you'll definitely end with tons of gold in your inventory. However, I suggest that when you go crafting, you must have a bag full of gold as your investment and another bag of gold as your savings. In short, do the crafting business if you have millions of golds and don't just go for a make or break opportunity.

So, there you have it. These are the few gold farming methods that I have been using on C9 Online. If I do find out another method(s), I will definitely share it to this blog. So, stay tuned! Or, if you have a money making method on C9 that you want to share, then go ahead and post it on the comment box below.

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